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Tom Hanks isn't even Retarded I wish this movie does Tom Hanks know this is his best movie shouldn't this movie be a 10 a James Bond Origins movie should I Rebuy The Rocky Collection on Blu ray I always forget to look for this movie on dvd or blu ray Joe Dante made other movies does Rocky a movie from 1976 really benefit from a 4k blu ray if Copyright Law had never changed this would be in Public Domain? View all posts >


REEEEEEEEE! JUST TEXT LIKE A TEEN DON'T CALL I can't re watch Forrest Gump like i can re watch The Burbs so I guess it's not no ps3 or 4 they play Blu rays lol it's just 20-24 dollars everyone should own this movie on Blu ray or DVD no that was a joke but I rather have him than the rumored Tom Hiddleston Maureen Lipman Star Wars IV First Strike Star Knight View all replies >