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I was baffled by the opening scene in the hot air balloon which was followed by the horse enjoying its freedom and thnx to this thread I think (but who knows) what Tarkovsky was trying to get at. The guy in the balloon was free, flying then was a far more significant symbol of freedom, from all of his earthly cares signified by the people in the boats coming to get him. His fall to earth was maybe a sign that this could only be a temporary state. Unlike the horse who has mastered freedom. Rubilev is freed from his vow of silence and earthbound worries upon hearing the bell just like the horse now in color by the side of the river. A reimagined documentary but I agree one of the best of the year. Agh! Got it - thnx. That's a good story in itself - I agree - but I wonder if we are in a time of reimagining by filmmakers. That's not necessarily a bad thing we may just not be prepared to visit a story outside of our world view. It's always happened to a much lesser extent (modern language, behaviours, social mores etc) but there seems to be a theme; The Favorite and Green Book are less extreme examples (well maybe not The Favorite Its quirkiness redirects :-) Exactly. The Queen always wins and the rest of us are just rabbits. Very good. Is there any historical evidence of the "close" relationship between the Queen and Lady Marlborough (Winston Churchill's great great great etc relative I guess. Yes we enjoyed that too Frances McDormand as I recall. Try Chesil Beach when it's released, Thnx for the reccie. Read it. Excellent. Loved both. We are are going to be seeing more of these memory and sentiment journeys aimed at boomers - particularly out of the UK. The meaning of life and did mine add up blah blah blah. Just screened "On Chesil Beach" at Tiff very similar themes. Not as good. The great debate over Mathilde toward the end, the escape, the prisoner exchange and the restaurant raid made me wonder whether she was a german collaborator hence the timing of the execution and the fact that the guards did not shoot him Hey Jep thnx for this. That was sort of my point - the chat boards used to get a lot of early reviews from festival types and sneak peakers prior to general release which would often contribute to sinking a movie before its release. In the face of post release bad press it's hard not to allow negative reviews on the site and by that point there's no point in preventing them. Too conspiratorial?? Ha Ha The book is superb and something to savor, especially the sentimental boyhood memories (it's a great study of memory and story). I found myself reading pages over again to get at what was being said and reread the first 90 pages after I had finished. What's missing in the film is that the Swede had an affair with the therapist after the bombing and at the time of his death had remarried another woman and had two sons . Presumably the affair with the architect caused the breakup of the marriage to dawn. Also, I thought the book was clear that Merry had died and wasn't just a story he had told his brother (although that would make sense to conceal her continuing existence). However, the thing about the book and less so the film is that the whole story was based on the scant facts obtained at the meeting at the reunion and the prior meeting with the Swede. So it is strictly an invention or interpolation and not a biographical tail. View all replies >