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You guys are failing to understand. The people who made this show already knew the show wasn't getting renewed for season 5. They then proceeded to give the show some kind of ending, not the best, but alright. Would you have preferred a cliffhanger? It was established throughout the entire episode that he DID snitch on Satanic Panic. They made a few alterations with the newer anniversary editions. The part where Little Foot runs into the old man dinosaur after slipping. The original version is like a spotlight on a stage, the scene focuses on those 2 only. One of the anniversary editions has all the background lit up. I know what you're saying, it seemed silly at times. If a spirit takes over your body, it would be the same person's voice, it wouldn't change genders. I've never been to a seance, but now more interested than ever. Most of what they're talking about has to be experienced 1st hand. I can tell you that receiving SIGNS is very real from personal experience, both awake and asleep. Like they said in the show, Skeptics will never accept it and always demand more evidence. They needed to at least make a transition sound like with LOST. You always knew when a flashback was happening. Thanks, I barely saw the episode yesterday. Time to adjust some settings on your tv or monitor. Make a profile specific for movies and shows that are dark, then change it back. Did you ever watch the Godzilla 2014? Dark as f***. Yep pretty much, he knew she was going to give him a brutal match. That sounds awesome. I need to watch On the Beach, right after The Lighthouse. View all replies >