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The American dream for some people is make Money and than close and lock the door what Blu rays would be an Instant buy for you first time learning about Uzbekistan Tennessee is being stupid legalize Marijauna and fight your opioid crisis what's something weird you remember how often does you you end up on the wrong side of youtube where are the new Good Believable Alien or Bigfoot videos on Youtube Disney Where is it Megan Thee Mare how to fix almost the whole movie View all posts >


it was he listens to Joe Rogan or watches him on youtube guess what? I knew that. True, the law would have to be in effect for years, to make a noticeable difference. that's true Some people might say, it's leftover from when we were Apes there happy Kurt Fuller, Larry Miller, Richard Masur off the top of my head. of what movies fixed I'd rather have Tennessee full of potheads, instead of Tweakers and Meth heads View all replies >