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It’s a shame all new versions are widescreen and, therefore, cropped like the theatrical. What a bizarre reaction. Sure, Ally somewhat misled Hedy, but not on purpose, she honestly believed it was over with Sam. What’s Ally supposed to do, cancel her life so that crazy Hedy can live with her new besty? She even tried to make things easy for Hedy and inconvenience her as little as possible. How you can hate Alison when the other one is a stone-cold serial killing, puppy murdering psychopath is truly bizarre. She kicked the dog away in a previous scene, she hated it, just used it to manipulate Ally, and killed it to blame it on Sam (hoping it would cause Ally to push Sam away again). God she was an evil bitch. No! That evil bitch was a serial murderer who killed her supposed friend’s fiancée... and a puppy - it would be hard to imagine someone more vile. Evil people ALWAYS have their reasons (and JJL did a great job portraying that) but what makes them monsters is that they cross the line and are prepared to deprive others of their life to get what they want. Remember, even Hitler had a sob story. Hedy’s constant whining and excuses in between manipulating and killing people made me want to puke. I was cheering Ally on as she stuck Hedy with a screwdriver like the pig she was. They’re not crazy, they have some emotional traumas, a dysfunctional relationship and they’re blind drunk. And this is the night it all explodes. In the dog-eat-dog world of gangsters (which he never wanted to be a part of) you have to kill to survive, and protect your family. What would you have done in his position? The only time he goes too far is killing Fredo, but even that was justifiable given Fredo’s involvement in a hit on him and his family. If you had a sibling who was involved in a plot to kill you, your spouse and your kids, how would you react? Why does Michael get all the grief and not any of the truly villainous characters in the series? There are plenty of slimy Dons and psychotic thugs who are surely far more deserving of Kay’s endless finger-wagging and shaming sessions. Caan is perfectly capable of delivering a quiet, detailed performance - ever seen Misery? He carries us through every psychological and emotional wince and trauma throughout the ordeal. I think he played Sonny accurately. Nice description. It’s certainly an underrated film. People find it difficult to digest but years later you get a strange craving to see it again, and it gets better every time. Kubrick films had a very similar journey. Good summary of the themes. Rare to see such a malevolent kid from Spielberg. View all replies >