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That finale goes against everything the show has been about Best mask in the franchise since part 6 Dany's demise was so fucking anticlimatic Sansa looked like a total villain at the end being crowned Allyson's boyfriend being a dick for no reason Lark is the most adorable thing ever Dwight Yoakam stole the show What happens to Drogon? So is the real Bran dead? Omg all the lines about woman power in this trailer View all posts >


Yeah sure a cool shocking thing like Arya using Grey Worm's face and killing her would be so lame wouldn't it? Jon doing the cliche predictable hug and stab was so exciting and much better than that wasn't it? Yeah that confused me for a minute, i know Terry Silver took Daniel under his wing training him in part 3, but i never viewed Daniel as a full fledged member of Cobra Kai for that, it was mainly just Daniel being duped and training in dangerous ways for a few days until he realized what was going on. Its not like he was ever dressed in full Cobra Kai garb and competing for them. Yeah shit like what we just watched would never make it into one of George RR Martin's books, he knows how to build a proper story and get things to a good well built up conclusion with the proper time and work put into it. What we just watched was something like a kid with A.D.D wrote, wanting everything to happen now and having no patience for build up. Everything that happened in season 8 would have been stretched out over 5 seasons if the show was still being done the way the earlier seasons was. There was just so much shit that was crammed in and rushed it was unbelievable. Ned would have been beheaded in episode 2 of season 1 if they wrote the earlier season like how they are now. Yeah you'd think. I lost all respect for Sansa the moment she immediately broke her promise to Jon and blabbed to Tyrion about the secret she swore never to tell. You can tell she has no honor, she breaks a promise and a swear at the drop of a dime if it benefits her, her word means jack shit. Yeah her entire motive behind making the North an independent territory was so she could be in power and have total control over it. Jon was honorable and didn't care about power, but Sansa that selfish bitch was all about having power, thats why she hated Dany the moment she met her cause she was another female who was stronger than her and gonna be in power. Yeah i was gonna say the same thing, like their entire purpose was to keep the wildlings and white walkers out, there is literally NOTHING to keep out now, the White Walkers are gone and the Wildlings are ally's. Are they legit just gonna stand around cold and keeping watch for nothing? Oh they will, i didn't say it was in the trailer but i just know how this show is gonna go. Just look at the message in the trailer the man left the city high and dry and the woman will save the day and do what he wont do anymore. Wow i didn't think about that, that would be a great twist. Well the Night King wanted to erase the world and all its history and the 3 Eyed Raven was the worlds history, killing him would kill the worlds memory so to speak. Yeah i said Bran had that vision in season 4. And it clearly implies she'll destroy the throne and city, why would her being in a ruin of the throne just be implying she will fail to get the throne? View all replies >