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Academy Award worthy performance as Groot? Poe Dameron A fantastic president Phoenix and Ledger played the same Joker I wish Sly directed this himself Remember when Lucas left.. Let's talk about all the cameos/smaller parts SHATTERHAND Is it just me... It's impossible to get excited for this trailer, when... View all posts >


Mutiny on the Bounty Sayonara The Night of the Following Day Reflections in a Golden Eye He came extremely close with E.T. Pretty much everyone thinks he was robbed. Had the academy not gone all biopic crazy that year with Gandhi, he would have received the gold statuette. Now... E.T., as far as I know, has nothing to do with WW2. If he came close with that film, you can be sure he would have come close with another film afterwards. Add to this the fact that: 1. He should have been nominated for Jaws (snubbed) 2. He was nominated for Close Encounters. Raiders I will not include because it has WW2 elements. 3. And he was nominated for E.T. Two nominations and 1 snub leading into 1983. 1983 to 2019 would have given him a lot of opportunities to be recognized for other films -- had WW2 never happened. Ergo: He would have won for something else. The Abyss Rampage Aliens I agree, he would have won for something else. Temple of Doom mediocre? It's the best adventure film of all time! Although it has some flaws, Hook was great. The music, the performances and the magical quality of the film. So is the Terminal. Although maybe not as good as Hook it was pretty good. It's strange to me how someone can dislike this film, but everything is not for everyone. Hook was great. Crystal Skull is his worst, agreed. Hook is great so disagree on that. Terminal is great and so is Hook and Last Crusade. He has made two outright bad movies in my opinion: The Lost World Kingdom of the Crystal Skull And the most terrible of those choices is by far Crystal Skull. Lost World has some nice stuff in it. Crystal Skull is just terrible. It's his worst film, and there is no contest. Some people mention Hook. That's a great film (albeit with a few flaws). Wow, thanks. Really interesting. View all replies >