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A.I. and Bicentennial Man Stallone was supposed to... Was the show ever colorized? What a wasted match-up between... Leggings !!! Toilet paper not a commodity Started as a loser, ended as a loser Chuck Norris vs The Grim Reaper The wait will be worth it, crosses fingers. An oldie but a goodie View all posts >


Cool thanks for sharing. It's very similar to how the book will always be better than the movie. So according to the article, the Black Widow prequel movie should also suck? True, by the end of the season, you realize the scope of a first contact mission includes recon and running point, which usually means sudden death. I was thinking about the show one day. I realized I loved the show yet never bought it, wtf. It just sucks that the show literally ends without warning. It must be the same people who call the cops when black people are doing normal activities. Call to 911: Please hurry, my black neighbor is mowing the lawn. Omg, he raised his hand. His hand is open in a friendly gesture...ARGH...!!! I know that's why he took off the helmet, to be recognized and for raising ticket sales. Stallone: I am the law! Funniest line ever xD I liked the part where he died, that was pretty cool. As you can tell, I don't care much for The Nose. I learned the hard way, lol. Everybody should be as passionate as him. The funny thing is growing up, the tv broke, and had to watch I Love Lucy on a black and white portable tv. Thanks I know what you're saying, but the show would be in color had it come out later. The color is good to attact a younger audience. Yep. Apparently, only the newest shows and movies will be on Disney+. View all replies >