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Where do you come from? Rear Window is the best voyeuristic movie of all time. I actually think it’s all a dream from the point where Isabelle is lying in bed trying to sleep, with pills beside her. In the dream she gets a call from Christine to go to the office. When she gets there we still see the shaded pattern from the blinds in her bedroom, and this blind pattern is there scene after scene from then on....with few exceptions. I think the ending where she finally wakes up to Dani’s corpse is probably symbolic rather than literal. It’s true that the corpse is in a latter stage of near-decay, so unless this is still a nightmare it’s obviously been there for days. I suppose you could always make the case that De Palma is using the symbolism that goes with apples, but I don’t know if temptation is a particular theme in this film...actually it probably is. There’s also an image of Medusa’s head on the cell wall, so that means snakes! Very interesting. You could have a point about the plastic surgery. That penultimate scene of Ben applying make up to her lips is quite suggestive. I’ll have to think about this. Seems like a strange decision by Cameron and the casting production. I meant Under the Silver Lake. I am based in the UK and was able to stream it through a service called Mubi, but I’m not sure Mubi is available in The states. There may be some other service though. It sounded like Oliver to me, too. 7 View all replies >