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I love how Sam's brother disappears with no explanation Rusty was never this fucking dumb in any of the movies Its hilarious how they try and paint Leatherface and his family as victims Why'd Carrie wanna live in that tiny apartment? Thor Van Lingen was great in this Are we finally gonna start having Din without his helmet more in S3? What happened to Eddie's gap in his teeth? View all posts >


Yeah it did feel like they didn't know exactly how to end it and just kinda came up with what we got, which i hated, i hated that Sabrina died and wont ever get to grow up and have a life and is forever sitting around in a white room on a bench. And Nick killing himself was fucked up, i know he loved her but i think i'd be trying to find a way to resurrect her if i was a warlock and lived in a world where its possible to bring things back to life and do things thats normally impossible. Just seemed odd that neither the aunts or Nick would try to do anything to bring her back, seemed like they accepted her death pretty easily which i thought was out of character for them. Oh must've missed that line, but it begs the question why did they even create the character to begin with when they never use the character and come up with excuses as to why he's not around? Yeah whats their goal exactly storm in there and point guns and demand the election results be turned over and for Trump to remain president? they think thats actually gonna happen? Hope all these retards get tear gassed and arrested. The show ends on a cliffhanger giving you NO answers, the show is cancelled, therefore you will never get answers, watching it is a gigantic waste of time. So its not really one of those situations where you can decide if you like it or not, do you like getting no answers and having an ending where you find out nothing and know you will never find out due to it being cancelled? And its your won fault, do some put spoilers warnings? yeah but there is always a chance someone doesn't, which is why i don't go to message boards of something until i've watched it, causes i've got sense. Besides i could care less about spoiling this show, its incomplete, its like a book where someone tore out the final pages and everything you've read has been a waste of time. Wish someone spoiled it for me, you're lucky trust me. Lol she did 1 movie where it looks like shes not even the star and is way far down the cast list, and has some tv mini series in the works which is right back to tv where she wanted to leave to do big movies.... wow big list. You know how many projects most actors do and have lined up in a single year even during covid? Shes not the big Hollywood star she thought she was gonna be. Exactly, a long running tv show is guaranteed money, leaving that to go attempt to do big movies is a big gamble and one you lose most of the time. Theres a reason why Macy's stuck with the show since the beginning, he's smart, he's making tons of money and not having to worry about landing roles in movies. Thats cause originally they was just going back and re editing the first movie and taking out all the gore and nudity, to make it a more friendly version since the first movie got so much criticism for that. But the director demanded they make a sequel, so they turned it into a sequel halfway through editing it and filmed some new stuff with almost no budget, thats why the new scenes look so cheap and most of them took place in small rooms. So the reason so much of the movie is flashbacks is cause they didn't have the budget to film an entire movie, so they used the majority of the film showing flashbacks to the original movie as Ricky told his story. The 2006 one is miles better, outside of the two killer's and ridiculous backstory of the killers, the 2006 movie is pretty good, i love the colors in that movie and how it looks. The 2006 one while its not perfect looked and felt creative, this ones just boring and generic as fuck. Ah i'll have to go back and watch the scene again, must've missed those sounds, thanks. View all replies >