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The Horror in a Sunny Day Well, that was wild. Really enjoyed this one [spoilers] Jude Law teases his ‘devout warrior’ character in Captain Marvel EW First Look [Link] Great Rom-com (Spoilers) The doomed ending is the best ending. Impressive! [spoilers] Great movie with a thought-provoking ending. [SPOILERS] No real leaks yet? View all posts >


It's good, but if you don't enjoy long movies then I recommend you wait for the DVD. Yes, it reminded me a lot of the Witch, especially Dani's indoctrination at the end. >Why show only half the woman's face? I think to make the image a bit more mysterious (withholding reveal of her whole face). The way the whole picture of what's happening at the festival isn't revealed to the main characters until the very end of the film. 1. We never saw how the Tunnelers behaved before the government abandoned them. Red said that they went crazy after being trapped down there alone for generations so they might not have originally acted like zombies but only started to behave that way after many years of isolation. 2. I think the theory is that Jason was switched when the family went to the summer house the previous year. That would explain why he decided to play in the closet despite having been trapped in there just one year earlier. It would also explain why they chose to burn Tunneler-Jason's mouth shut so that he couldn't talk and reveal he was the original. Also, at the beginning of the movie Jason had to be coaxed to eat (maybe he was raised on rabbit), he was considered weird by the twins, he was drawn to the hall of mirrors in a parallel to little Ade, and he was building tunnels in the sand during his family's trip to the beach. The theory is that he was switched when he was trapped in the closet a year earlier. 3. You can't teach a feral human language after the age of 12 due to a decrease in neural plasticity. Read more about it here, it's pretty interesting: [url][/url] 4. It always went down, but when there was a blackout it stopped entirely. That's how little Ade was able to climb up. The Tunnelers also probably climbed up during the blackout that occurred at the end of the first act. What's the twist? You can hide it under a spoiler tag. Cuarón actually explained in an interview that the movie is a semi-autobiographical film about his childhood growing up in an upper-class Mexican family. He didn't delve into the backstories of the adults because he wanted to keep the feeling of a child's POV: Shielded from the harshness of reality, not entirely understanding why things are happening, only knowing the adults in your life on a superficial level, etc. Here's the interview: [url][/url] [quote]Would you have accepted the presence of a female lieutenant leading that unit of paratroopers?[/quote] Yes, I would've. Because if the presence of zombies didn't bother me then why would the presence of a woman? The movie didn't have "elements of fantasy", it [i]was[/i] fantasy, period. None of the characters were based on real people. Their mission to win D-Day by destroying a radio tower was completely fictional. And don't even get me started on the serum and the impossibility of its effects. This film might as well have taken place in an alternate universe where the rules (and historical prejudices) of our world don't apply. In fact, let's say it did. There, are you happy now? How should they have handled the presence of re-animated corpses? Same here! The long takes (paratrooper scene, escape from the lab) were thrilling and excellently done. The characters (especially Boyce and Tibbet) were endearing. Chase's transformation scene had me at the edge of my seat. Just an all-around great time at the movies. I give it a 6/10. It's stylistically unique, the performances are memorable, and it has some entertainingly humorous moments, so I think it's worth seeing. The downsides are the simplistic plot (the story is in sore need of some places where our expectations are subverted) and the pacing (which is definitely slower than it should be in an obvious attempt to make more time to revel in the film's trippy cinematography). Style over substance is the cardinal sin of this film, but the style is certainly worth checking out! Also, if you're a fan of black comedy and gore (think Sam Raimi) I wouldn't miss it. View all replies >