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The skydiving stunt in The Spy Who Loved Me is cool, eloquent and full of style. Totally believable, and the stunt seemed halfway planned by Bond, since he had a parachute. Jumping after the plane in Goldeneye was an impulse solution to an insanely complicated problem. It was a risk that payed off, and normally I would love a scene like this in a Bond film. Rarely do I complain of a Bond film not being realistic, but this stunt in Goldeneye just didn't feel right. Happy that other people are able to enjoy it, though. >>(ps: also in that sequence the fx are not the best: you can spot the huge backpack on Bond at the end of it, clearly not the one he had on before. But we cannot hold 30 year old real stunts to the same standards as modern cgi) Well, Jurassic Park was made 2 years before Goldeneye, and many feel that the FX work (practical mixed with CGI) in Jurassic Park is better and more convincing than the FX work done today. The FX looks bad in the plane scene in Goldeneye, and it doesn't help make it more believable, but it's not the main problem of the stunt. Having said all this, it's still a good film. >>Probably very few people took the invisible care seriously in Die Another Day, but guess what, they had a fun time at the cinema anyways. Are you sure you want to stand behind this statement? Die Another Day is the worst, bar none, James Bond movie ever made. The films gets into such cheese territory, that it becomes what some people would describe as "Superman IV" bad. The scene where James is surfing the tsunami -- is LAUGHABLE. Junk that is not worthy of Bond. I mean forget the invincible car for a moment... Spectre I enjoyed the hell out of in the cinema. I guess it's different strokes for different folks. When I saw DAD, I was sitting there thinking that this is such a dumb movie. The scene you describe from Spectre didn't ruin the film for me because maybe they had invented a software capable of tasks like this. The Octopus logo might have popped up because they had witnessed that logo before and it was already in their system. On the other hand, in Goldeneye (jumping after plane), and DAD (surfing the tsunami with a paraglider) is physically "too much" to suspend disbelief for. People jump out of airplanes without a parachute - fine. I'm not saying this is not believable. The plane going down? Credible. Bond jumping after the plane? Plausible. Bond being able to catch the plane, going almost vertical down a mountain, in midair before it crashes, and have enough time to get inside and steer it to safety? So dumb it belongs in a B-movie, not a Bond film. And also let's not mention the horrible CGI in this scene, and the green screen work is terrible. People have tried a similar thing in real life, except they practiced 100 times before doing it, and the plane was going horizontal, not vertical. >> All of the weird techy stuff in Die Another Day was at least based on some kind of experimental technology. Invisible cars? really, that technology exists? Like superheros can do? If that's coming in the future it would be dangerous.. Push a button? I don't remember the scene specifically, but the stuff in Skyfall felt like it could happen. Although I agree that they are copying M:I to some extent, along with Bourne, but that is the way the Bond franchise operates. The films are inspired by the popular trends of the day. Live and let die = Shaft. Moonraker = Star Wars. License to Kill = Die Hard, Miami Vice. Casino Royale = Bourne. But it's still Bond. >>And Bond does ludicrous stuff is a problem for you???? Thats the absolute core of Bond movies! There has to be a shred of believability to the action scenes. That something might be possible. That jump after the plane could never happen in real life. It was a "jump the shark" moment in an otherwise stellar film. Craig movies are just action films? This was the exact critique that Brosnan got. It's just the way modern Bond has evolved, post Roger Moore. They brought back the stupid with Die Another Day (albeit without quality) and you saw how that went. It's amazing to think that this post is 16 years old. Original Ladykillers by the way = great movie. Well, they have shot parts of the film in Norway, which Svalbard belongs to. Goldeneye = meh. Especially when he jumped after that plane in the opening. It was so bad it almost ruined the movie. Even as a kid I thought that was ludicrous. Rest of the movie is OK though. Why don't you like Daniel Craig? You seriously didn't like Casino Royale? or Skyfall? I personally liked Spectre a lot, which was a fun throwback to the Moore era. I agree that it was a bit out of character, but reading what you wrote now, makes me assume the filmmakers wanted to establish a relationship/rapport between Brubaker and Bullen, laying the groundwork for a what was to come later in the story. Interesting. I never bothered to see The Evening Star. It always seemed like a wasted effort. It's a strange sequel for sure, going from a blockbuster Oscar winner for best picture and almost every big player involved, to a critical and financial flop that almost went straight to VHS. Directed by Robert Hartling. One day I will have to watch it. I like both Broadcast News and As Good As It Gets a great deal. Both are very good films with great acting, and shows that when James L Brooks is at his best, he's up there with the best of them. View all replies >