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When watching older TV shows I skip the title sequence. It gets tiresome seeing the same sequence and hearing the same music over and over. Then there's Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, and The Big Bang Theory which don't have good music but I enjoy the actual shows. I understand that but I do not like some of Donnor's scenes in Superman II. Like Lois shooting Clark. Also be fair I prefer the Spinning time back premise in the first one to the 2nd one as he wanted to make it so most of Superman II didn't happen. Yeah. The Naked Gun 1 and 2 are good therapy for dealing with what he did. Funnily enough in the first episode of X-Men TAS, she uses her powers to knock a sentinel backwards then later can't do anything to one with her powers. But she did blow a few up sentinels in the episode The Final Decision. But other than that never got to do much. Yeah. Cause a guy who hates on all republicans and makes up crap about them in front of the entire nation is so much better. Like this. While I don't like Trump I'd rather have another 4 years with him than another 4 years of transgenderism getting taught to young kids, another 4 years of an insecure boarder, another 4 years of the push for electric cars, another 4 years of a bad economy, and another 4 years of getting told all republicans are evil. All those things are what you're voting for if you're voting for Biden. I don't think republicans should get all they want but I don't think democrats should get all they want either. As far as I'm concerned democrats getting everything they want is fascism. And the republicans getting everything they want is fascism. Democrats and republicans should compromise. But that's not happening under Biden. Considering Biden and most of the democrats regularly go on about Abortion being a right of the people, by the people and for the people, I don't see them voting for Biden. According to imdb they are all in it played by the same actors. My main concern is the fact it says The Punisher is in it for all 18 episodes. Just a minor nitpick is all. Should have had him say pounds instead. Can you explain it? I agree. Though I like Kindergarten Cop and Hercules in New York. I watched this a few years ago with my niece and I don't really care for it. The villain Sharptooth was the only great thing about it. Secret of NIMH is better. Also sadly quite a few older films get a lower rating. Especially comedies. Caddyshack only gets a low 7 rating. I've never played a Sonic Game but unfortunatley I can't play anything Sega Genesis or SNES or prior systems due to having arthritis in my left thumb. The NES Mario games, Pokemon, Digimon, and The Godfather films all suck. Same reason why Cyclops and Proffessor X were killed off, Juggernaut isn't Proffessor X's brother, and why Rogue doesn't become a fighter. Because they didn't care about the source material. It does except for the color TVs. (sees my old man neighbor) AAAAAAHHH! AAAAHHHHH! I like it and all of them but part 5, Jason X, and Jason goes to Hell but I wouldn't say it's better than 1 and 2. What are things you find inferior in 1 and 2, TC? Frankly I'm hoping it fails so Sony will just focus on MCU Spidey instead of trying to do their Spider-Manless universe. While I understand why you didn't like that, the original team at least opened up the containment unit to trap the God thing.