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What if they did a remake and started it over? Sorry but the way they made the The Doctor and The Master women was wrong turn this into Tim Burton's 3rd batman movie what type of time travel is this? how many time travlers would Die in the past? The Waters of Mars who will be the 14th doctor? I've read alot of things saying jodie whittaker is ready to quit after season 12 in 2020 what if doc brown or anyone who was the first time traveler Season 3 View all posts >


it's a Disney Movie club exclusive and I don't know if you can still get it there now. you can buy The Ducktales movie cheaply now it use to be an exclusive 2,000 somebody [spoiler]missed some Doctor Who episodes, or haven't watched them yet[/spoiler] What I didn't understand was 10 pizzas and only one of them was cheese? I don't know I was asking so your favorite of Nu Who was Matt Smith? Just because Chris Chibnell said it would have the highest ratings if The Doctor was a Woman and The Show has lost 2.5 million viewers in the U.K. they even moved the show to Sunday to improve the ratings even more because his hack writing that has to lecture its viewers so much that it forgets to entertain the viewers and the critics praising the show because it's spreading the P.C. gospel the story and their target audience doesn't even watch Doctor Who and they just turned in at the beginning and quickly lose Interest because they don't watch that type of show he just handed Jodie Whittaker the role because they worked together on Broadchurch and she doesn't know the character of The Doctor or even how she should play her own interpretation of The Doctor that she has has to steal from other doctors and wasn't even a fan of Doctor Who I bet she is just a third wave feminist saw that it took something away from men and she attacks male viewers doesn't mean it should be cancelled. no he couldn't have [spoiler]well they have the War Doctor so are they hiding more doctors[/spoiler] being female and a time traveler on earth a lot of the past wouldn't be a place you would visit and racism in the past with those companions expect more female ran futures more female controlled alien planets is that what losing 2.5 million viewers over season 11 in the uk so imagine the us ratings View all replies >