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This isn't The Origin's of The Joker it's the origins of a Joker I Hope this Treehouse of Horror is better than the last one Who would watch a Leathal Weapon 5 with just Mel Gibson? All of Pauly Shores Movies have that sit down and watch Quality have they really only sold 2 million DVD/Blurays I like The Non Mortal Kombat Characters DLC but MK Characters as DLC? I thought this movie would show us How the MCU would recast a Main Actor Now I'll always wonder how they could of reversed the Snap wish you could customize the controls I need Ant-Man 3 after this movie View all posts >


The movie felt like it was taking place in two timelines that were melded together the 1920's and the 70's it wasn't until I saw that was going to be the Zorro movie that I realized it took place in the early 80's *Plays Baby Come back while staring at Picture of Kevin Spacey* ...Maybe...Maybe. Nick Fury Always lies even when he tells the truth, but also especially when he lies. Because they knew global warming was real, and we would need something to remember what snow was, but also something that wouldn't make use miss it that much. I really don't count that, and I remember it was stupid. where's the live action remake of Fantasia? I think its over-saturation and not so much the lead being female more that she is a Mary-Sue / Poorly Written if she had more flaws and actually had to learn the way of the Jedi and not just naturally know everything I mean if they had her written the way she is in Episode IV they would probably have her rip the Death-star in half with the force instead of a lucky shot. Yup like he knows about the hit on him, so he takes a made for the movie drug that will make him appear dead. He takes more then he should have and so he is in a dead like state for a few days. if he believed in GOD it was so he could have someone to blame when it was his fault something he wanted didn't go his way and GOD always exists in a fictional world because the shows and stories have creators View all replies >