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I'm not convinced that he has legally lost One of the school bullies later accepts Jamie Jamie should use Michael's name when addressing him Is there a kiss at the end? If so, then why isn't it shown? Did anyone else watch this for Jason's birthday? Does Biff alter the timeline twice? Does Jack realize that he lies to Wendy about room 237? Has Norman tried to sign himself in to a psychiatric facility? Do the Addamses intermarry? Did anyone else watch the marathon on AMC yesterday? I think that Biff's grandmother is only babysitting Does Ernie set the final card game for Rita to win? Does anyone else find THX's trademark music scary? The debate over Jason's attack of Chris Why is no one suspicious of Wadsworth? Why does Sam push Norman in to racing back to the house? Two questions about Mrs. Bates Grace undresses Annie in front of Oliver! Why doesn't Aughra know which shard belongs to the crystal? Is anyone else bothered by Doc's strange smile at the festival?