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Possibly the worst remake I've ever seen. If Carice van Houten was my wife... Why such a low rating? Eddie's Wife (SPOILERS) View all posts >


I think that the best scene is right before Andy is attacked in the sewer. He calls out, thinking the beast to be a man, before it slowly hunches over and charges. That would be a cool scene in a video game. The IMDb message boards were shut down in 2017, not long after Trump was inaugurated. The scarred, military veteran, orderly seems okay, although I haven't watched all of the episodes yet. The best war movies don't promote or endorse war. Friday the 13th is a fantasy movie; it doesn't inspire people to wear a hockey mask and butcher camp counselors with a machete in the same way that twerking pop stars influence and sexualize young girls. Furthermore, a young boy pretending to be Jason won't contribute to him ending up in a windowless van. It appears that the LGBT movement was a Trojan horse. It was never just about gay marriage, etc. My order is The Howling, Howling V, Howling II. I would argue that Howling II benefits from the following: - Christopher Lee; - Better pacing; - More werewolf action (or at least brief shots of snarling). It's because the COVID-19 overreaction makes going to the theater seem like picking up a hooker who makes you wear a condom; it totally ruins the experience. It's also because the movies being released suck. I feel you. It seemed like a grade B 7. I compared Leviathan to a poor man's version of The Abyss, but better. View all replies >