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Remember when Lucas left.. Let's talk about all the cameos/smaller parts SHATTERHAND Is it just me... It's impossible to get excited for this trailer, when... The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich View all posts >


Held Up or Bait. Young Turks Do ya think.. Tonight I'm Yours Good action movies? There are many. I can give you a few from the last 10 years: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the first Iron Man, Interstellar, Upgrade, Kingsman, Fury Road, Edge of Tomorrow, Rush... Star Trek 09: Great film. Almost a masterpiece. Into Darkness: Very slick, but empty somehow. It was OK. Star Trek Beyond: Very good acting by Chris Pine. Film itself was dreadful at times. >>As an action movie it was technically good, it just wasn't real Star Trek. I was hoping you meant this, and yes, it is a departure from Star Trek as we've known it to be. But it's still a good movie, even though it wasn't nerdy Trek. You say he ruined SW, well.. I wouldn't say ruin, but he didn't up the game. Pray tell? I will try. Dear lord, I think Star Trek 09 was a great film because of the scope of the film's story, the grand, epic scale and nature and the characters involved in the thing. The emotional payoff, the great action. The score, the acting, the framing of the shots. The music, the humor. I could go on. Amen Oh, and I loved Eric Bana in it. It's the director of 2012 and ID4: Resurgence, what did you expect? Your taste in movies is a big pile of crap if you think that was a bad film. Well, he kicked ass with the first Star Trek (2009). No matter what came after, that movie was great and there is no denying it. >>Straight won Best Supporting Actress for being in the movie for less than 15 minutes. You can't compare those performances. Straight won an oscar because of a very showy emotional scene (breakup of a long marriage). It's the kind of emotional acting that is made for the oscars. Robbie wasn't given any such scenes, so comparing them is pointless. View all replies >