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What doesn't make sense considering they're ignoring the sequels

Why is Laurie so paranoid and convinced Michael is coming for her? I mean in the 1st movie he was just a psycho killing random babysitters, she just so happened to be one of the babysitters on that street that night. Since they aint siblings no more why would she think he'd be so determined to come for her again?

Since they're ignoring the sequels, Laurie has only had that 1 altercation with Michael over 40 years ago for like 30 minutes that one night. Yet in the trailer shes acting as if they have this huge history of him constantly trying to kill her.

Why would you think some crazy guy that attacked you over 40 years ago would be thinking about coming and attacking you again when you was just 1 of the many he came after that night?

Its like they're ignoring the sequels and brother/sister connection but they're still having her behave as if all of that happened.


Agree. The way she was in CONSTANT fear of Michael for years and had the house booby-trapped Home Alone style to trap and finally kill him once and for all made it feel like Halloween 2, H20, and Resurrection happened in this timeline. Made no sense she'd be so paranoid about some random guy who tried to kill her ONCE, 40 years ago, and has now been locked up for DECADES and is a 60-something old mental patient.


And the fact that she knew he'd find her in the woods with the help of the cops and a gps.