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Its not really Mickey's fault Daryl's girl got killed The Terminator wasn't killing anyone even before he met John Torvi volunteering to sacrifice herself while shes pregnant What a lazy terrible reason for Judgement Day still happening "Throw it like a girl!" "I always do" Thats gonna be really fucked up for Bjorn when he gets home Of course this gets renewed for another season.... The end of season 2 (Spoilers) Still an entertaining fun show Bjorn rescuing King Harald View all posts >


And as i clearly said Daryl is a grown man, he wasn't forced at gun point to get involved, he chose to get involved despite knowing shit with Mickey always goes wrong. And as i also said had Daryl not tried to run off with his girlfriend and take the money for himself his girl wouldn't have died, hes the one that put her directly into danger by going and getting her and wanting her to leave with him, Mickey had nothing to do with that. And no one told her to pull a gun and shoot someone like Dirty Harry, they was gonna leave after they got the papers, and they both would have lived and been able to go back home out of this mess. Instead Daryl's girl chose to pull a gun out because she got greedy. T2 is just a good movie, plain and simple. And as for that dog command scene you keep bringing up as if its the worst thing ever in cinema, that was NOTHING compared to the goofy shit from T3 the Terminator was doing. That scene was just showing us a kid that has control of a Terminator, and most people chuckle at it, its nothing, its just meant to be a small lighthearted scene in a movie full of despair and seriousness. That scene from T3 at the lady's night club where he takes the male strippers clothes is straight up goofy comedy, almost like a parody from a Scary Movie. I mean the Terminator has a scene where he goes "Talk to the hand" and walks out like a homosexual, you seriously defending that over a few second scene of the Terminator lifting his leg up on command? I'm sorry i know everyone has an opinion but i have to question the taste of anyone who puts T3 over T2. Thats like putting Alien 3 over Aliens or Godfather 3 over Godfather 2, in some cases opinions are just wrong. "And to be honest, I hate opinions that are contrary to the majority. There always has to be someone who goes against the flow, like you in this case." I'm convinced if someone filmed a pile of dog shit grazing in the sun for an hour and a half there would be 1 person somewhere saying its a good movie. But yeah i agree with everything you said. Everyone has an opinion but i've NEVER come across anyone who puts T3 over T2, thats an honest to god shockingly ridiculous statement, i mean as you said that gay male stripper scene with the music and the Terminator putting on those gay stripper glasses automatically puts it way below T2. Look the entire journey in T2 was to stop Judgement Day, and at the end they destroyed the chip from the original T800's head and his arm, that was literally the only reason Skynet happened was because of those parts left at the factory at the end of the 1st movie. Those parts left behind was the building blocks for the the beginning of Skynet, without those parts this shit shouldn't be happening again, i don't care what you call it Legion or whatever. Dyson and his company was years away from getting the tech to the point where anyone could follow up his work. That epic ending of T2 was just shit on by this movie, and i don't know why anyone would be defending it honestly, this Woken agenda filled movie was fucking terrible and it doesn't deserve anyone coming to its defense to defend its shitty ideas. I mean a fucking Terminator settled down and got married and started a family, yeah this doesn't deserve anyone defending it. There should have never been another Terminator movie after T2 plain and simple, the ending of that movie was fucking perfect and nothing else was ever gonna be on its level. T1 and T2 would have been a flawless set of movies, a perfect two part story with a perfect ending, but hollywood had to go and fucking ruin it and shit out a bunch of god awful sequels that was forever trying to be as good as T2 but constantly failed. Yeah cause someone else developing a weapons program that becomes self aware and takes over the world is something that could happen so many times aint it?....And the only reason it happened originally was because of the chip and arm that was leftover from the remains of the 1st Terminator so it gave them something to go off of. Totally agree, i mean its pretty clear right from the start when they kill John off and replace him with a woman, cause the fate of the future can't be in the hands of a man, future has to be female. And at the end its two women and a little girl we're left with going into the future. So yeah i don't wanna see anymore classic franchises brought back in this bullshit woke era where they'll shove that shit into the script and tarnish the franchises legacy. I seem to remember hearing Don Mancini told Alex his mom died to get him to cry like that, could be wrong about that but i seem to remember him saying that in an interview. "having or relating to two poles or extremities." Seems to be the case with her, one minute shes emancipating herself and done with her family, the next shes back to calling him daddy and caring about him. Yeah theres also the being depressed and caring about nothing to being manic with extreme mood swings etc, but it doesn't always just mean that. You can use the word to describe someone making extreme shifts in their feelings/opinions. Yeah i know, i mean he can't just discard the mother of his child can he? its a much different situation than he's ever been in. Well i guess thats whats gonna be so interesting about season 3 seeing what Joe will do, will he stay with Love, can he bring himself to kill the mother of his child or even leave her? Will having a child change him in some way? Yeah thats what i was thinking, Joe for the most part always seemed to be getting into sticky situations but he acted as if it weren't for those situations he'd be a normal guy, like if Beck never found his secret box he'd live happily ever after with her. But after that final shot of season 2 it wouldn't have mattered if Beck would have found the box or not he still would have eventually seen another girl and would have slowly lost interest in Beck. That final shot of season 2 annoyed me cause i was like, seriously? after all this shit getting Love and everyone that could cause problems for you finally gone you're home free with the perfect life, and you're seriously gonna look at another girl and pursue her? It honestly seemed like some last minute addition cause they heard they got renewed for a season 3 so they had to throw in some kind hook for it. Imo that would have been the perfect ending for the show, no predictable Joe dies or gets put in prison, but he finds his soulmate and lives happily ever after, no one would expect that ending. View all replies >