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His sister told Ki-jeong's brother I think that that was the point ......:-) The "Love" graphic replaces the Coney Island add during the sixties phase of the film. Although the multi-paneled door is the same as the door in Fat Moe's bar that leads to Deborah's rehearsal area. Yes but we had already gotten a sense of his moral compass from the diamond robbery Bump Not sure about Deborah aging - you didn't see her (purposefully) without some makeup covering her face. Well if it was a dream Noodles would have been dead at the end - shot in the Opium den - and wouldn't have been smiling. We saw him escape from the Den, jolted out of hi haze apparently in real time and so we must assume that the smiling scene was from only the second time we know he went to the opium den; following his dinner with and rape of Deborah (remember the gang ribbed him about being on vacation for a few days) - was the rest a dream from there rather than the first time at the den? I am led to thinking not. I get that you can dismiss the modern music and cars etc as being there to orient the viewer to the future but there was in the film hippies and the Love graphic where the Coney Island ad had been. So it leads me to think the rest was real. I can't however reconcile the cars outside the mansion filled with revellers - was it New Year's - I don't think so - reminded me of the cars at the end of Blow Up - what did they signify because maybe there is a connection other than an Italian director. It is definitely the best in my view - I screen it once per year and always see something new. Sometime I come away thinking that everything after the first visit to the opium den is a dream and then I am not so sure - then I see Noodles smile and wonder again. The characters, the script, the cinematography, the soundtrack all stunning. Bump And you don't know that it is Max that comes out of the gates either - looks like him - but there's no close up and whoever it was may have got into the passenger cab. What was the significance of the cars driving by with the revellers too? Max says earlier that the gang need to get into the trucking business after prohibition. View all replies >