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That's a nice List dsgoorevitch - excellent recommendations. I would add Mid-August lunch and Salt of Life, I am Love and more recently Call me by Your name. I wondered whether this was a revenge/reconciliation with daughter dream. The dealings with colleagues were surreal, the shoot out was spacey, why would she go back to the scene of the murder, she would not have been able to work for so many years in such a state and the final meeting with Silas seemed like fantasy. Ooohhh! You are so right - Google corrected me. I loved it but struggled with the re-imagining of the manson killings and the brutal (unexpected) violent interlude - it was a jolt and unrelated to the style of storytelling up to that point. I had to see it twice to see the context. The first two acts are a case study in fading stardom (I am not sure it's meant to be about the evolution of Hollywood) and then the third act changes the nature of the story rather like Adaptation (third person to first). The message: There's always film making and there's always hollywood and there's always hope (for the fading hero to be resurrected), and unlike real life Manson in the movies we can write the story how we want with a righteous ending if we so choose. Very clever, very layered - his most demanding yet. diCaprio was totally don't take your eyes off me brilliant (contrast HUllabaloo with the hawking snorter on the film set and the meeting with Shwartz) and brad was playing dumb ol brad (are you real?). Everyone else just candy - would love to see Damien Lewis expand his Steve McQueen role. This was Tarantino's Hail Caesar, Get Shorty, 81/2, The Player, Mulholland Drive; his tribute to his craft. I wanna see it again. Just thought you should know that the BR for Apollo 11 arrived today :-) and we have a digital version (Itunes - low price currently) of When we left Earth I just discovered that my wife purchased - that's me set for the weekend!! Yes it was an amazingly innocent time and of course probably made folks feel that they were much closer and involved with what then was a mind boggling endeavor. I have not come across this set before looks excellent - thank you. Apropos of nothing we watched by coincidence The Right Stuff and Chernobyl back to back. Fascinating contrast and tough to imagine how the Russians were able to compete at all. Truly amazing. Everyone was smoking and if that wasn't enough out came the cigars. But the thing that blew us away were the bystanders shaking hands with the astronauts as they made their way to the rocket - we wouldn't be close enough to even see them today. One more thing; the chap walking between the huge caterpillar tracks of the rocket transporter as it moved along the road - clearly making sure nothing got caught in the tracks. I am pretty certain today that that would be a health and safety violation :-) Thnx for the thoughts Apollo 11 if you haven't seen will blow your socks off. In Imax if possible. Should be compulsory viewing for .... well everyone. How we got to the moon with duct tape and cigarettes and zero security. I think he had a premonition when he completed the overlay painting of him sitting on Elizabeth's lap and pointing to his FIL It's a Clint movie! View all replies >