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Jack Nicholson had the best mix for Joker Is the little girl one of Freddy's victims or does she represent Kristen? A movie in which a small boy stabs his baby brother with a pin (Solved) Karen should be in this Why is Cornelius a misfit? The ending ignores Ed's highly inappropriate and discomfiting death Is Billy a reference to One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest? Laurie should not go to the Wallaces' house How does Spider-Man know which floor the baby is on? Why doesn't Bastian bring his mother back? View all posts >


Thank you, DoctorThirteen. I like the other actors as Joker too, but Jack Nicholson's portrayal is most comfortable. Even if your claim is true, the character from the older movie could still be the inspiration for the boy in this one. Maybe it's just never been mentioned. Thank you, millsey72, but how do you know? Thank you, AudreyR. Yes, that is it. However, it seems that the woman with the baby is the mother of the boy, who is named Arthur, and in that case, the younger child is the kid's sibling. Also, upon a closer look, I think that the baby is a girl, so maybe Arthur actually tortures his sister. I must say that I find your description odd. Unless if it's medically necessary, stabbing someone is an act of cruelty. Thank you, movieace11. No, the movie was much older than the one that you mentioned. Thank you. <i>Jack Frost</i> was extremely feeble and mawkish. The actor, whose surname was Frees, hopefully wanted nothing to do with it, which was one of the most ridiculous and pathetic shorts made. Thank you, wositelec. No, <i>Child Of Rage</i> is about a girl. I've seen it. Your guess is fitting, though. I didn't know that there was a short about Jack Frost. Was the character's name also the title? Thank you, andersonb85. Yes, the magician was Professor Hinkle, and your writing it gave me the correct name, which I heard as Higgle. He agreed to leave Frosty alone forever after Santa Claus threatened and punished him, so he would not have had a place in this story. I missed Karen, though. So am I, andersonb85. This is a lovely sequel. Andy Griffith and Dennis Day sing a hearty "Winter Wonderland". Jack Frost is very entertaining initially, but I also like the fact that he's just hurt and frustrated from not getting the attention and praise that he is worthy of. We later see that the provider of winter is simply overlooked and misunderstood. He is a decent guy who is capable of strong friendships. It's shrewd for a carol to be given a tale that can be incorporated into the story of another carol that has been brought out the same way. View all replies >