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Um, they're still married, so maybe not such a terrible person after all... Because the more recent Gamora was killed by Thanos. When both were dangling from the cliff, Hawkeye was holding Natasha. Then she kicked off the cliff wall and fell to her death. Everyone is assuming it will be a prequel movie, showing all her back story. It worked out nicely as his famous last words. Rampage video game, lol. Never watched the "movie." I would have to agree with you. I felt the movie was very meh. The Ritual and Cabin in the Woods were great movies. That episode was hilarious. At the end, they put the "evil" bart in the attic, and try to rehabilitate the "good" bart. Just a little, my main problem was that all the main family was all super white ethnicities. Oh boy, just what I wanted to see an emotional rollercoaster drama x-men style. There better be at least a little cohesion to the source material and "aliens" or else this will be DOA. View all replies >