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*spoiler* So the Bond series ended

No matter what they are doing, its over. The producers killed Bond so that a female MI6 agent takes over. Pure economical and woke logic (which indeed will fail). Not even a Bond villain would be as soulless.

However ... we got many, many good Bond movies (and some bad ones - for example all Craig movies beside Spectre) and now the series is over. But even when we include the bad ones there are still 24 Bond movies to watch. Thats more then 2 days filled with Bond fun :) .


The producers killed Bond


so that a female MI6 agent takes over.

Uuuuuuh, no.


I think you’re basically correct but I’m not sure the new Bond will be female, it sounds like Broccoli won’t go there, but she may well try to make him black or brown.

This too would be ridiculous and would quickly sink the franchise. Yaphet Kotto (who played Kanaga in Live And Let Die) said it best:

James Bond cannot be black. Political correctness be damned, we have to stay with what is literally correct. He was established by Ian Fleming as a white character, played by white actors. It’s silly. Play 003 or 006 but you cannot be 007. A lot of people say we should be allowed to play everything. Don’t be ridiculous. If I say I want to play JFK I should be laughed out the room. Why should James Bond be black? It’s silly.

I don’t think it’s right for black actors or writers to do roles that whites have made historically white heroic roles. These roles are not written for black men. Black men should stop trying to play white heroes. We have pens. Put a black man in a role that no one else has established.


They sank the franchise with this movie. So Brocolli dont matter that much anymore. This movie is what Last Jedi was for Star Wars. The end.
Indeed the will do movies using this title. But audience wont care about them anymore, cause Bond as the character and the franchise itself is history.


That's the funniest part. It couldn't be more obvious that 'Bond has to die so a [poc] woman can take over' was the sole motivation for killing Bond, meaning the actual story carries zero gravitas.


Yep, cause its that obvious I analyzed the whole movie just for scenes where it became more and more obvious. For example when the black women gave the 007 license back to Bond. There were no motivation to do that, cause until that point here character was drawn as egocentric and dumb. Such a character would never offering this license without any external pressure. That was the scene when it was almost clear that Bond dies at the end of the movie. And the scene were Bond farewells from his girlfriend, daughter and former 007 agent was just the topping on the whole movie :) .

And the motivation for getting killed was so incredible dumb. The real Bond would have lived on and they find a way to destroy thos bots and thats it. Thats why Bond is as famous. Cause he solves problems. But Craig (he never acted like Bond anyway) did what he always did. Failing at problems. And died doing so. Crybabies at work :) .