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What's the hype? Disco disco Probably the best actress in the business. Rewatch Like bad boys or oceans 11 Saw it for the first time on 26 years Haven't watch the show in nearly 20 years... Just saw it... Gaad... with bad ideas. Interesting View all posts >


Most leftwing guys I work with and hang out with get frustrated and a little bitey with politics. After a few barbs, we laugh at eachother and move on. Family, friends, and common interests are far more important. Social Media makes the politics seem worse. I disagree with you, but you're welcome to support or disagree as you see fit. That's the American way. Happy 4th. Thank you. Nope. It's wasn't a good movie. I tried rewatching it a couple years ago and I turned it off. The CGI was good for the time, but it doesn't hold up, the story is a mess, the acting is really bad, and the film doesn't work. George Lucas really hammed this up which is offputting. If you skip the movie and watch the fight scenes, you'd have better spent your time. Let's face it, George Lucas needed more pushback from the writers and editors to make this better. I took a look at the photos on IMDB. One photo of Skarsgard leaning over a railing looks like Rhett from good mythical morning. I also agree on his lack of charisma. Maybe we'll get luck and he'll prove us wrong. Honestly, I don't mind his own movies having that. It sucks when he does remakes with it. Tyler Mane was a good choice for Michael Myers. The dialogue of the other characters made them less likeable and I didn't want them to survive. If that's your thing. Probably full of extremely vulgar language, trailer trash, someone in clown makeup, and his wife being a main character. *Punch* Sorry, I was defending the fantasy genre with terminal intensity, when what I should have said is "Dad, you're right, but let's give Krull a try and we'll discuss it later." He's still the best in my book. You disagree. That's ok. I disagree. That's where we stand. View all replies >