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Ranked higher than Rise of Skywalker ??? That scene caught me by surprise Do you have to have Disney Plus to see this? The scene where Kylo puts that alien's head on the table Jurassic Horror ? I knew Trump can't lose with class Thank you for making "Operation: Dump the Trump" a success! The American People Have Spoken View all posts >


Pfieffer was hot in that tight leather outfit! But Trump is the typical politician. Vince McMahon. Hell, if Donald Trump could become president anyone has a chance. Do not post political discussions here? But Trump is the typical politician. Absolutely nothing. Trump is ranked third worst president behind only George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Not at all. You need to remove your tin foil hat. Predator He kept it up his... But it cannot be mentioned or the film would lose its PG-13 rating. For whom the bell trolls. View all replies >