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I thought this movie would show us How the MCU would recast a Main Actor Now I'll always wonder how they could of reversed the Snap wish you could customize the controls I need Ant-Man 3 after this movie Is Andrew Peterson, Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty I hope if they ever reboot it that the Charactor is Columbo's son. Mark Linn-Baker Remember when You'd Rent a movie and watch it and right after you would rewatch it? should of had a scene where Ros/Roz I heard That the Hung Munchin/Bird is CG View all posts >


I keep forgetting to grab it I should well you know how some actors wanted to leave and not play the character anymore I thought Endgame was going to show use how they planed to recast an actor that was in a bigger role than not Loki Not Thor so just change them like a canon in movie reason they are a different actor playing them now. we were suppose to have them rebuilt in 2011 and in all Black America is so lazy They had a good evil female Timelord Rani they didn't need to make The Master a woman me too what I've seen, they really ruined Who choice to save his mom? you make it sound like something different happened <spoiler> he took his mom up where she couldn't breath because the air was thin. I thought he was going to take her Higher and let her freeze he saw the plane and forced it to crash into his house, to cover up his moms murder. I hope he destroyed the spaceship his one known, only to him weakness. </spoiler> yes but I enjoyed Ant-Man's movies a lot more than Homecoming and I am a big Spider-Man fan Girlfriend from Hell Ed's Dead Mom Yes, that would seem easy for him with the stuff he does. Ant-man's movies have been better than The MCU's Spider-man Homecoming, haven't seen Far From Home yet, but heard it feels like a Endgame Epilogue. View all replies >