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I do believe Jesse was broken mentally at that point and too afraid to do anything, and was probably also thinking he may endanger Brock's life as well if he goes through with it. What leaves me wondering is whether the rest of the gang would have gone ahead and killed Brock if Jesse had killed Todd and fled. They would for sure be chasing down Jesse, but would they bother killing anyone Jesse loved if they never found him first? If they can't use their deaths as a tool to punish him with then there's nothing in it for them. I'm not even fully convinced they'd have killed Brock even as a means to torment Jesse. That would have been Todd's idea but he was a full on sociopath. For the rest of the guys, who knows. They may have been happy just to torture him and kill him. Yeah he was the most noticeably changed actor/character since the Breaking Bad series. It's like he went from looking like a 20's guy in BB to some guy pushing 40 in this, and to think there's only 6 years difference between the 2. Didn't ruin the film for me but it didn't help. The second is a bit better than the 4th but those 2 aren't as strong as the other 2. Why did that guy presenter pronounce Adele Dazeem's name all wrong? Judging by the number of comments on here I don't think anyone else is that invested in these Oscars either. It was the weakest of the franchise. Not bad but not great. Pretty weak year for animations then. Ok, cool. I'm watching right now and seems ok but not sure for how long it'll hold my attention. How's the wokeness been so far? Been a while since I saw it but I don't remember any deaths in the film The Gift. View all replies >