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What if 2 so sad seeing Disney's name on the muppets here because of this youtube review Im interested in how superhero movies will do a recast where Are the fans for this Next Bond? Im here because Jonny Quest Movie Release unedited uncut dvd Race Bannon's look was Modeled after him View all posts >


like what Mono or 2.0 stereo? a joke by Jonny quest and some line that Race Bannon Says almost as bad as a King Arthur or Robin Hood Movie they don't need to make jane bond just make a new female character. I think he'd be at least a One Movie Bond he's 8th or 9th pick I am tired of Daniel Craig's Bond who's in your next bond top ten list. I hope this get re-titled Die Hard Die Hardest it's such a bad title that it would be funny if the movie was one of the best in the series. The Boondocks would be great now a mix of those two movies how so? View all replies >