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why not just let (Old) Sally's sister be in charge of Spectra?

She is so manipulative and bossy! And annoyingly repetitive!

"We're Spectras! And Spectras are low class and trashy and bottom-barrel!"

Um, didn't Old Sally make a ton of money (in her day) producing knock-offs of high fashion? You'd think SHE'D loan her struggling granddaughter the money to make a legitimate run at the fashion industry... just sayin.'

It's sickening how Old Sally's sister "forces" an independent, talented woman like (young) Sally to lower herself to stealing designs.

Funny, Spectra had so many critics at THIS showing, compared to the first one, where only Jared came (and gave a terrible review.)

Apparently, his 'bad review' created buzz for other critics to come to this one??? Yeah, right!

Anyway, since no one but Jared saw the first show, Sally could have just shown her ORIGINAL designs, and she would have been a hit!


I CANNOT STAND SHIRLEY!! She is a mean-spirited, ugly woman. But, I do not feel sorry for Sally. She knew exactly what she was doing and what this would do to Thomas. She played along, and even took a bow in front of all those people at the show.


Thank you! (I didn't remember Shirley's name, lol!)

I agree about Sally as well. It's like she "stepped out of herself". As far as the spunky sweet character thus established, her harsh, heartless actions (toward Thomas and her sister) don't make sense.


Nien nien (that's all I know)