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Just so we all understand: the bitch DID NOT get into ballet school

This movie never had ballet mavens as its target market. A crass and calculating scenario presented the ignorant audience who came to watch sexy street and nightclub dancing with the idea that ballet is the Brass Ring of the dance world. That’s as stupid as positing that 1 style of martial art is better than every other style. What matters is what the artist CAN DO with the style, not the style itself. The ultra-manipulative script then pretends that, though she’s from the streets, she came THIS CLOSE the being accepted by the snobby elites, thereby validating the touchstone of Classic Greek Tragedy: that the hero(ine) is put an an IMPOSSIBLE situation, and, in falling short, we take her full measure and gaze on her with awe and inspiration. Dance ain’t Aeschylus. She did not come within a country mile of making the cut, though her dancer-double was REALLY good. The movie audience got what they were told to want: sexy dancing that is accessible to the same audience as NASCAR and pro wrestling, sugar coated by pretending to be about something greater.

She did not come close to getting into the academy.


I found it so ridiculous that the jury applauded her during her performance. It's not like she reinvented dancing.