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It won't happen that fast. He has to publicly apologize first, imply he has changed and appear genuine about it. What killed the scene was not the song itself or the disruption, what killed it was the horrible auto tune they used on the voices. Did not feel like the 80's at all. And the girl was annoying. »Right now, she's the new 007. That's a fact. Craig is taking back the license temporarily for a last mission, and then he'll retire again. And then the license should go back to her. You have a vivid imagination. Nothing goes back to her. You're mixing Craig retiring with Bond retiring. It is true that Daniel Craig the actor will not return for the next Bond film. He will be recast by another male suave actor who can fill the Bond shoes. The fact that the movie starts out with a female 007 is the producers throwing a bone/winking/being cool in showing that they are so progressive and inclusive. When Bond becomes 007 again he will stay there, with another actor playing the part in Bond 26. Very true. About two episodes worth. But the reason these episodes were released on blu-ray in Germany is because outside of the US, the episodes were originally released as a movie in theaters. So the german blu-ray is actually a Bonanza movie release. 4 years later and still not a word. This legendary show is a MUST on high def. >> Didn't watch Solo, not going to watch IX. Unwise. You missed out in the best new SW film in Solo. Agree though, that this film might not be worth watching in the cinema, but if it gets great reviews... people will reconsider. Don't agree. the first episode, Striking Vipers, is quintessential Black mirror. It's similar to San Junipero, but at the same time very different. It was emotionally stirring and intellectually fascinating. Yeah, they were too old to play youngsters, but they had the right attitude in their portrayal, and sometimes that's enough. I've seen much worse age crimes in other films. The dance scene is great. I also liked the scene in the beginning where Kristofferson is running because he is trying not to be late for the ceremony. It might be a small inconsequential scene, but it's cool. Great post, although I do not agree that the first half hour could have been cut. An aspect of the film I really like is the friendship between Kristofferson and John Hurt. The contrast of how they went from a carefree time, being silly woman chasing partying students, to the seriousness of the real world as grownups, which Hurt's character couldn't completely embrace. He wanted to be back at the happy party days of youth. Not the serious drudgery where people's lives and future are at stake. While Kristofferson had entirely grown up, and accepted this development. Sure the speech at Harvard perhaps feels like it goes on a bit too long, but it's all about Hurt's character being silly, and it fits the entire thing. In the last scene of the opening, before we see Kristofferson on the train 20 years later, Hurt says while they are having the last celebration. "James do you realize? It's over" and he was kinda right. It would all change. So true, some things really get better with time. Seeing the film today I believe there are two reasons it failed in 1980. If you exclude the bad press the film received when it was released, the two things that made it a significant failure was the sepia color and the sound. As I mention in my original post, the sepia color that Cimino originally used for the film was a grave mistake. I saw the film on laserdisc back in the early 2000's with sepia intact, and I didn't particularly like the film. Although it was better than it's reputation even then (back then the film was seen as one of the worst ever made). In addition, the dialogue during some sequences was very hard to hear and understand. Adding subtitles would have made it a much nicer experience. I do not believe the laserdisc had subtitles. These two issues bogged down the film. Seeing the film again on the Criterion blu-ray, in Cimino's own 2012 technicolor version, I marveled at the film. The colors were beautiful, and now the film came alive. This is the way it should ALWAYS have looked. Not in sepia, but Technicolor. With added subtitles I could follow the story perfectly - and the story and characters are great. I could now appreciate all the meticulous work Cimino put into the film. The film was so good that I read Steven Bach’s revealing book Final Cut, about the volatile making of the film, and I realized if only the film had looked back then the way it looks now, with perhaps some added subtitles, it might have been received totally different. And time would have made it an obvious masterpiece to everyone, and not just to the few people who have seen the Criterion blu-ray. View all replies >