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Cruz and Jackie screwing was so damn weird and made no sense Why was Jackie so quick to go back to using after she got her license back? That old guy in that tiny speedo at the pool Are Frank Grillo and Joanna Going vampires? So thats why Beth hates Jamie so much Do you see them adding Suzie to the group in S4? Isn't the little girl dying of cancer proof he's not The Messiah? could he be the Antichrist? That was so stupid when they went to see the Jackie Thomas Show Just started S5, did i miss something? Why does Rita continue to dress like its still the 50's? View all posts >


I mean i just watched this the other day, its not like i remember it from 20 years ago or anything. For sure, i mean we've seen she has some dislike of her father, but her hatred of Jamie is on another level, she legit wanted him to kill himself, she has ZERO sympathy towards Jamie, she takes any chance she can to cause him pain or embarrassment. He was in the stalls cleaning shit and covered in dirt and lower than he ever had been before, and she had just gotten the shit beat out of her the other night by The Beck Brothers hired goons, and she still felt the need to go in there and threaten Jamie and spit on him. That right there shows you how deep her hatred runs for him. Some of that may be true but i think she truly hates Jamie more than her dad, i mean shes always went on about Jamie being selfish and only caring about himself, and she sees him as an outsider to the family, she even asked her dad if he can say that he loves Jamie the same as he loves her and Kayce and he had no reply. In her mind Jamie is a soulless, selfish, coward who only cares about his own ass. I mean she tried to make him commit suicide to do the family a favor. Also if it was more about her dad i don't think she would have gave Jamie that threat in the stalls about him one day finding someone he loves and then shes gonna tear it away from him, that sounded like pure personal hatred for him. I'm sure she does hate her dad to some extent, cause in S2 she told Monica to get Kayce as far away from her dad as possible so he doesn't turn into him, but i don't think she hates her dad as deeply as she does Jamie. As we seen in the previous episode Jamie took her to an abortion clinic on the Res when she was a teenager and conveniently left out the part about how they was gonna sterilize her, so she blames him for taking away her chance to ever have a family of her own. Yeah you guys are so much smarter and have such a wider sight than me and you totally get all the hidden and suggestive meanings behind everything in this masterpiece of a movie. Lol fuck off, this movie is boring as fuck, you guys would analyze and love a movie about a fly sitting on top of a crusty old pile of dog shit for 2 hours, "Oh look at the way the sun hits the shit at this one part that has such a deeper meaning and so many things going on there". You guys try and act as if you love and get these artsy movies to make yourselves feel smarter and above us simple folk that just don't understand it cause our sights are just too narrow to understand why watching someone pour coffee while making a face is so much deeper. Nah i stand by what i said about Monty, dude was taunting Tyler at school after what he did to him and even threatening to do it to him again, dude had ZERO remorse about what he did to him, Monty was a piece of shit. I know what happened in the finale of S4, i mean the stuff that happened in between S4 and S5, what we as the audience didn't get to see, like why Jackie and Akalitus has their jobs back and why Cruz is gone. I mean with the son saying how controlling and jealous he was and that his mom was planning to divorce him, then she turned up missing and later found dead, to me that sounds like motive enough for him to have done it. I don't know if he did it or not, but it seems more likely than some random guy coming to her shop and killing her for no reason, and yeah i know that could've been what happened, i just don't think thats what happened. Whether he did it or not, who knows, but what is clear and what we do know is Rob is an asshole, he admitted to locking a young boy out of his house and not giving him his clothes the day his mother disappeared. I don't care if Pistol was a problem child, if he was disobedient, theres no excuse for locking him out of the house and giving him nowhere to sleep. Pistol may have been called into the principals office alot, doesn't mean he was a danger to Rob's life, like he was trying to stab kids or something. Rob had no problem showing how big of an asshole he was in the documentary, so sorry but its not hard for to believe Pistol when he talked about how much of an asshole Rob was to him growing up. And perhaps Pistol lashed out at school because of how he was being treated at home by his asshole stepdad. And when Rob talked about Pistol never getting disciplined it just sounded to me like a jealous old bastard trying to make excuses for how he treated him. Allison just has the power of persuasion, she hasn't got any healing abilities, and none of her siblings had any kind of power to keep her alive or get her to town quick. She did say Jimmy beat her brother's time and caused him to lose in his last rodeo, maybe shes getting payback for that? I dunno what else it could be if she has an agenda. I do know theres no way you'd get away with that in a hospital, nurses are constantly coming in and out of a patients room, especially a patient whos in as bad a shape as Jimmy's in, plus his heart rate would spike and the nurses would come in there to see what was up. Not to fucking mention his body couldn't handle someone sitting on top of him right now, i mean is that dumb bitch not aware she could paralyze him? View all replies >