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For people looking for Shakespeare...

You're missing the point.

This movie is SUPPOSED to be a schlocky, fun, ridiculous THROWBACK, to the fun, B-movie fisticuffs movies of the 80's and early 90's. Back before "toxic masculinity" ever became a thing.

It's not trying to be anything more than that.
And if you view it through that hits the mark just fine.

Did any of you think you were watching Oscar-worthly material when watching The Expendables....Above the Law....Invasion USA....Hard to Kill....Bloodsport....Double Impact....anything by Jeff Speakman....or Cynthia Rothrock.....(how much time do you have?)


Lol agreed and I actually enjoyed just turning my brain off for a couple hours and having fun watching this!


Awful take.

Don't see how any of the films you listed compare to this pile of garbage. They are all from the '80s/'90s when writers/directors knew how to make action films. They had bad ass heroes with attitudes, villains that were true scum bags, and hot woman with loose morals.

The heroes didn't drive the villains, that he just beat up, to the hospital while they exchange friendly banter. Fucking writers now a days have only seen Marvel movies, so that's the only kind of dialogue they know how to write. What a joke.

Compare this remake to the original "Roadhouse", and it loses every single category.

Fuck Hollywood in 2024! I'll stick to watching films from the past like the ones you listed.


You look back fondly on those dumb action/fisticuffs movies of the past mostly due to nostalgia (as do I).
They were great fun to watch as a kid...and so they still seem great today, for how they remind you of your youth and better times. Truth is....the vast majority of those movies were dumb, cookie-cutter, gratuitous junk (and they knew it). It was just good, dumb fun. No more, no less.

Cobra...Demolition Man....Kickboxer....No Holds Barred...Road House 2: Last Call.....Out for Justice....The Perfect Weapon....Streetfighter....Hard Target.....Time Cop.....Over the Top.....Code of Silence......Forced Vengence.....Marked for Death....Tango & Cash.....The Transporter....XXX.....Fast & Furious.......(how much time do you have).....

Again, this Road House reimagining is just a riff on a bygone era, as movies like this (a gratuitous fisticuffs movie with a white male as the Alpha Protagonist) are all but extinct. Instead of trashing it, you should maybe think about supporting the effort. This movie (its producers, writers, director, actors, etc...) are all in on the fun. They KNOW this is schlock. It's not TRYING to be great cinema. YOU are the one going in to it expecting a 3-star film experience. What you SHOULD have had is just a decent, shut-your-mind-off escape for a couple hours. Nothing more. I don't think most people EXPECTED top notch cinema here. The original was dumb, too. That's why people call it a "guilty pleasure". You watch it when it comes on just for the pure mindless spectacle. Like when the thugs run over a used car lot with a monster Bigfoot truck. (Dumb Fun)

As far as your complaints about the story (really?)...the whole bit about asking if the thugs have insurance, driving them to the hospital, etc...was just a funny riff on Dalton's whole "be nice" philosophy. Hey, if you just want to hate on this movie, I'm not going to call your take "awful". But, as Dalton would say: "opinions vary".


I think those movies are legit amazing. Not good, dumb shlocky fun at all. The actual high water mark of modern cinema.


Apologies for calling your take Awful. I just hate the bullshit that Hollywood is producing right now.

I still maintain that the "dumb fun" from that area is different than what is being produced now. Most "guilty pleasures", as they call it, you actually want to watch again. You add them to your library. I don't see that with this film, or anything else that is being produced.

But yeah, if you like it, it's your opinion.