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Your comment is ridiculous. Kim Bassinger is good looking and so is the actress who plays Joker's girlfriend Alicia. Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton are good looking too. You are really picky for thinking they are all unattractive. You are just a willfully ignorant person who just believes whatever the pro democrat anti republican media says. Everyone who works for ABC, NBC, and CBS are all liars and they've lied to everyone as has the democrat party. I can't feel too bad for Mel Gibson considering he won 2 Oscars for Braveheart for Best Director and Best Picture. It might have been a bit excessive for him to win 3 Oscars in one evening. It's been years since I saw 12 Monkeys. By the way, Brad Pitt did win a Golden Globe that year for 12 Monkeys. Personally I can't blame the academy for giving Kevin Spacy the Oscar for The Usual Suspects. Personally I think Oral sex is gross and I am never doing it. I haven't watched this show but I know the comic it's adapted from came out years ago, well before Trump even ran for president. So what you say is false. Well to be fair as you say it is ambiguous. Also he did break Zod's hand and seemed to be happy about it. Frankly I say you just not worry about it. I believe in God that set Jesus and Jesus said don't worry about tomorrow cause today has enough problems of its own. And seriously you'll probably be dead in the next 30 to 40 years so why worry about it anyway? Getting thrown off a cliff while human is a pretty good sign. Especially after Superman broke his right hand. Well I think that's stupid because some kids aren't going to want to learn about history outside of school. Sean Bean and I can't think of an actress who almost always plays a villain. Frankly in the original theatrical cut that is what happened. The deleted scene does not count. Whether you like it or not Superman killed Zod there. Also there is no dialog in the movie that says he had access to the phantom zone. There's no way around it. Whether you like it or not, Superman killed Zod in Superman 2. Also something you fools who insist that don't acknowledge is that the phantom zone wouldn't work on a human being which is what Zod and his 2 lackeys were turned into. Frankly the deleted scene is stupid anyway. The Arctic police? Really? Frankly I can understand Brian Singer wanting to just make a sequel to the original movies but if you ask me he didn't have any good ideas for a sequel. He just rehashed the plot that was done in the first movie. He could've chosen to do Braniac or some other Superman villain that hasn't been done and he chose to just rehash Lex Luthor's plot from the first one. It's really lame. I don't hate Lex Luthor but for goodness sake, WB! Do some other villain besides him and Zod! Well to be fair neither Han or Chewie knew a part of the hyperdrive needed replaced. And even if they did know I doubt the rebels had one. Doesn't help he can't go to a civilized system due to the bounty on his head. Maybe because he was needed to work on the falcon more. Wait, I never said I didn't think kids shouldn't read about minorities. Just that classic fiction should be taught too. But it isn't being taught in my area cause it's mandated that the curriculum include only historical based books only based off minorities. I have nothing against being taught about minorities but it is good to learn about people who aren't a minority is all. But it's all been changed to soley focus just on minorities. Sorry. You are right. I really don't like that they are trying to banned books in some places here in the U.S. Here in Illinois a lot of schools in my area haven't even allowed fantasy fiction books to be taught to kids. Kids are to read nothing but historical fiction books on minorities. There's nothing wrong with those specific books but a lot of kids aren't gonna want to get into reading if they are just exposed to historical things. Some kids are less interested in those things. When I was in school as a kid I was read books by Roald Dahl. Now Roald Dahl books aren't even read to kids in schools anymore. It sucks. Frankly you obviously haven't seen the January 6th footage just released that shows democrat senators waving the so called Trump mob in. The democrats were behind January 6th. Not Trump. Frankly no as he did it in his home and not in the oval office. Also the democrats let Clinton get away with it. And yet Bill Clinton had sex with a woman in the oval office and all you liberals think that's okay.