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Anybody else black pilled? ...

By the election? I don't care about either side anymore.

... It's just keeping the masses riled up for control purposes...

Or is that just me?


us vs them. and in the end the rich and corporations win. welcome to a two party system controlled by the wealthy. They probably see it as a fun horse race. betting through donations to win favour for the next four years form one or both parties. seeing how much they can get away with through deregulation. americas broke.

Trump was just a symptom of a large group who didn't feel represented and thought he was an "outsider" fighting the establishment. its what happens when a huge group feels like their vote doesnt matter cause the rich control it.


Wow, exactly.

So what am I now? Some sort of anarchist? ... I need to know before I get any tattoos. Yes,jk

Seriously, tell me more.


You are just a normal person. who would fit in well in literally any other democracy.

i'm Canadian and left and right wingers agree the usa is politically fucked. so do the europeans.

When you think about it the idea of politics is to work out political and social tension (called political cleavages). you dont need to have a violent revolution every 10 years because in theory you have elections and you get stuff done.

How the hell does that work in a two party system? who the hell feels represented?

you either have corporate whore #1 or corporate whore #2 with a rainbow flag. Thats why you've seen mini fissures such as the tea party, trump and progressive wing. But given the nature of the system they have to form within the two party system.

In any other country if your left or right wing party fucks up hard and becomes corrupt, theres normally at least 1 other similar party you can throw your support behind. This allows variety

iF you only have party A or B they have to be big tent and appeal to their half.

if instead you have party A, B, C and D. Party D can offer massive sweeping change that party A won't and win that way. if theres only two parties no party has to actually offer any systemic big change, because they have no motivation to. all they need to say is "hey you have no choice but to vote for us cause the other guys worse"


Wow that's all very eye opening to me.

Does Canadas political system work the way you describe, with multiple viable political parties?

Of course we have the libertarian party and the green party.... But they are as good as voting for Kanye West. I'm sure you already know that though.


Canada has 3 major parties: The Liberals, who would be slightly Left of center Democrats. The Conservative Party who are like American moderate Democrats, and the NDP, who are like the Far Left Progressive Democrats, such as OAC, Bernie, etc. Liberals and Conservatives trade off the leadership of the country. The NDP has never gotten near a victory. Then you have the regional Bloc Quebecois, and the Green Party and the new People's Party,which sounds like a communist party but is actually a little to the right of the Conservatives.

Canada has more smaller parties as well, but essentially Canada is a 2 party system, as the Conservatives and Liberals are the only ones who ever win.


How does you think the Canadian system is working compared to the American system? Better? Worse? Same?


Less volatile, but very stagnant. Especially due to the much smaller gap between the major parties' stances. Canadians are also very passive people. They just sit back, pay huge amounts of taxes and let their leaders do whatever they want to engineer their culture because it wouldn't be polite to question them. Classic "boiling of the frog" situation in Canada.


I had to look up the boiling frog metaphor... That's great, I love it. Thanks for that. Seriously though... The frog would jump out of the pot, wouldn't he?

less volatile sounds great. As you said,It does kinda come at a price though, doesn't it?


Dang... I'm starting to see that maybe our founding fathers didn't have their shit as together as I was led to believe.


We are the Borg. You will be assimilated, or else ! Resistance is futile.


I don't think I'm resisting... Who do you represent? Can I be on your team?


My family crest is a pigeon sitting on a mushroom growing in a pile of shit in a dungeon. I represent no-one. Believe me you don't want to be on my "team".