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The stack of papers with every word Loki's spoken was dumb Roseanne imo looked her best after the breast reduction Why is everyone so fine with his foot fetish being in his films? I prefer Heather and Ray as a couple What was the deal with the radioactive looking mummy? The problem with these movies This show died when Janet grew her hair out long again in S7 One of the greatest slasher movies from the 80's The Doc was the most insufferable character Anyone else think the "Run Like Mad" theme they replaced "I don't Want To Wait" with is a better theme? View all posts >


Yeah i really enjoyed it, lots of cool twist and turns, and as i just learned the character Ray is played by Jack Nicholson's son, so its really awesome to see a legendary actors son coming into his own, he really steals the show. Lol no i was in the middle of the season when i made this post, i was so happy they ended up together. And holy shit what? the actor who plays Ray is Jack Nicholson's son?! wow i had no idea, but looking at him i can see his dad in his face. Thats crazy i had no idea, but Ray really became my favorite character on the show, dude is a super talented actor, really hope i start seeing him in more things. Yeah man that ending was amazing, never saw that coming. I was convinced Jeanette was being wrongfully accused the entire time, then that ending happened and it ended with her smiling like a psycho, ah man i just loved it. And it was cool they told us after the credits season 2 was happening, really pumped for that and excited to see where they take things since everyone seems happy and are moving on and Jeanette got away with it, wonder what will be the thing that gets everything stirred up again. Lol ffs its 1 medium stack of papers and its supposed to be every word a man has spoken in 1500 years, a man that does nothing but talk, ya'll really trying to defend that? I get you love Marvel and love this show but not everything in it is perfect. Lol i don't give a damn if its printed front to back the stack was still to small for being every single word the man has spoken in in 1500 years. As much as that man speaks that single stack would be maybe 1 year of words spoken by Loki not his entire life. Oh, well heres to hoping he can be in season 2 at some point, we need a Charlie and Bombay reunion. I mean i'm not gonna not watch a movie because of a scene with feet, QT's made some amazing movies, but i've never liked or understood his need for always having a weird scene with feet or about feet in almost all his movies. Lol no theres no need for a gun when they're getting paid to be in a big hollywood QT movie, the paycheck is the gun so to speak. And i'm not saying these women are the same as being raped or done really wrong, but i do think its disgusting he brings his fetish into all his movies getting off on the actresses' feet, its just a little weird. FDTD is the worst he's done putting it in the script that he gets to drink beer off of Salma Hayek's foot. Lol they don't use many jump scares? lol thats a good one, theres tons of vids on youtube of people making fun of all the the jump scares in this movie. And the difference between something like Titanic and this is that was ONE movie, telling the true story of a famous tragic accident, also they didn't constantly tease the ship might not sink even though we know it was gonna. Watching every one of these conjuring movies make us think Ed or Lorrain might die is laughable at this point. "Actresses have contracts that define clearly how much skin they show and for how long, and similar stuff. If the actress is OK with it, what's your problem? It's not your business, it's hers." Lol they're gonna do it cause they want that big fucking check for being in a Tarantino movie, doesn't make it anymore right what he's doing putting that shit in all his movies cause he sexually gets off on it. Keep your fetish in your bedroom, don't be putting that in all your movies getting hot actresses to show a part of their body so you can get a hard on. And like someone else said it does take you out of his movies, like in Pulp Fiction where theres an awkwardly long scene of Jules and Vincent talking about fucking foot massages, and in Death proof when we just get a long continuous shot of a girl with her feet propped up in a car. Cause yeah it does make you immediately go "Yep theres his weird disgusting fetish shot". View all replies >