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Patrick Hockstetter I wish she had been black What if the new born baby saw the creature? Any shows similar to? Sam and Dean should have just let the world end Didn't this come out in 2011 with Jesse Eisenberg called 30 minutes or less? Why are reboots so dumb? Imagine if Colin Trevorrow had been the one working on this instead of Episode 9 Any Good Alien Invasion Tv Series? View all posts >


It depends on the episode, if it's after a big one it can be fun, but if it's after a terrible, boring episode, it can be painful to watch them still boast about the episode Favourite Rufus...there was a lot of potential with that character and could have had his own MOTW episodes where he and Bobby hunt down give Jared/Jensen a break if they needed it. In the few episodes he was in, the actor brought a lot to the character and was a great addition that was unfortunately squandered for a shock death?? I don't know why else they would kill him unless the actor stated he didn't want to be on the show....but yeah I wish there was a lot more Rufus and Bobby. Least favourite Crowley....he never appealed to me as a villain or ally. I felt his "fondness" for the boys was nothing but an excuse to prevent explaining him not killing them or vice versa. His mother also got on my nerves too. 6.2 What exactly is the point of doing a spin off movie when she was essentially the lead of the new trilogy? It would have been like George Lucas making a Star Wars spin off movie with Luke as the central character....... It didn't learn from the mistakes the other movies made by having the T-800 be comedic. The Shield is one of the most underrated shows of all time. It's such a shame no one ever talks about it. It should be up there with Breaking Bad and Sopranos as one of those revered shows that changed television. Truth be told, I think The Shield is a much more riveting series than Breaking Bad... The Shield went to dark, dark places that a lot of shows don't really venture into. It's amazing...there were episodes were I was literally on the edge of my seat...something that never really happens when I watch any other show. It's a shame a lot of the actors are kind of gone and forgotten from TV. As a humorous side note : Every time I hear someone mention Shield....I get excited that they are talking about The Shield....imagine my disappointment when I realise they are talking about Agents of Shield...... Just watched it. Initially I was very confused, because I knew a movie was coming out, but didn't know about the short mini series, so I was like "WHAAAATT?" Lol, anyway, I really enjoyed the episode, I appreciate that they are making the show a little bit creepy and I like that they use the same audio for the intro. I like the vibe of the show so far, I hope the movie has a similar creepy vibe. I was a bit worried it would be too family/kid friendly like the recent Goosebumps movies. When I saw the trailer for the movie, it looked more family friendly, but after watching this episode I have higher hopes for the movie now. Hopefully, it continues to get better. Also, I thought the kids were charming. Yeah...I get the new seasons are more satirical and more praised for poking fun at current events, but I prefer the more surreal humour of the original series. She can heal, but probably can't grow back detached if her eye was plucked out...the socket just closes over. I guess. It also annoys me whenever they stab a walker up through the jaw with a tiny knife that can't reach the brain and that somehow kills it. View all replies >