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Was that firemans wife retarded? Betty's weight gain in season 5 Can we get Dacre Montgomery an emmy for this season? Wow Boomer's mom is a real piece of shit Kinda glad they had (Spoilers) Kinda sucks Billy's dad never got any kind of payback So is Brenner alive or was that bullshit? I always wished they would have shown Billy and Stu unmask Isn't it a bit weird they still call her Eleven? Its not entertaining watching a miserable bitch treat people like shit View all posts >


Lol i've never really seen St Elmo's Fire but after looking it up you're totally right, looks like The Duffer's totally based his look off Rob Lowe from that movie, i just found a comparison picture funny enough when i searched it [url][/url] Amazing everything, shes drop dead gorgeous, shes what i'd imagine Emilia Clarke's daughter looking like. Yeah i just meant they used the same kinda fat prosthetics for Peggy as they seem to have did with Betty in season 5. I know that but her face and everything got real fat for some reason, Betty's face didn't puff up like that when she was pregnant. And theres nothing wrong with the name Elle or El, but as i said it represents her being a lab rat, why would you wanna go by a lab number you was assigned to while being held prisoner? I don't care how unique or pretty a name it is, if it was a name i was given by some evil scientists that held me prisoner as a lab rat my whole life i wouldn't want it or even wanna hear it again, and no not even a short version of it. It would be like if you was held prisoner by some guy your entire life up until age 14 and he gave you a nickname and then after you get away you find out your real name, but you choose to continue to go by the name your captor gave you, it'd just be messed up and weird. You'd think if anything she'd go by Jane just to honor her mother that gave her that name, continuing to go by Eleven is kind of disrespectful to her mother. Yeah thats what i figured, they did the same thing with Peggy in season 2 didn't they? i remember her being fat and made fun of, then she was thin again not long after. Yeah i knew about Dacre before Stranger Things, i saw him in the Power Rangers movie, but man since he's been on Stranger Things i've become a huge fan of his, he's really got to show the world just how good he is on this show. From the moment Billy showed up in season 2 when he pulled up to school in his Camaro i was a fan of the character, just a cool good looking dude who's there to take over and bang chicks. And it was an interesting dynamic with him and Steve where he was essentially kicking Steve to the side and becoming the new king of the school. And him being the human antagonist to the kids was also great and a nice change of a pace from them just dealing with a supernatural threat. And i loved his arc with his father abusing him that just made me love the character even more, Dacre also killed it in that scene where he went from a cool confident tough guy to a scared sniffling kid crying in seconds. And its cool to know after hearing Dacre in interviews talking about how that scene of his father abusing him was put in there because he told the Duffer Brothers he wanted Billy to have a reason for being the way he is and they wrote the scene with him and his dad in there while they was filming season 2. Then in season 3 he told them he wanted Billy's mom to be shown a they put those flashbacks in there with her, so its really cool The Duffer's listen to the actors and add in stuff they suggest. No problem, thank you for bringing this to my attention, in the future i'll always put up spoilers tags in the topic title. Sorry i fixed it, wasn't aware of the page where you can see topics posted. If it makes you feel any better its not some huge spoiler, shes likely gonna get them back anyways its just a mental block most likely. View all replies >