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Favorite Rodney Dangerfield movies Your 5 best 80's pop songs? What happens if a Supreme Court judge gets assassinated? Why don't people complain... I felt really sympathetic for Peyton Question for Joe Rogan Experience listeners Fast Food places getting rid of pretty much everything I would order I really enjoyed this one. Are you cool? If your spouse or partner told you... View all posts >


Bezos may be it. His transformation into Lex Luther is going good. I still haven't seen Train to Bussan, but have heard great things about it. I should check it out. 1. Dawn of the Dead original 2. Day of the Dead original 3.Return of the Living Dead 4. Night of the Living Dead remake 5. 28 Days Later 6. City of the Walking Dead 7. Return of the Living Dead 2 8. 28 Weeks Later 9. Night of the Living Dead original 10. Resident Evil WWZ was a massive disappointment as was Land of the Dead. And I have never gotten the hype for Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland. Christmas is great, even just getting a day off of work is nice isn't it? I have a kid so I very much enjoy it. Love watching his excitement opening gifts. And my parents still insist on hosting it and always make a huge prime rib dinner I look forward to annually. But to your point if I had a family member I couldn't stand I wouldn't like it either. I can see how am annoying sibling cam be even more grating during a holiday. Problem Child 2 is a 4.9 and I love it. Should be a 6-6.5 Do we definitely know he didn't get laid? All great! I love Belinda Carlisle and Cyndi Lauper. Both have great voices, Carlisle was mesmerizingly hot in the 80s and the fact Cyndi Lauper was involved with pro wrestling makes her even cooler. Haha I just told someone else I could pick at least 30 that all could be my top 5 list, so maybe this was just my top 5 this month? TY :) I could probably pick 30 songs, possibly more, that I could swap in and out of a top 5 list, but these were the ones I seem to be listening to the most. Blue Monday would be in my top 15 for sure. View all replies >