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Hahaha. Your title pulled me in as well. SW Ep 9 is supposedly the most anticipated movie of the year. WTF ??? I think not, the schills are everywhere ever since Net Neutrality failed. I agree with you though. I might watch it at the discount theater, so I may hate on it here. Seriously, Dark Fate is better than T2, no joke. I'm more concerned about your barely watching this classic. I probably saw it as a kid about 20 times. Please tell me you've seen Blood Sport, The Thing, Alien, Highlander, amongst others... It's crazy that now the movies will be few and far between. Spiderman: Far from Home, then Black Widow, then another big space before the next movie. I hope your loved ones Rest In Peace. Well in the past, it was just the movie viewing public and the trolls. I can understand disagreement and hating on movies. The trolls made no sense with their random bs. Now there's so many schills online, it's not even funny. The schills are causing the problem. They're putting a positive spin on trash movies and confusing people with their fake news. Schills need to identify themselves in the same way as paid Movie Critics. I remember Anakin said he was going to help Windu, but I don't remember his excuse for not helping. Haha very funny. Now I know you didn't forget about the Episode 1 amazing lightsaber fight against Darth Maul. View all replies >