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Some people are into that. No. They don't. That's normal for all directors. George Romero's movies went downhill dramatically after Day of the Dead. Eastwood has faired better compared to George Lucas. Though, with people being so disenfranchised with the Disney Star Wars, they're trying to argue otherwise. That was 22 years ago... things change. Dont know. She has a memorable face and a lot of talent. Thanks for the recommendation. Nope. As good as they are as performers, I didn't continue watching. I think it's an age thing. After high school, SNL isn't as much fun. I remember them from after SNL and not from when they were on. I feel that way about most SNL skits/ performers since 2000. The show really seems to be good for middle school aged to high school aged viewers. So I don't usually count that towards performance capability. Like you, I dont see much from his performance anywhere else. Maybe he'll pull through with the right project and do well like Eddie Murphy, Bill Mirray, Will Ferrell (?), Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, or Dan Ackroyd. But, considering how many other performers tried the same thing... it's a bit of a long shot. I assume hell be more like a Cheri Oteri or Chris Kattan. Connor McCloud isn't discovered because he assumes the identity of people who died after their relatives pass away. He assumes their inheritance and that keeps him from needing to work. The Kurgan seems to just lay low and move around. Most people dont pay attention punks, gang members, or bums if there's no reason to. Most battles take place away from the public so there's little to no evidence of the fight. Up until the late 80's, forensic science was still crude. The DNA evidence was collected but not specifically used. Generally, they had to place the criminals at the scene of the crime through witness testimony, footprints, fingerprints, and physical evidence left behind like clothes, personal items, or notes. If no one sees the fight, the weapon is hidden, and personal items are recovered or hidden, you could get away with a lot. Lol. It is your problem because you're the one complaining about it. If someone disagrees with you, you have reply. It's totally on you. Lol. Have fun watching Macchio's hair. View all replies >