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How did Bob get the jump on Brad and bite him? Selina's getting really chunky Still makes no sense that Connie joined Daryl Let me guess this time around the father dies Toddler Judith and present day 10 year old Judith look too different Thats how they take out Michael? seriously? Cicada just getting random new abilities? Frank and Fiona's final scene Kinda shitty how Fiona up and left so quick Man Tara has a great thic body View all posts >


Really? i thought it was demented and creepy as fuck seeing that innocent baby brought back as this lifeless shell and murdering people. Yeah he almost looked like a little person sometimes he looked so realistic, like a dwarf was playing him. If you've ever watched Orange Is The New Black and seen the younger versions of the inmates they cast for flashbacks, they're amazing and look exactly like younger versions of the adults. Then you see the casting for Judith and its like they didn't even try. Yeah i mean they took him out in a Monster Of The Week episode, it wasn't even an episode focused on the main story ffs. "You know what the little people told me? They said, you're the one" Yeah but he didn't say it directly to Fiona, she didn't hear him say that. Yeah Fiona was really annoying throughout this season, and the show may even be better without her. And yeah Debbie's really improved alot as a character lately, so much better than she was when she was trying to look like a lesbian and all that dumb shit with the diaper at work. Finally Debbie is back to being responsible and taking care of things like she did when she was little. "You know what the little people told me? They said, you're the one" Nah man, i used to think that, but right now she has a nice good thickness going on, not fat, you don't see her belly hanging over her jeans like Alpha. Theres a difference between thic and fat, and i prefer thic women over skinny women any day. And she definitely has the biggest tits of all the women on this show. Yeah no one knowing Oliver and Felicity had a daughter is retarded, what after a few months she just wore really big shirts and hid that she had a giant pregnant belly? Well tbf did you see the distance of that fall in that elevator shaft? Its not that far fetched or dumb to think that fall killed him, plus he had blood coming out from his head. View all replies >