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Before making my comment I thought: "Now someone will mention Darth Maul". And voila! Thanks for the clips, though. Although many people like Donnie Yen's character in Rogue One, it just gave me more IP man vibes than SW. I will see the film again. I feel I might have missed something. Kill Bill relevant? Probably my least favorite of his work. Seeing some martial arts guy in Rogue One didn't feel very SW. That's just one example. I went along with the ride, and the charm. All the things you mention worked fine for me. But again, it was the main lead performance that made that film work. I disagree. Solo felt more Star Wars. Mainly because of the excellent main performance. Good choices. I would add: Braveheart Vertigo Doctor Zhivago Once Upon a time in America Goldfinger & On her majesty's secret service Superman And easily 10 more. You're welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Absolutely. John Mills also gives a first-class performance. I believe he and Guinness switched parts before filming began, with Mills playing - to quote Leonard Maltin - the stiff-necked martinet while Guinness played the easygoing Lt. Col. Interesting actor, looking forward to seeing his oscar winning performance in Ryan's Daughter (hope that film will be given the same treatment as Tunes of Glory one day). White Water Summer She's having a Baby Mystic River Apollo 13 Had to go 4. I'm pretty sure he would vote for president Andrew Shepherd. View all replies >