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Plasticine aliens Get woke, go .... Just watched again, Ripley is a SIGNIFICANTLY better character than Rey Are you still sexist if you don't like the DT? Is she trans? The veil of the force could actually assist both causes Rogue One told a better story from a throw-away concept in the OT than the entire ST Kathleen Kennedy's SIMP "CHOOSE YOUR OWN, YOU FA......!" So basically their 'daughters' will be 'the real saviours' of the world. View all posts >


I agree the smile was nice. Yes. The first one has a scary reveal score as well. The designs are good - but they legit look like quickly moulded plasticine complete with rough bumps where extra bits where squeezed in etc. I heard they redid the take on the hand signal one a few months after shooting it initially with a person in a suit. Just trying to find where I said Lucasfilm anywhere... Here's another fact: Rey is a joke Mary Sue. Code for, you got a DL with a poor audio rip. Non-Lucas though. If it's brown lay down, if it's black fight back, if it's white say goodnight. There's a bomb, if it falls below 50 it will explode. SAF > * Pure salt and triggered thread 😂🤣😂🤣 OP = 🤡 So Han Solo is alive and well. I don't remember too many of them exploding into oblivion though.... View all replies >