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I hated Tom in various degrees throughout the series. I know i'm replying to a "dead" post from imdb but i hate him so much, i can't help saying it here as well. What a miserable self obsessed shallow piece of garbage human. Yeah, you get a bit of dialogue in one episode to explain why he acts that way but it's irelevant. It doesn't matter how someone is deep down, it only matters how one acts on the outside. I couldn't understand why the others, besides Donna, put up with his crap. I can't help it, the beast demands it! I kinda doubt they were super humans because they never once tried to recruit Dunn. They seemed pretty anti super humans, regardless of their personalities. But yeah, it's possible. Not to defend that shit ending but i'm pretty sure the swat guys took the civilians away, behind a van or something so they couldn't see. No quite sure, there weren't any wide shots of the whole area to know who was where. That's a good point but it felt to me like they showed him more times than they had ideas what to do with him. Fight scene with Dunn at the end is almost the same as the one at the start. You had him turn into the beast to kick ass in the basement, then after going outside he does the same thing with some guards. Apparently that wasn't enough. Then the riot guys come and...he kicks their ass as well. Why not have one good scene instead of 3 almost identical ones. Thanks, i was debating whether or not to continue this retarded conversation with him but screw it. A site where you go and tell people what movie you won't watch and why. No ratings, only a "not watching" counter for people to tic. What's the point of going on a message board for a movie and saying that no matter what, you won't watch it? You're just gonna go around online on their movies and try to convert other people to your cause or what? How's that working out? Just because it made sense and tied loose ends doesn't mean it's also good. I think a big part of the movie is wasted with that useless "it's all in your head" garbage. It's not that it's slow, i don't like marvel movies and i didn't want more fight scenes or anything here. It's just that the slow parts were mediocre. I can't believe how long they kept dragging on with this "you don't actually have super powers" angle when i saw earlier and in the previous two films that clearly they did. I would have totally been on board with a crazy twist like that, to actually have it be all in their heads. Problem is that they never had any compelling evidence for it. By that point, we've seen way too much to be convinced. Mr Glass also didn't do much for most of the movie. It took way too long for his mediocre plan to come to action. Was hoping for something more...interesting after 19 years in captivity. Very good point. Even if he freaks out in water and drowns like a dummy, he'd still be able to get free of that flimsy grip the guy had on him. At the end he looks so incompetent that you'd think he'd drown in the shower much earlier in his life. I get they wanted to kill him, fine. At least do it in a more believable way. Maybe have him drown in the water tank by the beast. The beast could still be shot anyway after so nothing would change. ok? But if you're not just trying to start shit, you could give it a shot. He's not the main character and...pretty ignorable i'd say. I would absolutely not call this a "bruce willis movie". I agree with this post from 11 years ago. Bandit was completely against the mood of the show. Always barking and being loud. Being able to understand human speech like scooby doo, terrible. What do they censor? I watched a random thing online and didn't notice anything weird. Hah, i was so confused by your reply. I kept reading it over and over not remember ever saying it, even if i agree with it. I mistook your username for mine. Yeah, at least take the stuff away. They didn't look strapped for cash, i'm sure they could afford new rooms. Judging by the intelligence shown, maybe they put it to a vote and thought a computer was cooler? Oh i didn't even think about the fire alarm. Can you imagine a real fire burning the whole place to the ground while naked scientists slowly exit two at a time? As far as i can recall, there was only room for 2 at a time anyway. I guess it makes sense to force them to do it and probably kill them instead of risking exposing the world to some virus. So're just a direct aggressive douchebag while i just came here to talk about the movie. A real treat to humanity you are. I'm trying to have a discussion about a part of this movie on a website dedicated to doing that. Why are you here if you don't want to do that? Aren't there other places where you could be a passive aggressive douchebag? Oh you don't have to remind me, don't worry. When i wanna watch porn, i watch porn. When i wanna see a predator movie...i get this half assed excuse for a naked scene. The movie was the one that tried to combine them but it was so lame that even a teenager would have trouble finding anything exciting in it. Eh yeah, it's a lame idea but it's...something. What happened in the movie looked like the guys just didn't think that the predator might escape and start killing everyone. Just a few soldiers with ineffective weapons. I couldn't believe how stupid that was. I get kids say stupid stuff and i get that it's a pun on Asperger but even they should know at that age that saying something that makes you sound like you wanna eat ass isn't cool, funny or threatening. What's next? Having a scrawny kid named Poole while the bully says "i want to eat some poo"? They directed the insult towards themselves. Yes, i'm thinking too much about this tiny little joke, i know.