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The fake "snow" Get the blu-ray and watch it on a big screen The sound design took this film to another level Well, we now have video evidence of cheating in Georgia I had no idea Obama was such a liar CNN questions Pelosi's handling of stimulus Best picture nomination at the Oscars The trailer makes me very concerned Was I the only one who found... The ending.. View all posts >


Eric Roberts was robbed that year. He should have won for Runaway Train. Don Ameche's oscar win stands out as bonkers today. He was nowhere near deserving, not even for lifetime achievement. If anyone in Cocoon deserved a nomination it was Hume Cronyn, or Wilford Brimley. But yeah, that silly dance scene might have done it. It's a good thing. OP, if you can hear me: Looking like it did back then is what you WANT. 12 Angry Men. No wait, thats 96. I would say Duel (1971). Dude, tom8, just because I genuinely enjoyed a film doesn't make me a shill. However, do I agree with you that movies today has taken a plunge into political correctness and cancel culture which are destroying them? YES. Case in point: The new Bill & Ted movie. But Soul ain't one of them. I was looking for these things when I saw the film and I didn't find them. It delivered on the simple things that makes movies worthwhile. Which is a good story, it's entertaining and it makes you think and feel. Coco was good, and so was Soul. Pixar is delivering at a very high-level. Simply not true. His score to Braveheart is a masterpiece. Another favorite is The Rocketeer. That was Alan Silvestri. It's a great movie. It's a wonderful film. View all replies >