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I don't watch many presidential inaugurations but is it usual for a celebrity singer to sing the anthem? Are dare I say it, presidential inaugurations becoming more commercialised now? Maybe they'll eventually have a half time show where a singer gets to perform a few tracks for a bit? Pretty easy one to explain. Back to the Future is a classic and far more popular among people. It's on the top 250 on IMDB which is only going to add to its votes. The sequels are inferior and not held in the same esteem next to it. That's the consensus even if you disagree with it. I think she's pretty enough but has never been one of the best looking women in Hollywood and many of her characters aren't particularly attractive either. Her first real role in movies as far as I know was in Muriel's Wedding, where she specifically played a character who wasn't supposed to be attractive and she was physically bigger back then. When she turned up in The Sixth Sense with less weight and looking quite hot it was a bit of a surprise actually. Then the next time I saw her was in About a Boy with short hair and looking like a lesbian. I admittedly haven't seen her in a whole lot but I would say her peak was in The Sixth Sense and she hasn't looked as good as that in much else, before or after. I don't have a problem with this as I put it down to the film's premise, that they are dealing with a) an unrealistically much larger shark than usual, and b) a shark that is acting more unrealistically intelligent and malevolent than usual, and that these locals are aware that this isn't the norm. If you look at it that way it works better, otherwise you end up too nitpicky. Well I found the new one scarier than the old one. As I say the old one is very dated now and was one of the rare examples where I endorsed a remake before it came to fruition. The best thing about it is Tim Curry's performance. The casting for the kids was also ok I thought. An improvement on the original if anything. I would agree that many of the scares were too 'try-hard'. There's only so often you can fall back on a horrible-looking CGI monster running up to the camera before it starts getting boring. There were however some effective scares in between and obviously it's a lot more adult-orientated which helps. Skarsgard did a good job too. I prefer this version. The original was very dated when I last saw it, and on the cheesy side. This one isn't perfect either. It could have done with being scarier and not so reliant on CGI monsters popping up all too often, which gets old quickly and has almost the opposite effect of being scary. Still, I liked it for the most part. Elliot Page as Michael Corleone? They were those ages but in fairness the film spans a decade or so, so they are playing younger and/or older than their ages throughout. Michael is in his mid-20s I'm assuming when the film starts. That is true. I wasn't sure in what position in the Corleone children line Connie is. Is she supposed to be younger than Michael? I was thinking she was older but if that's wrong then yeah Hathaway and Affleck are too old. It certainly shows Michael to be a ruthless guy. Whether the guys around him would see that death in that way or the way I see it in the OP is another matter, but yes it was the more cinematic option for the film. View all replies >