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Hehe, Doody People do suck. The media sucks the most...nothing but lies. Why? No evidence has ever surfaced. The accusers settled. Meaning, they were willing to put a price on their children in order to extort a celebrity. If my child was truly molested, there's no settling with $$....that motherfucker burns. Don't care who they are. You don't need 90% of that shit. That's the problem with America...too obsessed over paying too much for cheap shit they don't need. Don't buy the tariff'd shoes or clothes. Problem solved. Yup, pretty much. They've become french nobles. I have found my old IMDB posts reading old threads here. Yes, it's become painfully obvious. If I was getting shot like that I'd probably be screaming too. J-Dog gets a pass from me on this one. He just knows, man! The point is wrong. *Then come back and show us how. Finish the quote. It's still not racist. "Yes, and most mass shooters are young white males." Oops, I dropped these... [url]https://twitter.com/PeteKidder/status/1158423917540839427[/url] [url]https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/274538/51-mass-shooters-2019-were-black-only-29-were-daniel-greenfield[/url] I had a friend that had the AC. It was useless. A giant plastic playset that took up half the room. The Defiant was better. No one pay attention to this conspiracy whacko. Destruction of family and masculinity. Lack of fathers. No hope. Replacement of God with politics. Doing what they aren't... Having a life. You'd have to be in your 60s to make an accurate statement about Reagan. I'm not old enough to remember. I was a kid. So TDS is now mutating into McConnell Derangement Syndrome? Fascinating. Expect the Ohio shooting disappear from the news by Wednesday.