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Well, yes some should never walk free again and that is what I meant in terms of evaluation. But in some cases there is a matter of degree of doubt about what happened but the system did not work in their favor. Some guy is convicted of rape but the reality was the woman said yes at 11PM and when the guy did not whisper sweet nothings in her ear at 7AM as he was leaving she gets pissed and decides this guy needs to pay for all the men who wronged her before that morning. So she calls the cops and since the laundry had not been done there was evidence on the sheets that he was there. Cautionary tale about going to some woman's apartment only having known her for two hours starting at the bar down the street. Is someone a child abuser for spanking a kid that they have custody of after the kid is caught killing a neighbor's pet for the second time in a sadistic manner? It's nice to think that the truly guilty only wind up in prison but there are always the people in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Important in some geographic areas and not noteworthy in quite a few other areas. I see quite a number of sexual crimes make the news where I live and most of the time being poor had nothing to do with the reason for it. College professors, teachers, business people among others being perpetrators. They had the desire and the control over others to commit these crimes. The worst of it in my mind are the ones that got caught were sloppy or the victim found their resolve to do something about it so I feel for every crime made known that the perp was too slick or the victim too fearful so nothing ever gets done about it in many other instances. I'd like to think that I am a "law and order" type person but I don't believe that prison should strictly be a time of punishment. Convicts should be evaluated and those deemed reformable should be given a different path than the ones considered institutional for life. Unlike the 1970's when sexual offenders were given a revolving door they need to be under a "one more strike and you are out" plan that once back out in society they have to keep their nose clean. I question how much crime is economically motivated especially when considering how much goes unreported. Sexually motivated crimes makes up a considerable percentage of reported crimes and we might be astonished as to how much sexually related crime goes unreported. While incarcerated sexual offenders certainly cannot harm innocents on the outside. The actor who played the rapist said for many years after that role he received death threats over that role. I stand (sit) corrected. The Hill Street Blues episode was "Freedom's Last Stand" and Dugan's character was Captain Freedom. I'm pressed for time so I will look for titles later. Anyways the Hill Street Blues episode where a street man named Captain America played by Dennis Dugan is gunned down in front of Belker. The St Elsewhere episode where Peter White (Terrence Knox) is gunned down by Nurse Daniels and subsequently journeys to purgatory. Deep Space Nine episodes "Duet" and "In the Pale Moonlight." All in the Family episode where a community activist played by Gregory Sierra is killed (by a bomb). That episode brought urban violence to the center of attention for many who flipped the channel when the subject broached the 6:30 evening news. Yep, quite a few guys are clueless when it comes to clothes and hair. I would describe my appearance as bland but yet women take notice of me in a positive way. Problems at home? I don't really follow your comment about men versus women. I used to think women on average dressed better than men but quite a few women dress like crap nowadays. It's not about looking hot but wearing fabric, styles, and cuts that flatter versus emphasizing the negatives. I don't think women go down as fast as 6 months at an age that is presumed young if the hubby is enlisted in the military. I've seen a number of former high school female classmates while middle aged and quite a few have aged nicely in terms of looks and personality. Women losing their looks while presumably in their 20's is part of the risk you take when you get married and really a marriage should not be about looks alone. That aside I know some women that are not 10's but more like 6-7's and with them wearing really hot clothes and have a good attitude are very hard to have a man keep his hands off of them sexually. Batman. Just kidding. Was The Sand Pebbles in 1966? I'll go check on that. View all replies >