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How's this? All of Poliakoff's work embeds similar thoughts and themes and observations. He is brilliant and quirky and his stories don't always (ever?) finnish with a nice bow. His Thatcher years work particularly. His stories are not what they appear - there's another message underneath fighting to get out. Work thru the whole catalogue there are some true classics that you will not find with any other film maker. Indeed nice New York Jazzy improv. Thnx for the reminder Brilliant thx! :-) I think that's the take away - all the beauty and what looked like architecture were natural phenomena - but if anyone has an alternative view we love to hear it eh? I know many economists that use Star Trek as a definitive barometer of the rate of Earth's progress? Aliens may speak Chinese :-) I think there were a number of areas where you just have to go with it and not analyse too much. We seemed to be using the same propellant as today (size of rocket) but travelled more quickly and the amount of resources required to ship material or mine it on the Moon and Mars would be astronomical even allowing for commercialization. The US appears to continue to dominate space? What food source did Dad have to survive 30 years? I was pleased to see the re-introduction of the personal comfort purses for business class travellers in Virgin Atlantic (Not Virgin Space?) and the hot towel was a nice touch. Why wouldn't drone technology have taken out the pirates on the moon before they did any damage? Brad still used the road system to reach the launch site on Earth but it was unclear whether he was driving the vehicle. Nonetheless a great movie eh? Yes that was my read too but in the search for life he had overlooked the underlying beauty of the planets he had been studying. Yes we saw that at Tiff too. Here are my notes from 2013: Ron Howard brings the 1976 battle for the Formula One world championship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda to the screen. The cars don't look that different from prior race movies and not much new by way of camera work but a fun story from when drivers were perhaps not quite as serious as they are today. Poetic license creates a fierce rivalry which in fact was not the case. Not mentioned in the movie was the fact that the two shared digs in the early days. I enjoyed Rush but felt we were left hanging: FvF filled that gap and what I thought Rush should have been. See the press conference That's a nice List dsgoorevitch - excellent recommendations. I would add Mid-August lunch and Salt of Life, I am Love and more recently Call me by Your name. View all replies >