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I think if he had told Sansa to be lenient with arya, Sansa would have been lenient with him. That was why she had that conversation. She was trying to sniff out his intentions, to justify his execution, as being for the good of the realm, and not simply revenge for Ned. Could there have been some other reason Baelish was toying with them? It was such a devious and stupid move Sansa had to know. But it Turns out not. And Suggesting Sansa execute arya effectively extinguished any usefulness he had left to their cause. And any remaining duty she felt to baelish. Well I wonder if he had counseled Sansa during that talk to make amends with arya, and truly shown that he had her and her family's, and the norths, best interests at heart, if she would have granted him pardon in light that he had truly changed from who he used to be. That conversation proved that he did not come to winterfell with the knights of the vale out of loyalty to house stark, but rather he still viewed them all as pawns in his game. Essentially negating anything "good" he ever did for anyone and thus clearing Sansa's conscience in eliminating him at that time. So yeah being honest about being evil doesn't help. But she gave him a chance to see who he really was at that moment in time. Not who he was when he plotted against Ned. Turns out he was the same guy so yeah being honest wouldn't have helped. But she gave him a chance at least In his last conversation with Sansa the day before his execution, she was giving him a chance to not be a selfish prick. But he clearly wanted Sansa to kill arya. And probably he would have next tried to set up bran somehow. His defense being that he gave the boy a dagger. Lol Only by the regular whiners who don't pay to see action movies anyway. For the rest of the world, Watching Thor save artifacts from Isis while Jon Williams score plays would make hundreds of millions of dollars. interesting comment. Emotional. Of course you contradicted yourself. The iron bank are supporting cerseis cause BECAUSE she is a good credit risk. If they thought she couldn't beat the dragons they wouldn't invest. So perhaps they have something to offer. We know euron got the horn in essos in the books. His character was important to the show. He had the best "last lines" of anyone in the show. "Do your duty". He had an awesome scene where he drew his sword against the Bolton Calvary. He had an awesome scene at the battle of blackwater bay. And another one north of the wall. When you look at a Baratheon banner you know what that means. That was his character's function on the show. They did a good job considering the public's obsession with cersei and danaerys. I mean, I'm a pretty big fan of this show and I can't muster any feelings towards the tyrell sigil, so I'd say they represented the baratheons reasonably well on this show. PREACHER. It's on AMC. It's twisted and hilarious. I read the books. All four in sequence. They dealt with carrying humans for multiple generations a great distance. They dealt with the human condition in every way in context of amazing detailed technological thought. I wasn't comparing plots though. I was noting that the criticisms of this film are so petty compared to the awesome details of science fiction that were presented. Obviously this movie is not on par with a genius work like Rama, but to see it bashed for such petty things, in light of all it did extremely well, is disheartening. That was my Point. I remember the fusion reactor, the gravity, the food distributor, the artificial intelligence, it was all done very well. And all people can say is "her hair don't look right and the characters are Caucasian and he shouldn't have woke her up". It's disheartening to see the masses today are mostly the same as the masses a thousand years ago. This is the gift the internet has given us I suppose. Other petty arguments: Oblivion: "tom cruise believes Scientology is true." Despite in the movie he is mulling the fall of Rome while having a spiritual awakening. Literally comes fave to face with himself. Oblivion was superb science fiction. Superb. Interstellar: "matt Damon always plays the same character". Seriously? "The moon denial offended me". Seriously? the docking sequence in that film will go down in history of cinema. There is a reason these films are getting panned. Michael Crichton "state of fear". Read it If danaerys falls for Jon, Tyrion loses considerable sway in strategic counsel. He now has a nephew or niece on the way, cerseis pregnancy changes his calculus, and now he loses danaerys ear if she is in love with Jon. If they decide to kill pregnant cersei he won't be able to stop them. So I think he is conflicted. View all replies >