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Liked. I know it will take a couple of episodes to gain it's momentum, so I'll stick around for a bit :) I'm going to give it a chance. I like a creative attempt ... something different than the numerous, too-realistic crime dramas on network tv. I liked the King, but maybe we'll hear his inner thoughts down the road? Or see some kind of filter invented that he can speak through? I really can't see him ever using his voice (way too powerful and harmful!!!) Maybe Rhagar discovered the children from his first marriage were fathered by another man? Maybe Elia had an affair(s)? Just guessing. Thanks for the reply! I'm sorry to have missed that scene, and the ones leading up to it, which showed her come to that decision. I'm glad the sisters have reconciled. Yeah, I watch B&B, and Shelia has already said a couple of times "I hear this talk about someone stealing my identity???" I mean, I'm ALL for some good, soapy fun, but I definitely remember the CRAZY Sheila-had-plastic-surgery-to-look-exactly-like-Phyllis storyline. And yeah, Lauren shot her dead... Yeah I'm glad (the character) Kevin is leaving. He treated Chelsea terribly at Chloe's funeral. Chelsea was genuinely sorry Chloe had died, but was upset that Chloe never paid for framing and killing Adam. Chloe also tried to 'steal' a baby from Billy, except it oh-so-conveniently worked out that Kevin was the father instead (she still committed a crime). I have lost all sympathy for Chloe, and therefore, I have no sympathy (or tolerance!) for someone who just blindly sides with her, and makes excuses for her (Kevin). I would have rather Scott started a relationship with someone like Abby or Mariah or Summer I am excited for any season of Survivor, lol. However, I wish they'd stop with the "themes" once in awhile. I mean, aren't Healers also Heroes? :) Yeah, I agree. I think it's even crazier that they are ALL returning players, and some are still so "surprised" and/or bitter that someone else got the best of them... (Andrea and Debbie...Ozzy) Zeke and Michaela were like, "Are you guys serious?" LOL :) I think just the opposite, actually. I think Tai excels at "playing dumb" ... for the cameras and for the other contestants. And what a lame, cop-out way to reveal the "big" secret ... Chloe just standing there (for only us to see???), reading the letters with a blank, bored expression ... Thank you! (I didn't remember Shirley's name, lol!) I agree about Sally as well. It's like she "stepped out of herself". As far as the spunky sweet character thus established, her harsh, heartless actions (toward Thomas and her sister) don't make sense. Yeah, good reveal for the show (I guess), but in real life, she wouldn't have hesitated ONE SECOND to confront Chloe and call the police. I've just never believed that Chelsea could "forget" that her "best" friend could be "capable" of "such a terrible thing." Did Chelsea have amnesia? Lol Thanks :) Yeah, I noticed him in the picture, too! Soaps don't usually keep pictures like that 'around' for no reason... I didn't think Justin would come back; I thought they'd recast the role. If it's Justin, then it's almost a given that Adam's return will be "short term." :( It's sad, because I really liked her before she lost Delia. I think she is a good actress, but is limited by the material she's given. Plus with a lot of people (me!) thinking Adam wasn't "killed" ... there's no real closure or sadness for his "death." Every time I have to watch Victor or Chelsea cry over Adam, or Chloe look all guilty and panicky, I'm like, "Well, he's not really dead, so..." I'm really just waiting for Adam to walk through a door... then it's all, "Ohhh she 'just' held him captive for 6 months..." I know. I just wish both tribes had gone separately to tribal council Mine too. I wish he had had an idol... I know I'm excited, as a fan, to see her one last time, but I can't exactly remember what was going on when she died... All I remember is she got the cure, tried to redeem herself eventually by helping Stefan with some sort of depression (?) , and ... eventually was dragged into Hell??? thanks for the refresher :)