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What makes this such a classic? Am I the only one pretty confused after 3 episodes? The money at the end makes no sense What happened to her? Conspiracies not fleshed out (spoilers) Did Louis rape mom? X-Files meets Twin Peaks in a weirdly American Pacific Northwest style French town Her teeth in “Thief” The foreign security guy (spoilers) Weird to watch again after watching Downton Abbey View all posts >


I'm trying really hard to like it. Each episode is really well done, but it's not really coming together for me. I kind of need the various pieces of the narrative to start to become a more coherent whole. Everyone knows they won, they only came in second due to the technicality of the second place car starting farther back. Christian Bale basically had to slow down and wait for the other Ford GT40s. It wouldn't surprise me if senior MI6 members and their staff weren't given military ranks and at least on paper attached to some reserve arm of the military. This would allow them to work and coordinate with the military when needed and "fit in" to their rank hierarchy. There's probably other technicalities too, like being able to claim military status in some situations. M and Moneypenny were on a Royal Navy submarine, so it would make sense they would be in-uniform. It's probably a lot of formality, too, as all of them would be part of an entirely different command structure. The cold doesn't give you a cold, so being more exposed to the cold doesn't protect you from viruses. I'd wager the bunker was important to protect equipment from the snow and cold, as well as probably providing physical protection to the people. The idea was society collapsed pretty hard and they probably needed to lock themselves up to prevent being overrun by hungry people. It was the rural South in the late 40s or early 1950s. "Lon" was probably a career degenerate/thief/troublemaker and the cops back then would just deal with it their own way, which meant beating the shit out of him. I just rewatched it for the first time since it was in the theater. I remember it being meh and that it was kind of panned. What surprised me most on rewatching is how emotionally intense it is. The director and the cast do an excellent job of creating intense situations and the cast communicates the fear and horror of the situation. The annoying teen son was annoying because his behavior is very true to what knucklehead teens actually do. I think the survival narrative is a little dull but maybe that’s just a byproduct of how chaotic and unplanned survival would be. I think this season was awful. Billy McBride doesn't work in a rural setting, among many other problems. Amy Brenneman acts her ass off, but the whole situation is so unrealistic and weird that it doesn't make any sense. Maybe I'm contrarian, but I still find something suspect about people with 30+ year age gap relationships weird, even if hetero couples generally get a pass. I suspect with hetero couples the underlying "approval" comes from some assumption she's in it for the money, and he's in it for the sex. Given Paulson's ex-fiance was 10 years her senior, too, maybe she just has some issues with anyone in her peer age group. It's unusual in the extreme for people to be involved in romantic sexual relationships with people 32 years older than they are, especially when the older one is in their 70s. Even more unusual is switching from heterosexual to a homosexual relationship with someone in their 70s. It invites speculation as to what the motivations are as it defies "we're just in love" as reasonable or rational. Further, successful people in the media engage in all kinds of odd lifestyle choices to influence their career opportunities. Whether or not there's no demand for lesbian actresses in their forties is debatable. Given the amount of data mining and preference polling (ie, Q scores), it would not surprise me in the least if gay and lesbian audiences weren't targeted and opportunities available for actors or actresses with an appeal to them. I sometimes wonder if its just a gimmick to create an edgier persona and create a following. She was kind of delicately pretty 20 years ago, but never quite reached that romantic lead status. Dabbling in lesbianism makes Sarah seem a little more interesting and takes the pressure off the fact that she's fading into the black hole of talented but aging female actress, a place where careers go to die. A little lesbian buzz will buy her into some new roles and perhaps create a niche for her. Holland Taylor is *76* years old, *32* years older than Sarah. I don't really see Sarah warming up to snack on that, it'd be like having cottonmouth and eating a sleeve of Carr's tablewater crackers. The amiguous bisexual comments are just a way of gaining cover for the fact that Sarah really still likes it the old fashioned way. The only other explanation is that Sarah is just frigid and sexless. Her ex-fiance is a plump 56; between him and Holland Taylor, it might be evidence that Sarah's best relationships involve no sex at all. View all replies >