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Phoenix at the oscars: "We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow." Pay attention to Dennis Hopper They almost... *spoilers* They still want to be royal stars, they just want to get off the boring bits Should be counted amongst the classics of 70s cinema Great sequence with the children watching the award show Movies that this film references/copies.. Killing someone Interpretation Christopher Plummer deserves an Oscar nomination View all posts >


Flesh for Fantasy Speed Eyes without a Face Cradle of Love Hot in the City It's a highly peculiar score. Cruising Shoot the Moon Starman Agreed, he want way too soon. And not that long after Ebert got the cancer diagnosis. Because of the stupid and uneccesary X-ray treatments he received as a child in an attempt to eradicate frequently-recurring ear infections. Both gone too soon, and in Gene's case, it happened fast. I think your headline says it all. The advent of IMDB, Aint it Cool News all the way down to Rotten Tomatoes changed everything. The information regarding the quality of a film is easy, fast and compressed. "Perfect" for today's age. Havng said that, if any TV-critics would have had a market today, it would have been these two. Had they both been alive and vital, I think they might still have had a show. There is no question though, about Ebert being relevant as a writing critic. He would have been nr. 1. It's the easiest problem to overcome. If I say you will overcome it in ten minutes I might be overdoing it. It will take five. I mean it in the best sense. It's a thrilling film. People think it's going to be boring because it's from South-Korea, when they don't realize that South-Korea makes movies very similar to Hollywood. No other country has been as successful as this country in emulating the entertainment factor of Hollywood, and the way Hollywood tells stories (which they do better than anyone else). Relax people, the movie is entertaining as hell. Edge of your seat entertainment, and I'm not joking. View all replies >