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Adult Swim should make a Limited series of this show is there a Kung Fu movie like Highlander In Monk Get's Hynotized 10% Income Tax for every American how many more? more Christmas movies like this one a 59 on metacritic? I felt the start of Marvel Fatigue what if War is how earth starts over Skinny Bob has no profile on here? View all posts >


Matt Stone and Trey Parker should make a Kung Fu movie error 404 right? Crawl Space is the funniest episode I thought so too but I got use to the show and it's written better than other fox cartoons I just want Taxes to be a Bill like Property Taxes and just tell me how much I should pay and not have so many tax loop holes a Universal 10% Income Tax I just think if a sales tax of 10 cents for every dollar is fine a Income tax of 10 cents for every dollar would be fine Bill Gates would Pay over 1 billion dollars i was thinking if people had to pay more taxes they would think about getting their Teen expensive stuff they don't need View all replies >