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Crazily enough, where I lived, we didn't get MTv until the early 90s. We had to watch videos on USA channel's "Night Flight", and Friday Night Videos"! I remember seeing the Hungry Like the Wolf video premiere on tv in 1982...I was like 4/5, but it came on after Michael Jackson's Beat It video. Let me show you the woke idiot loop, and we'll use Sonic as the example.. <b>Sonic is a video game, video games are part of Gamer Gate, Gamergaters are labeled as incel white males by racist woke idiots. Racist woke idiots hate Sonic.</b> What makes them even more racist is the projection that only white men enjoy video games. Now, repeat the loop and insert anything white(allegedly) men like, and the loop continues. Because it caters/catered to white males. It must be demonized by racist Hollywood. Will it give a count of the gallons upon gallons of gasoline her Yacht spewed into the ocean while she sailed around the world? Considering he gaslighted is ex into killing herself(after giving her STDs), I can understand the reaction. Jim Carrey is a piece of shit. Bye Creepy Stalker, ignored! You're a creepy stalker. I'm not going to make out with you. I saw NES2 in the theaters, and sidekicks is a great movie. His career did come to a screeching halt rather suddenly. Having dirt on Hollywood would explain what happened to him, way more believable than just depression. They understand money, but it doesn't seem they are interested in making any of it...not with this junk. I believe this. Hollywood is garbage, highly secretive, and Satanic. A lot can change in 2 weeks... Wow, you just proved his point. Well done. People do not root for movies to fail. Sane people root for woke, divisive, SJW trash (with a clear man-hating agenda) propaganda pieces such as "Birds of Prey", to fail. As it should be. I'm pretty sure I was told the movie wasn't made for me. So I didn't go see it. What's the fucking problem, Gerry? I spent a great deal of time on the IMDB boards throughout my late 20's/early 30s. They never needed to shut down, they only did it because they were dominated with right-leaning people due to more freedom of speech than places like MySpace/Facebook so it had to be silenced. 2016 was the year the normal world died. It's on the Limited Edition DVD, you have to answer questions on the 2nd disc to get to it. [url]https://www.dvdtalk.com/features/navigating_the.html[/url] Too good looking. Peter Parker is supposed to be a nerd. Children and marriage are a choice.