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Which face covering is more breathable? Still better than most fantasy :D Waiting for THING sequel, c'mon now I won't be taking vaccine. Will you? Lord and Savior of Trump Supporters? Teleportation mis-presented big time. Pretty good prequel movie except... Superman vs Batman Just received my stimulus payment Trump did nothing til now? View all posts >


What the hell? I'm certain almost nobody has seen it, lol. Thanks. Oh no, not me. I'm literally dieing from wearing a double layered cotton mask. I'm sweaty and miserable and it's not even summer yet. I ordered masks with 2 and 3 valves. I'm sure I'll be good now :D What huh? The researcher chic kills the other guy at the end. Then the film ends with her sitting in the cold and dark alone. When were they hunting the dog thing? Just don't double layer it, you'll regret it. I had completely forgotten about drive-in cinemas. I'm sure they don't let you sit outside your car D: I'm baffled as well. You can show video and transcripts of everything The Tramp has lied about, to Trump supporters, and they will still deny it. I will have no problem whatsoever dropping Trump supporters if he refuses to step down from office. V for Vendetta got the virus right, maybe the civil war too. Right. I guess it was my imagination about all the de-funding of all the programs that comprised Obamacare that were spearheaded by The Tramp, after he took office. 3 years ago was 2017. The Tramp had everything to do with it. Most of the outrageous costs associated with hospitals are due to nobody asking about the price. As you just said, the flu shots are free, er, wrong. I don't know, but what does the insurance get billed? I guarantee you don't know either without looking it up. Yep sorry to hear it. That's how hospitals do. They're legal robbers like towing companies. View all replies >