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I was expecting it to be over the top "woke" (as in trying hard to be so deliberately) and, happily, it was not. Just good entertainment. My wife and I did. Very entertaining show. Good title, because all of the sisters were flawed and did bad things for both good and bad reasons. To be candid, 10 episodes was a bit much and it dragged at times, a few less episodes could have helped. But yes, definitely worth watching. I find it amusing that you throw a purported conservative-leaning poster under the bus for being misguided and being black and white and then trot out incredibly black and white pro-liberal statements. I like the show and the alternate history to support the show's very pro-women agenda. Ah, how refreshing to return to this thread years later and find a deep cave troll exercising his/her/their ability to drop a cool word in their little mini-rant about my life and how it must be lacking. Bless your heart. I mostly agree with your take on the movie. I think it is very clever, well-done, but tonally discordant. I mean, it is SUPPOSED to be jarring, and while it was well-done, I think it was too strident and went too far off the rails. I really liked the set-up and the first third was excellent. I also really liked the last third, but the middle third was just too much and a bt of a mess. Its like they could have gone with a "softer" movie if the first third played out, and presuming it would take turns and get darker. Or, if the last third of the movie had a smoother introduction it could have played out as it did. Still, full points for the production and entertainment value. Very unusual movie. Very well done. Sandie had oodles of looks, talent, and provocativeness, and was easily manipulated into becoming a prostitute. But while Jack had it coming, the other murdered "Johns" probably didn't... And clearly, she grew to like murdering those whom she thought deserved it. In ghost hunting lore (I did this) and even older movies (check out Sixth Sense), photography and videography of ghosts and paranormal activity is often associated with motes of light. As soon as I saw this effect I realized she was a ghost, which is why she could travel and appear at will. I thought it was very cleverly done. I like this movie very much. It is clever, engaging, and thought-provoking. While it is not an excellent movie per se, it is very good and underrated. Eagley is pure entertainment, and surprisingly, not over done. It was hit or miss, but mostly hit on most levels, making it enjoyable most of the time. And that's alright with me. View all replies >