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>>Actually Burt was gonna play Clyde. Haha I was wrong 2 years ago predicting this film to be a winner. Don't agree on your comparison to Green Book, which I thought was a much stronger film. I enjoyed Stan & Ollie, but felt the film was too light, and lacked a punch. It's a good movie that was perhaps too light for it's own good. Green Book deservedly won best picture because it come of as stronger on almost every level. For example, take the period detail. I felt Green Book transported me back to the 60's, while Stan & Ollie felt like green screen and like they didn't pay enough attention to get it totally believable. It lacked a bit more passion from the filmmakers. Still a good movie, though. Just not good enough for awards consideration. >>Yes, I am..go check it out and tell me it ain't so. I'm not sure why you seem to think it's so incredulous. I wonder what kind of movies you watch, if most of them are under 7 on IMDB. Most of the movies I watch, maybe 80 % are above 7.0. These are both old movies and new movies. If you enjoy only new movies, mainly blockbusters, in the vein of Transformers and stuff like this, then yes, probably most of what you see will be below 7 (for a good reason). If you are a bit of a cinefile, and have a more varied taste in movies, then 80 % of the stuff on IMDB is 7 and above. >> He's at least right that there aren't a whole lot of films that go over 8. Only the really great films reach that level. 7.7 and up. But boy oh boy was he wrong when he said that films rarely remain over 7. That's a ludicrous statement. >>The Karate Kid right now is only a 7.2. The 1999 version of The Mummy is only a 7. Top Gun is a fucking 6.9 (?!). We certainly disagree here. Karate Kid should be about 7.5 - 7.6. It's a classic. 1999 Mummy should be below 7.0. It should be around 6.5. I never liked that movie, even when I saw it in the cinema back in 1999. Top Gun is cool but should not go above 7.4. It's not a great movie, but it's a legendary movie. The Exorcist should be muuuch higher. We're talking 8.5 level. Other movies that are too low on imdb. Jerry Maguire (only 7.3), An Officer and a Gentleman (only 7.0), About Schmidt (only 7.2). These are high profile movies that are undervalued, don't get me started on the really underrated movies. >> Films rarely remain over a 7 or 8 on imdb ..and most will fall below. Are you serious with this comment? It's almost falling out of the list, which is ridiculous. It must suck to be you. Stop trolling View all replies >