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Um, no. You're her father. That's completely different. He was weird. I've never seen a black man turn into a white woman. Didn't he have a song called "Leave me alone"? Even if he wasn't guilty of child molestation (I don't believe he was), the dude was weird. ..... Is it a "stereotype"? So you agree with me then? Is it possible to have an all female work environment and have no drama? Can a male survive an all-female cast? Or is that just a pipe dream? Ok, boomer. I'd rather attend "in spirit". I don't have to physically be there. She's dead? I loved her as Midge on "That 70s Show". She was hot! I believe she was also one of Charlie's Angels back in the 70s. I wonder how she died? I don't know if he is innocent or guilty but I find this whole thread absolutely interesting. Lots of viewpoints. Perhaps I think if this was an "average joe" it would definitely be very suspicious to have such a large number of women accusing him. However, when it comes to high-profile celebrities or people who are known to have money & wealth, it's a different ballgame. You really have to factor in if these people are after his money. "blowing them off". heh. You mean Brian Warner... Perhaps the best candidate doesn't need any training. Maybe that's what the company wants. They likely want someone that can get the ground running on their own. Especially if they're not desperate to fill the role right away. How do you respond to that? Is that fair? She picked a winner. He's been out for a long time now. He's living da life.