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Pennywise was very inconsistent It took ages for someone to realise to reverse in the race? So many stupid things about this movie Rhaegal death scene the worst in the series? Couldn't be more unimpressed from the trailer Could Arya have used the Mountain's face? What were all these terrible mistakes that Tyrion was supposed to fix? Do they even need a Night's Watch now? Better idea for Cersei/Jaime Couldn't Bran have told them about the destruction of King's Landing? View all posts >


It was Nolan's least entertaining film for me. A war film that lacked the sort of scale I was hoping for. It says it all when the most gruesome part is when a teenage boy falls and bangs his head and a war film! This show could have cemented its legacy as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, had it ended some time before, let's say season 13. Now about two thirds of all the episodes are mediocre and it has gone so far past its best before date that nobody really attaches it to the label of greatest TV shows anymore. Like many of my generation who remembered it at its peak, I would be completely apathetic to the thought of the show calling it a day. Well he's the best part of the film acting wise but I wouldn't like to say it was worthy of an Oscar, necessarily. It was also a flawed performance in the sense that he didn't even try with the accent. There was the "Girl Power" scene during the end battle that was cringeworthy, but other than that I didn't really get the feminist vibe running through it. As for the Captain Marvel character, yeah she kind of spoilt things, for the simple fact that she was made so powerful that they only really needed her at the end battle to comfortably handle Thanos and his minions. And what was up with the drastic change in hairstyle? Was it just so Rocket could make a gag about it cause it didn't sit that well that she was off supposedly doing really important stuff in the universe but had time to go to a hair salon? It needed to finish being more open ended. There was too much convenient closure on everything for a show this vast on story and characters. Take the White Walkers for example, I think it was a mistake to kill them off. They should have left something of the WW or Night King alive. I agree with you. I saw the original miniseries about 5 or 6 years ago and had the same problems as you have with it. I usually dismiss calls for remakes but when I heard this was being remade I felt it was a great choice of material that could easily be improved upon, from a story I was always intrigued by. They did a good job with the remake. Better developed characters, pacing, cinematography, practically everything over the original. Yes I'm pretty sure that he did. He was constantly manipulating Andrew and testing him throughout, to see if he gets discouraged or rises to the occasion. So this could have been for Andrew's benefit to see if he can step up, or equally it could have been to test the other guy to see how he handles it. I think he rated the other guy to some extent since he explains to Andrew later that while Connolly(?) never really had it, the other guy got discouraged and left to pursue a medical career. Agree to disagree then. Time travel is always a popular topic of discussion and always has been, and the age old question of 'Can we go back in time?' comes up often. Look how many sci-fi films deal with this subject and compare it with those that deal with miniaturisation. In my opinion, it was primarily Michael's reflection on how at that time he wanted to follow a different path to that of his father and live his own life (away from the mafia); a "what could have been" moment as it were, hence the discussion and falling out over his future, contrasting to now where he is completely consumed by that lifestyle to the point he has lost his wife, and killed his brother Fredo, as a result. That's what I take from it most, other than being a memory of the family all being alive and together before the events of the first Godfather happened and changed everything. Back to the Future has the cooler and more timeless premise. I think people are fascinated with time travel and being able to go back in the past and alter it, in the way that this film presented it with the iconic Delorean time machine reaching 88mph, bumping into your parents when they were young etc.. Especially back in the 80's when time travel movies were fresher and not as much was known about the concept. All in all though I do believe Back to the Future is the better made movie with more memorable characters and a funnier, cleverer script that still holds up well today, whereas Innerspace is rather of its time, even if I enjoy that film too. View all replies >