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Is the beast seen too often? Why was the weakest of the 3 the only one sedated? What a waste of a naked Olivia Munn scene The government guys plan in case the predator escapes? Logic of not being afraid of a real thing that can kill you? View all posts >


Yeah i thought they were talking about an abandoned building or something. How did the police not do anything? I'm assuming most of them had rights to their apartments. I guess you could say they were too scared to complain but it still felt absurd to me. When she was trying to break open that obviously toxic canister to drink and being such a smartass about it. Yeah, let's risk killing everyone in the room and be a bitch about it. Wow, that's a completely different person. I guess it makes sense for kids to not have style and just get any haircut but come one, Mike looks more like a girl than Eleven. Would nobody have mentioned that in the 80's? I know it's a shitty thing to say but considering those kids will never read this forum anyway....yeah, Mike and Will look pretty damn weird. Mostly because of those stupid haircuts. You know, i actually think this is less of social justice and more...this being a movie for women. I just wanted to see a Men in Black sequel, after loving the first one as a kid. Instead what i got was a movie focused on how hot Chris Hemsworth it. I hated Tom in various degrees throughout the series. I know i'm replying to a "dead" post from imdb but i hate him so much, i can't help saying it here as well. What a miserable self obsessed shallow piece of garbage human. Yeah, you get a bit of dialogue in one episode to explain why he acts that way but it's irelevant. It doesn't matter how someone is deep down, it only matters how one acts on the outside. I couldn't understand why the others, besides Donna, put up with his crap. I can't help it, the beast demands it! I kinda doubt they were super humans because they never once tried to recruit Dunn. They seemed pretty anti super humans, regardless of their personalities. But yeah, it's possible. Not to defend that shit ending but i'm pretty sure the swat guys took the civilians away, behind a van or something so they couldn't see. No quite sure, there weren't any wide shots of the whole area to know who was where. That's a good point but it felt to me like they showed him more times than they had ideas what to do with him. Fight scene with Dunn at the end is almost the same as the one at the start. You had him turn into the beast to kick ass in the basement, then after going outside he does the same thing with some guards. Apparently that wasn't enough. Then the riot guys come and...he kicks their ass as well. Why not have one good scene instead of 3 almost identical ones. Thanks, i was debating whether or not to continue this retarded conversation with him but screw it. View all replies >