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You’re right that if a male 18 year old was having sex with a random 30 year old it would not be breaking the law. Only because she is his teacher it’s a problem. If the schools let that slide it would be unethical cause how do we know if she says have sex with me and I’ll give you good grades. Even in college it isn’t right for a professor to have a relationship with a current student in their class but the difference is they don’t go to jail for it. Probably because AT&T has a partnership deal together with HBOMAX. The amount of people on Twitter don’t make up the amount of viewers so I don’t Disney really cares. So much this Yeah I liked him too. Not sure if he would be enough to save this show though. It seems like once you’ve seen a hospital show then you’ve seen them all just different locations and cast. Looks the same to me so far. Why it was a great episode? Cara Dune was awesome in it. Who cares what her personal opinions are. Gina is not fat, just thick. I don’t always agree with everything she says but that doesn’t make her crazy. #ISTANDWITHGINA Too bad HBOMAX isn’t on ROKU yet. View all replies >