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Does Lili Reinhart get naked in this? Zach was kinda (spoilers) Can we get Walker back on the show please? The Ani character Hopper's speech at the end was nice but Was that really what made Pennsatucky do it? The kid who plays Glenn is a really bad actor So the goofy song Dustin and Suzie sang essentially killed Time travel in season 4? Seriously Ruth? View all posts >


To me that always made sense though, this is Jason's first outing, he's learning and finding out what works and what doesn't, then in part 3 after he's gotten that experience he's more efficient and menacing. I always looked at it like Jason was leveling up, in part 2 he was level 1, then in part 3 he got to level 10, then in part 4 he got to level 20, each movie he got more and more menacing and angry and each one he got better and better. So it just always made sense to me he was kinda weak in this one and stumbling around. I know shes literally ALWAYS ease dropping, i'm just on episode 5 and theres at least 5 or 6 scenes where shes been ease dropping so far. Seems like her only purpose for existing this season was to have someone telling our main characters what Bryce was doing at his house and what someone was saying where she was listening at. Lol stupid post? that bitch was stupid, she saw clear as day what radiation was when he was damn near rotted with the plastic walls around him, the doctor urged her more than once not to touch him or go past the plastic and she did, she saw what he looked like and the doctor made sure she knew it was dangerous to come in contact with him. It was pretty clear he was contagious and shouldn't be touched. Please don't try and defend a stupid woman who was pregnant and chose to ignore a doctor who made it very clear it was dangerous to touch him or go near him. She lost her child cause of that and the child she had later on had alot of health problems. They was just trying their damndest this season to throw dark shit at you for the sake of just having dark shit thrown at you, Tasty remaining in prison for life, that mom being left alone to die in the desert with a broken ankle, Maritza getting deported, Pennsatucky killing herself, they just went overboard with the dark depressing shit this season. And Pennsatucky's suicide felt like the most out of the blue just for shock value shit i've ever seen, as you said there wasn't enough justification for that being the reason she did it. Getting raped didn't do it for her? her father treating her like shit and calling her retard didn't do it? but cause she thinks she failed a test is what did it for her? so fucking stupid. Yeah, and what a shocker the actor hasn't acted in anything before or after Mad Men. Yeah that explains alot, it just baffled me someone that bad had a role on this show, but now knowing he's the son of the creator it makes alot of sense now. No, whos son is he? You should really change the title, people will immediately think SHE died with just R.I.P in the title on her message board. Maybe change it to "R.I.P to her son". You're right when Kevin was a kid, but in the episode Hero he was old enough by that point and should have been decent enough not to treat his dad like shit over him not liking the same player as he did. I know i wouldn't have treated my dad like that over something so dumb when i was that age. Yeah it was really bad, an entire episode of people sitting infront of a camcorder and talking about their life and ambitions... The landmine stuff was kinda cool, but the rest of the episode was boring as fuck. I don't know why they thought that would be a great idea for their mid season premiere, are they trying to drive fans away? As i said the landmine stuff was cool and interesting BUT the main scene from it where Morgan is stuck on top of a landmine was completely void of any suspense cause we are shown him talking about the experience on camera from the present day, so we know he gets off it and lives. So that scene that was supposed to be suspenseful wasn't suspenseful in any way cause they already told us he gets off it. The entire episode except the final 5 minutes is skippable as hell, you could not watch a second from the entire first 35 minutes and not miss a damn thing. View all replies >