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Biden's wall! This was meant to be a horror? WHITE RACIST It's TRUMP'S fault he got COVID Thor: Dumb and dumber "Keep my MonkeyPox out your F$&KING mouth!" WHERE'S THE DIVERSITY?? WHERE'S the diversity? Ways they could have put even more China pandering in the movie? I thought Wakanda wasn't real? View all posts >


Yes, except he fucked her so.... He didn't really lose overall. Oldest* you mean. Must have missed the part where even 1 person claimed otherwise... Except it won't be for this very reason. 8 on it's side looks like a pair of titties. I compared the fact that msm generates weath by grifting gullible people - in general terms. But yes I agree regarding this specific case is more disturbing than what you would see in the MSM. I know what happened. Like I said it's a disgrace. I am happy and Mexicans will pay for it with their lives. Lol 🤦🏿‍♂️ Do the crime do the time. Not do the crime and get off if you have certain 'characteristics' like in the US. View all replies >