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I wouldn't trust a male nanny. What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson? Do you think working with women tends to be difficult? Is it alright not to attend a mother’s funeral in order to avoid seeing siblings not on good terms with? YouTube video of his hypothetical confession to murdering Ron and Nicole Why did Michael Jackson's skin complexion turn all pale white and not in patches like other vitiligo victims? How can he live with himself knowing what he did? Are you going to do secret Santa this year? Unhappy with my current job that I just started a month ago and want to go back to my old job. I'm getting a root canal later this week. Should I be frightened? If someone starts off their apology with "If you feel or think that I did anything wrong......"" Is Donald Trump the most famous person on the planet currently? You can't be an ethical and moral person to make it to the top. If Billie Jean was not his lover then who was? Sexiest man alive? Does anyone else think the "women and children only" rule is sexist and offensive? Does anyone else here HATE children? Money does not buy happiness. Ever notice how Indians and other Asians tend to be more successful in life?