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I love shepherds pie but only if it’s ground beef. I’m not a big ground lamb fan. We had meatloaf and new potatoes for dinner. I enjoyed your review. I wish we could go through the movie and chat about some of the symbolism and interpretations of some of the Korean references that I didn’t quite understand. For example, what did the flooding mean? I agree. I’m wondering when the public will finally be done with this genre. I guess they will keep churning them out as long as they make money. Rosemary’s Baby Dean Stockwell was excellent in this. I can’t recall one bad performance from him. It’s such a simple but sweet movie. Lucky for me, the Criterion Channel just began offering this movie. It’s a wonderful little vignette. Joel McCrea is sublime. I watch so many movies but I never even heard of this one. Please try and catch it if you can. Ever since Jungle Fever, where I first really noticed it, I always look for the shot. I guess it’s part of the story but it’s Spike’s special “thing”, like Hitchcock’s appearances in his films. Agreed. I noticed the similarities, too. I’m a big Ruth Negga fan, too. The previews made it seem like she was going to have a bigger part. I didn’t think this was a masterpiece, but I loved the visuals and I thought Brad Pitt was excellent. I like this film, too. It’s a bit campy in pats but it’s scary and fun. Good list. I think my favorite of your list is The Browning Version. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. View all replies >