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10% Income Tax for every American how many more? more Christmas movies like this one a 59 on metacritic? I felt the start of Marvel Fatigue what if War is how earth starts over Skinny Bob has no profile on here? they should turn this into a series it's a big flop and I wanna see it more now. I'm a simple man View all posts >


a Universal 10% Income Tax I just think if a sales tax of 10 cents for every dollar is fine a Income tax of 10 cents for every dollar would be fine Bill Gates would Pay over 1 billion dollars i was thinking if people had to pay more taxes they would think about getting their Teen expensive stuff they don't need yes, I know but would middle class a lower also be fine with paying 10 cents of every dollar they make with no tax breaks, maybe they wont spoil their kids as much? it's funny that reviews influence most people? when I want to watch a movie I'll just go and watch it Joker got a 59 on metacritic and it's the Highest grossing R rated movie what ruined the show was Bruce Willis's Career and Cybill Shepherd getting Knocked up and ruining her career and being a Diva while making the show because it turned out to be more work than she thought it would be both wanting to do something else and never really wanting to do the show so the writers couldn't write a show for the stars who may or may not be available to work and the show had a high demand because it was popular this show is responsible for don't put the leads together or it will kill the show misconception don't remale the cheesy low budget bonds? yeah that song View all replies >