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Patrick Hockstetter I wish she had been black What if the new born baby saw the creature? Any shows similar to? Sam and Dean should have just let the world end Didn't this come out in 2011 with Jesse Eisenberg called 30 minutes or less? Why are reboots so dumb? Imagine if Colin Trevorrow had been the one working on this instead of Episode 9 Any Good Alien Invasion Tv Series? View all posts >


She's probably jumping ship to save her career. Why remain on a show you know is universally hated on? Sounds like a pretty good idea. I have no idea why with this being the 6th film in a already tired formula that they didn't change things up a bit while also keeping it simple. Having someone from the future come back to stop judgement day, rather than just to protect someone would be a nice change. There's no need for a new model Terminator that pales to the T1000, a simple T800 hunting down the protagonist would be acceptable. Terminator meets 12 monkeys would have been a pretty cool installment. That must be it. I'm not from the US. Weird that they would delete that scene from the movie. Rule number 1: Originality is overrated. Brands sell. Rule number 2: Nostalgia BABY Rule number 3: Doesn't matter. With the first 2 rules in place we already got a winner BABY. I'm pretty sure it's in the minus figures I do like it, but I have my problems with it, such as Sandman being Uncle Ben's killer and them not using Venom to his full potential. It's an entertaining film, I don't get why some people brand it as terrible. I'd actually put this above Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home. Cringe. It's so cliche at this point that a strong female characters turns out gay.......... I wouldn't say he's lying, given all the stuff that's come out about Weinstein, Cosby, Savile, Spacey and other various people in the industry it's not too far fetched to believe that these two young boys were raped/molested and past around in Hollywood. As for the Charlie Sheen stuff....considering Corey Feldman had been molested by various men...why wouldn't he believe Haim confiding in him about being raped by a man on set? Plus Haim himself said he was raped during an argument on the Two Coreys. Also, who wouldn't have some mental problems after experiencing all that? I'm surprised he's not weirder. It definitely has lost its balls too. View all replies >