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That's a good answer, though it makes Alonzo pretty naive if it's still his hope that Hoyt will become corruptible by the time they arrive at Roger's house and asks him to shoot Roger, after Hoyt refuses any of the money and just generally his reluctance to go along with any of Alonzo's shady actions. It's pretty clear early on he is a do-gooder and on the opposite spectrum of Alonzo when it comes to their moral code. Kind of obvious he wouldn't shoot Roger for him. Makes me wonder when exactly Alonzo figures out it's time to get rid of Hoyt, if we are to assume he previously had hopes that Hoyt will be his successor of sorts. If he was American he would have won. Well they are murderers, evidently, but I agree that they aren't outside of the realm of their little community. I quite liked it and was intrigued by it for the most part. Certainly looked beautiful and the acting was good. The ending was a little too anti-climatic for me and I do agree it was probably longer than it needed to be, with certain scenes overstretched i.e. when Dani is crying in that building when she discovers her boyfriend is having sex and the other girls cry with her, I mean that is something that only needed a minute rather than the 5 shown. Kind of makes me dislike the lead character for the fact that all she does is put on a sourpuss face and cry all the time. The overall length and stretching out of scenes more than necessary does make me hesitant to dive back in for a rewatch, but as I say from first viewing, I mostly liked it. What about transgenders, or Asian people, or ginger people etc.? Maybe they feel under-represented too, so we should start throwing characters in there to tick each box off? That's not how it should work. I find Paige (the one working for Mesa Verde) quite attractive even with that short hair. Not a great deal to choose from in this show. Yeah, I get the feeling she's either going to die or move away before the season ends and blends into Breaking Bad. It doesn't feel like she'd be a part of Saul's life when he's introduced in the BB timeline. I could be wrong. "I know there's not exactly a lot of gay guys who get involved in the violent world of drug dealing but still.. if you could just throw one in there somewhere to acknowledge we exist that might be more befitting of the supposedly best show "of all time"" You've kind of described the problem I have with this woke culture. Adding characters in based on their sexuality for the sake of representation rather than whether they're relevant to the story or not. Maybe Gus is gay, maybe Gale is gay. You can assume they are if you like but them being openly gay wouldn't have much importance to the story and the parts they play in it. Indeed. The worst example of this was 'The Long Night' episode which practically saved all the main and important characters in a battle they were seemingly losing. Like they don't even lose a limb, or suffer any sort of life changing injuries either. They absolutely scrapped any sense of the realism they had before for death and the way it was portrayed and went full cliched belief-suspending soap opera. They might have somewhat got away with it had it been depicting in such a way that gave them a fighting chance but they didn't even try and hide it; most of these main and important characters were on the front line when the battle began and were later shown to be absolutely surrounded by wights with no chance of survival, or in Sam's case sitting down crying mid-battle. Don't know about his best film but I probably don't have as much enjoyment watching any other of his films than this one. It's a real fun ride and I love the story and all its fantasy elements involving Mars, mutants and psychics. The remake by comparison is as much fun as toothache. View all replies >