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I think he had a premonition when he completed the overlay painting of him sitting on Elizabeth's lap and pointing to his FIL It's a Clint movie! No filter - worn out ;-) Cheers Andy I agree Californication began fantastically and then dropped off a cliff but that is so true with many series - and I thought Ray D started this declines with S5 - an homage to Abby - not sure if we will invest in S6 - does it get better - the ratings suggest otherwise. I guess the original writers move on once the show is up an running. I agree a more traditional structure with three story lines coming together. There is so much going on and so much unexplained that likely never will be e.g. the ear seeds and how these from sort of of dimensional map. We still don't know how she became sighted do we - although we have to assume that that was something to do with a dimension leap? We don't appear to be done with the house yet - Buck/Michelle is planning to return and why the collapse of the vision through the rose window? Who is karim who is the FBI guy? Both series end with an ambulance chase but this time Steve catches it!! It's all good but it will never end and so under promoted. Season 3 looks to have a bigger budget with filming in the Uk 2/3 thru - back to you shortly I was baffled by the opening scene in the hot air balloon which was followed by the horse enjoying its freedom and thnx to this thread I think (but who knows) what Tarkovsky was trying to get at. The guy in the balloon was free, flying then was a far more significant symbol of freedom, from all of his earthly cares signified by the people in the boats coming to get him. His fall to earth was maybe a sign that this could only be a temporary state. Unlike the horse who has mastered freedom. Rubilev is freed from his vow of silence and earthbound worries upon hearing the bell just like the horse now in color by the side of the river. A reimagined documentary but I agree one of the best of the year. Agh! Got it - thnx. View all replies >