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Omg thank god theres gonna be a season 2 So is this supposed to be before or after Infinite War? I miss the crazy charismatic flamboyant Floki Season 2 trailer is out and how the hell is that all the scars Russo has on his face? Why would you try and comfort (Spoilers) They made a mistake killing (spoilers) Becky being mad at Mark for hitting her boss So what scenes was Nick Castle used in? Wow that was really dark (spoilers) View all posts >


Yeah plus why are they still there on the island anyways? Its been nothing but pure hell there, horrible weather and death, why stay? They think one day it will pay off and sunshine and rainbows and the lollipop guild will suddenly appear? Yeah the season looks great, just don't get why Russo looks so good still, Frank slid his face on that broken glass like a cheese grader, theres no way Russo looks that good after that. I hope they give some explanation like some brilliant plastic surgeon work or something. Yeah its a pretty good show, glad to hear it got renewed for a 3rd season. You say deal with it and grow up but if it was your wife or Girlfriend called the nasty name by the asshole i'm betting you'd have a hard time resisting going to him and punching him or at least intimidating him. The younger him wasn't an unknown it was Henry Thomas, everyone knows him, he was the kid from ET and he'd been in alot of movies recently and even some netflix movies like Gerald's Game. But did she stand up to him? she got demoted to bag girl and it seems she just accepted it. You'd think she would have talked to one of the higher ups and got his ass fired or in trouble for talking like that to one of his workers. Regardless if Becky stood up to him or not he deserved a punch in the face imo, dude was a major asshole. It was nice seeing him pissing himself in fear when Dan said "But no one talks to my daughter the way you did, have you got that!". Oh thats cool, it makes the scene mean that much more her seeing him for the first time since 1978 with it being Nick Castle in the costume. Yeah as a movie the story is a little jumbled and messy due to the options and constantly going back and redoing things, but i don't think its meant to be enjoyed as an enthralling movie, i think its just meant to be fun and innovative. Yeah i see what you mean i didn't think about it that way. I do love Dwight, he's definitely one of the funniest people on the show, i just didn't get Angela's attraction to him, but i kinda do now, thanks :) I thought it was really cool, i liked the part where you had the option to kick his dad in the balls or karate chop him, there was some really funny options near the end of it. Really hope they do more stuff like this in the future. View all replies >