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Possibly the worst remake I've ever seen.

I normally don't create posts like this, but this movie was particularly bad.

I'm not going to pretend that the original was a masterpiece, but this one fell completely flat.

I think that the original worked better since the doll was supernatural rather than science fiction. Perhaps counterintuitive, but I think that the supernatural angle was less hokey (in the context of the film) and had the benefit of adding a malicious, human motive behind the doll.
Since we are more tech savvy these days, a walking, talking robot doll that develops a massive case of butthurt seems less acceptable than it would have in the '80s or '90s.

Another thing that bothered me was how awful of a parent the mother was. Her son skipped school and gave the half-hearted, "I'm up to something," response that his stomach was upset and she was like, "Cool story, bruh." Then the neighborhood kid barges into their home cursing at her son and she doesn't say anything. I know there are shitty parents out there, but it just came across as bad writing as opposed to an attempt at characterization. She seemed more like his sister (and the neighborhood kid even thought that).

It was cheesy that the mother's boyfriend turned out to be abusive and married. It was far too heavy-handed with the "he's actually an asshole so has to die next" trope. It was tedious, even with his gory end.

And what was with the guy who was split on the table saw? That was ridiculous since he could have easily swayed himself enough to land in such a way that he doesn't slowly fall on a table saw, crotch first. It was retarded.

Finally, it was hard to believe that the kid wouldn't have said anything once his mother's boyfriend's face ended up on his dresser. I get that he felt somewhat responsible for what he said to Chucky, but c'mon, at that point shit got real to the extent that it wasn't believable that a child that age would just throw the head down the trash chute. To add insult to injury, the head was later used in the corny gift scene. Total trash.

Like I said, I normally don't start rant threads, but I thought this one was particularly bad. It left me scratching my head that it would have made it, in its current state, past so many people working on the movie. It's not the worst movie I've seen, but it was one of the worst I've seen recently, and perhaps the worst remake.


Definitely not the worst remake I've ever seen. I mean it had good production values and was pretty well shot for a start. Not the worst and not the best, but I think it's ability to be too good was always going to be limited anyway because there's only so much you can work with from the original movie.

I didn't mind the angle of the doll being reprogrammed this time rather than possessed. I think you've got to try doing something different for a remake and that was it, and by doing that it offered some new and interesting potential, which was maybe somewhat wasted here.

I agree about the mother though, and to be honest there was hardly anybody in this that was likeable. They even made the cat unlikeable by suddenly lashing out at Andy for no reason.


It's it's not as bad as the leprechaun remake. Hornswaggle deserved better.


I've seen the sequels, but not the remake. Sounds like a challenge.


There isn't a high bar. Though leprechaun in space is a guilty pleasure.


Huh. I am probably in the minority but I actually LOVED the remake. I found the original pretty dull.

This doll as the product of a machine going bad, something that is very much a worry on a lot of people's minds these days with AI becoming as advanced as it has.

I found the characters all very unique and the acting was superb. I thought the child was excellent. Very convincing and usually I find child actors annoying.

The mom's boyfriend was very unlikable, and it was satisfying to see Chucky finish him.

The weird brother and sister were a laugh riot. I liked them paying some homage to Texas Chainsaw 2.

And how can u not love Aubrey Plaza?