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Her part was my favorite in the movie, next to the fucking nuts ending. Only thing I enjoyed about this movie was Zarabeth. "...these are the same people that watch professional wrestling" Looooool, I agree with your other posts as lol... I don't get it either.. I'm late AF, but I believe they just named her Chris from her full name Christina, as a nod since she's playing Tina's role. Yvonne living and helping to save the day. I'm always get surprised when they let a more normal character and friend character make fairly decent decisions and get to live in a film like this. Both beginning and end wasn't great, imo...The bathroom scene was intense though. I didn't really enjoy the 2018 one, and knowing that there's already another film coming after this one, I just don't really care as much as I wanted to. /s And the fact that she knew he'd find her in the woods with the help of the cops and a gps. Yes, as AP has stated. As far as I have experienced, they were at the same Elementary school campus (Pre-K through 5th grade). View all replies >