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Help Finding Old Song SOLVED Patrick Hockstetter I wish she had been black What if the new born baby saw the creature? Any shows similar to? Sam and Dean should have just let the world end Didn't this come out in 2011 with Jesse Eisenberg called 30 minutes or less? Why are reboots so dumb? Imagine if Colin Trevorrow had been the one working on this instead of Episode 9 View all posts >


That confused me also. She also withstands Homelander's laser vision....mostly "There are worse tragedies in life" Well.....yeah...It's not like I said it was going to be 9/11 meets the holocaust if it was bad Not looking forward to this at all. I love the original. But imagine this is just going to be another "sequel" that is just a remake of the first movie Holy shit! I thought I was the only one that happened to. I get what you mean. It's a pretty meh franchise to begin with. The first one was solid. The rest I didn't take to. This one I just don't give a damn about and don't see what people are hyped about. It's the same ole, same ole. Tired formula like the Terminator movies. I agree. It's a cool concept, but yeah it loses steam pretty quickly. Thank GOD...But AMC are such idiots, they've already confirmed a Daryl and Carol spin-off so basically the only two original characters left on the show that people potentially care whether they survive the end or not....Now know..they survive 2 years in advance. That's shit....What happened to releasing the entire season in one go? I like being able to watch the episodes at my own pace, instead of waiting week to week to week. Ugh Wow, sounds more like an out of body experience, either way I am sure it was incredible. I haven't seen it, but I'm not surprised. Train to Busan was fantastic. There was no need for a follow up. I was completely surprised when I saw the trailer that they were actually doing a sequel....but yeah not surprised it's a disappointment. View all replies >