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:( R.I.P. Shelley Attention Whoring 101, She's a pro Germany - Spain 1-2 France - Portugal 1-1 (3-4 pen.) England - Switzerland 1-0 Holland - Turkey 3-2 That would be the right thing to do. But politics is messed up. Ooof! 😍 Not really surprising. But it is fun to see actual evidence of their biased fuckery. Plus many black side characters. And yet its a hit with fans. Because its a well made show. R.I.P. :( Agreed, this show is just pure trash. More a Texas brisket guy myself but BBQ ribs are also great. Good point. lol i did not think of that. Yep if this was an amazon production the rating would magically be 7+, surprised Disney did not pay to make it look better on IMDB. She sure is beautiful. Sweet little movie, I liked it much more than I expected and both leads had such great chemistry. Wow! Where did you hear that? I Don't get the hype either, I gave it a fair try but its just too boring and there's nothing original in it. Nice.... I agree with season 3 being the best. Yes he is. Nothing they do is right according to him and he is a stubborn mean asshole.