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I give up Sound mixing Why modern movies are not as well liked Seeing it tonight. If looks could kill Copyright It doesn't work We'll be seeing it tomorrow Got lost today Interview with Sslss View all posts >


The Recap Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Movie Club Recap MAY 17-18 Heading to bed. Good night. Please let them know. That was fine. 6/10. Seth would have been played by Daniel Stern if this were made in the 80's I see that now 😆 Thermal cameras and imaging 101: It can't see past windows. If he wore a vest made of ice bags and Madd leg covers of ice bags, he wouldn't need to lower his Body Temp. Fred ward had to be sprayed down with CO2 fire extinguishers so he could go undetected from the screamer graboidz It's a worthy sequel. "I am completely out of Ammo... That's never happened to me before..." This follows Tremors 2 logic. Is that piss??? View all replies >