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Keep your self-talk private, people here don’t want to hear it. You ‘filled in’ the entire quote - it was entirely yours, and next you’re going to ‘fill in’ your fellow raging closet queen mirelurk. <blockquote>yes thats why I "swooped in"</blockquote> Good to see you admit it. You’re finally making progress. Your attempt at impersonating a normal person who detests your racist woke cult isn’t remotely convincing. Right, so you weren’t quoting me at all, you just pulled all that crap out of your own ass and attributed it to me. Fucking liar. The only value <b>your</b> quote there ("nooo im not gay you are! you should hook up though, im def not gay!!"?) has is to provide an insight into your own sexuality. You swooped in here to save mirelurk when you saw him getting utterly humiliated in this thread because you saw your own retardation and raging homoerotic frustration in him. While you completely failed, at least you two closet retarded queens can finally hook up. WTF. When did I say "nooo im not gay you are! you should hook up though, im def not gay!!"? Link to the post. <blockquote> and if you complain the little wokey brownshirts come out and try to bully/gaslight/cancel you into compliance (that bit’s always funny cos there’re inevitably fucking stupid little cunts - we might see some in this thread if we’re lucky…)</blockquote> Told ya. <blockquote>1. This movie took place in 1719 around the time when white men were doing things like giving Native Americans diseased blankets, slaughtering whole tribes and taking slaves on a regular basis. Through the eyes of the natives there were very few good white men at that time. There was nothing "woke" about that it was just a fact of history. Your problem is with the accurate portrayal of history, not this movie.</blockquote> Idiot. The fact that white men would have been around in no way excuses their portrayal as purely evil and incompetent <i>in a time when white males are constantly portrayed this way and race-swapped/killed due to the woke takeover of Hollywood.</i> <blockquote>2. I also wouldn't say that their society was necessarily bigoted.. The women had a very important role to play in their tribe as doctors, cooks and care givers…</blockquote> Bullshit. She was constantly told to drop the hunting ambitions and get back to woman’s work, and worst of all… her motivation to hunt was ‘because you think I can’t’ - there couldn’t be a more woke motivation - obsessed with what others think of you instead of concentrating on being a virtuous, competent person. You can tell the writers were narcissistic wokists with motivations like this. The film is woke af and your elaborate gaslighting attempt here has singularly failed. <blockquote>It really just seems to me that you don't like seeing female leads in these types of movies..</blockquote> What did I say? ‘Now, woke cultists will pull their usual strawman of ‘OMG you just hate women and are intolerant of a female lead bigot!’ Nobody thinks that and they know it, they’re just deceitful fucktards who cannot engage with the actual argument,’ Thank you for demonstrating my point. Of course you’re a wokist, that’s why you’re irrationally defending Peele’s woke, racist film. It also explains why you exhibit the obnoxiousness and low IQ of a woke drone. Dumb cunt. Fucking idiot. Who are you quoting with the passage in quote marks here?… OK, but did they have a ludicrously buffed female lead and come out during a tide of anti white male propaganda films? If not, then your point is irrelevant. View all replies >