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Mister Babadook, even though your vulgar language is unnecessary, I agree with your gist. It's unrealistic for a bully to compliment and embrace a victim only hours after viciously attacking her. In your next post you mention that Jamie should not forgive the way that she is treated despite her need for acceptance, but the latter is the very reason why she tries to ignore, not excuse, the matter. She's eight, and at that age children can be desperate to fit in. Jamie already has to mourn her parents, deal with being taken from her home, and be surrounded by brats on a regular basis, so if she sees a chance to finally make school more bearable, then of course she'll take it. MinorityRules15, I wouldn't apply that slang, which you have supplied my first sight of, to the boy since he doesn't know on his own that the harassment is wrong. I think, though, that he will try to befriend Jamie or at least be civil to her in the following days. Thank you so much, thomas998. You're a keen observer and very thoughtful. Yes, what some states and cities get away with during elections is an unbelievable and frightening disgrace. I can understand a handful of people not having enough interest in a state representative to vote for one, but thousands of them being so at the same time and in the same place raises a red flag. Precisely, TandyMan. Thank you. Even though your post shouldn't have cursing, I agree with it. The democrats are so fervently fixated on destroying America that they will resort to anything at this point. The ones who are causing the trouble would not be able to touch upon the work that Donald Trump has done for us. I understand and am glad that you see that personally attacking your opposition does nothing for promoting your character. I find it strange, though, that you think that our economy has improved under the administration of Obama, who has had no business being in The White House to begin with. Your topic is one of my complaints about Donald Trump's adversary. Joe Biden has never done anything for the country and is hiding under Obama's shadow, which is developed on garbage anyway. He can't admit that he has no merit, unlike Donald Trump who can speak for himself. TabbyS, since you have read the beginning of this thread, you should realize that I have not accused Biden and Harris of specific crimes. Speak for yourself. I do NOT want Donald Trump to lose his presidency. It's immature and ridiculous to curse online, but your last line is also hypocritical. You claim that I am slandering people for merely saying that something is suspicious about their behavior, yet are calling all Republicans cult members. 'Cult' is not a word to be used casually, and I question if you understand its definition. Don't toss about ludicrous, ignorant, insulting tall tales. Out of need to inform, I am responding to you for the final time. Thank you, FFNogoodnik. No, it isn't. Alas, what you say always happens, but it's not the right way to go about earning positive recognition for oneself. Thank you very much, Gd5150! I'm so glad that someone else notices everything that I do about this election. I have made it explicit that I am, but must wonder whether or not you are given how poor your English grammar and punctuation are. Since I appreciate the facts that you are willing to talk to me and ask questions about this topic, I have not said in my first reply that it is childish and offensive to curse online. There are other ways to describe the poor quality of the boards. This small matter has its own post so that you don't think that I have a problem with any of your statements or views. There was no need for all of this language, onemanarmy82! I thanked you before I saw your long and obnoxious battle with two other members. If that element involving me had not been present, then I would not have barged in to your conversation. Since I have appreciated your otherwise calm and rational words, I have not mentioned in my first response that it is very weak and immature to curse online, especially since it ruins any impression that you try to make. This is a generalized statement and not about you personally. I understand why you want to scoff at your last topic, but there are better ways to go about it. I'm giving this small issue its own post because I don't want you to think that I have a problem with your reply to me overall. Thank you very much, Threadkiller. Yes, it is terrifying how many blind followers Joe Biden has, and I'm so glad that someone else can see that. I won't elaborate, though, since we're not allowed to discuss politics here. I'm sure that many of the votes colored blue are valid, but there is clearly a problem with the tallying and what has happened just before Election Day. This is largely thanks to coronavirus. So many people have unjustly blamed the disease on Donald Trump. He has not created it! Why do you say that? Much of the basis is the same. The two elections have similar concepts and conflicts behind each one. Thank you, onemanarmy82. Yes, we have reached a ludicrous, frightening point. Of course decent Americans want proper elections in the future, but we might not have the latter anymore if Joe Biden gets into The White House. Thank you, djangounlamed. No I'm not, because something similar is happening. I know that there are a few differences. Thank you very much, TruMovieFan! I'm always so grateful to find someone who appreciates my manner of speech. You recognize the value of mature conversations, even in arguments. I recall the news emphasizing George W. Bush winning Florida and a following fuss because of Jeb Bush's position as governor of that state. However, if I remember correctly, everyone has acknowledged in the presidential election twenty years earlier that we have not immediately known who the next Commander-In-Chief is. That sort of patience and care is not being applied to what is happening today. Thank you for the kind and considerate offer. Thank you very much, Asafamily!