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Can he be Jeopardy host? She OD right? There is only one party What a GILF Most popular movie you haven't seen Anybody else black pilled? ... Are people really surprised? Wait a minute, WTF?!? I think of this when I hear "Antifa" I haven't watched a new movie since 2016... View all posts >


Now we will see if one really can get banned from here... All Obama did was make me a lazy nigger like him. Where's my check? And as you know: I think Trump is a dick sucking pussy too. So don't play that card. Fuck that shit I want a grand total of $2,600. That cheap dick sucker The cock sucking The cum guzzzling The Throbbing. The Cumming. Well if they hate Catholics, they can't be all bad. I agree. 'whipper' Hard for it to be a cultural appropriation when Gichin Funakoshi dedicated his life to spreading the art throughout the world. Shit, society won't be here in 30 years. Sorry, kid. View all replies >