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Can we appreciate Henry Cavill's voice being almost identical to the games? Nilfgaard armor, the worst armor design ever? Is the beast seen too often? Why was the weakest of the 3 the only one sedated? What a waste of a naked Olivia Munn scene The government guys plan in case the predator escapes? Logic of not being afraid of a real thing that can kill you? View all posts >


And the weird part is that i checked 12 minutes after he replied to me and it was already deleted. I smell an OPA plot to seed dissent among us. I kept waiting to see the point of the horribly boring election campaign, figuring it must somehow tie in with the rest of the season. As far as i could tell, it was not just boring but completely useless. Yeah, i really don't feel the "part of my religion" thing. That rifle would have solved the fight so easily but just conveniently stopped working after some mud got on it. Not a very reliable gun to have around for a bounty hunter. It felt like i was watching an episode of Hercules and Xena from the 90's. Terrible episode. So annoyingly simple with the good guys and bad guys. Nothing interesting about it. Or at the very least none of them would have won, just like when they met. A woman can't be bested by a man in Disney star wars, regardless of the context. Even ignoring the absurdity of all the woke crap, let's say the Nilfgaard wanted their armor to be phallic. Is this the best they could come up with? A pathetic looking penis? Why not something more imposing and aggressive? A more "we'll fuck you up" armor and less "i just shaved my balls for a day on the beach" look. <blockquote>army is still "ragged" doesn't make any sense. It's quite obviously a leather armor and making these "wrinkles" would mean a considerable expense</blockquote> Yeah, that makes no sense from a lore perspective. Those weird wrinkles were extra steps added on purpose. They could have left the armor a plain black leather but it seems they could afford to model them and yet they went with ballsack model. If they wanted that ragged look it would have made more sense to have them with random armor pieces, like you have in any RPG where you get random pieces from enemies. No way, the armor looked pretty badass in the games. See for yourself: Say what you will about the game version, at least it doesn't look like they are wearing trash bags. For what it's worth, I think it gets better after the first 2. In fact, the first two are quite boring and confusing. After Yenner is done being ugly and miserable it gets a lot more enjoyable. Hah funny you should mention the hot chick. I gave the show a shot because of her, yes i'm that shallow. Too bad her character is so cringey with all the lame split personality crap. View all replies >