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Just saw Whoopi on James Corden & she promoted it. I flashed on The Stand back when it became evident that COVID19 was going to be catastrophic: it's my favorite King book, although it now has a deeper, sadder connection. Oh, but you are comparing apples to tire wheels here. Do you not understand how crazy this virus is? My friend had a slight cough: her husband remains in hospital 3 weeks later. They hosted a lovely party for fam & friends: at least 9 ppl have tested positive. Yep, troll. I meant OP, not you! It really won't matter much, as far as taxes, jobs, etc. Both parties use working class taxes.Trump bums me out because... because... just BECAUSE! He is a Bad Man: liar& thief. Yes, the purpose of the show was to honor Arthur, whom Iris escorted as his plus1. Yer just a bit remembering wrong: t'was Jack Black who scooted in 5 seconds before Arthur's triumphant walk up the stairs. Agree! Ian was NOT a virgin, & indeed an eager young man- no shrinking violet, he, when encountering his first pretty young bird of pleasure, but Geillis WAS older, & I'm guessing the blood scared the hard out of him, per filmmaker version. It was difficult to read that part in the book: I'd some fondness for Geillis, but to read that she'd become obesely evil was tough to take. Plus, Claire suspected that she'd contracted syphilis & that had destroyed her mind. It might have made an interesting & more logical part of the TV tale, but t'would have confused viewers: not to mention depriving the world of that extremely creepy view of Lotte emerging from the bath. Potent, scary scene. Actually I read that Cameron was exhausted after/during the running scene. The director demanded retake after retake until she collapsed. No. RnB both thought 'home' whilst going thru the stones, & obvi 'home is where the heart is'. That was a huge, albeit subtle, tell to us all Remember, he was a good Catholic boy raised by good Catholic parents (Jenny! Whoa). In those days, sin was a very real thing, & mattered much more to their eternal souls them than it does to us now: life was short then, & you were only a scratch away from tetanus or a cough away from tuberculosis. In the canon. Geillis was grossly obese: I do get why filmakers chose to not go there. I agree it was brutal, & the repercussions of it were never dealt with in the film series, as it was in the books. Actually, the brutality was far worse in canon, & Claire had to fight to save Jamie's life on several levels. I'm sorry the filmmakers chose not to show this: I've always seen this as a pivotal plot point, & I think that it would be useful to survivors of violent rape/abuse. Let's not pretend that men don't get raped, although actually it happens to little boys more often.But prison rapes happen every day. Don't think that because we don't hear about it, that it doesn't happen. DG did well to put Lord John as an honorable man. (He's actually my fav character) View all replies >