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Heartbreaking (spoilers) Where is Kevin now? It’s been 30 years... Why do people consider Walt a villain? Out of respect for Cameron... Noir PG-13? Pass. Is Indiana Jones more evil than Michael Corleone? Overrated Anyone agree that Michael gets a raw deal? View all posts >


Agreed. I was savouring the dialogue, pacing and performances, and the mid-point twist was impressive, but then it devolved into a rather implausible procedural. Given its reputation I was expecting a revelatory ending but it was just... meh. Most of the classic noirs are haunting, this one was well made, fun, but ultimately forgettable. Why did they change it? Having the gun in the cane would have been way better and more plausible. Fair enough. Dogville is my favourite. Nobody with big tits can be innocent. Nobody. Von Trier has a pretty low opinion of human beings, as far as his filmography goes this actually had its share of sympathetic characters - Jan and his friends were good guys, and Dodo cared for Bess despite the nagging. As the above poster mentioned, check out Dogville for a great Von Trier film in which your hatred will be quenched. What’s tragic is that the torture didn’t kill her, it was the realisation that it hadn’t ‘worked’ and that Jan was unchanged that finally ripped her heart in two. She seemed to have lost her faith, which weirdly led to Jan miraculously recovering 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think you’re taking ‘Hell’s Bells’ a little too literally. I’m inclined to think no, because Von Trier does take spirituality quite seriously. He was obviously having a dig at organised religion but the sky-bells seemed to be a ‘real’ miracle divorced from the spiritless church. I found Bess to be scary tbh, and actually quite selfish, especially when she abandoned Jan in the house. I felt for her when she was horribly mistreated at the end because it was like beating up a retard, but I can’t say I found her ‘endearing’. If he was, that makes some of his later actions deeply morally questionable. Like recommending she be sectioned, or telling Jan he was unlikely to get better without surgery... then he does. View all replies >