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What? The one where I was right and you were wrong? Congratulations, I guess. You're can't commit suicide with a vehicle. That's a serial, dumbass...not an episodic show. Hardly. The goal of any show is to make it too 100 episodes, thats how many it takes to make it to syndication... The show failed. They should have had her steal it. Since she's black and all. All these people need to go to hell. Soon Yi too-- oh so sorry. Means you're a fag. This guy too Yes and yes. Without online shopping my extended social experiment would be next to impossible This guy was an early inspiration for me . It's not as hard as you think... provided you have the financial ability to float yourself. 1 week alone turns into 2 into a month and so on... No, pictures...only text based media. I haven't had face to face contact with anybody since July 2018; only text based conversations. As I said before...I stick to strictly jerking off. Now you're getting it. I win. Love? What are you? A faggot? Dumb cunt I'm saying health/ living is bad...dumbass Women need 1 warm hole for a man to be satisfied.