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I'm not American. And why is it not cultural appropriation when Britons play Americans? Why not cast Americans? Don't tell me there are too few Americans who could play Bruce Wayne. No, he's his alter ego. I refused to watch it until now because it sounded like Walking Dead. And I was right. It's just not as exciting and pretty dull at times. Game nerds voted this up. Why would they tell him she's gonna die during the procedure? Don't make him go crazy. And why not lock him up in a room instead of walking right behind him? Lalaland just loves portraying Christians as weird cults. It's become a hackneyed stereotype. That episode was disappointing and too on the nose. Would it have hurt to portray David and his gang as good guys? Put this in your pipe and smoke it, Barbie! Name calling makes you really mature. Daphne is from Manchester. She has a Manc accent. Leeves plays a character from Manchester. Simon is her brother who can't have a Cockney accent. It's not complicated. We're talking about Daphne here. She hails from Manchester. BS. Martin demonstrates his disregard for anything above a beer all the time. He's the one patronizing them. And Martin fell for a snobbish psychiatrist? Considering how annoyed he gets listening to Niles' and Frasier's use of outdated words, it doesn't make sense. View all replies >