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I'm watching the ep where Doug is considering switching to FedEx. It's an entire PP for FedEx. Fusco as a puppeteer wouldn't have allowed CGI. Doug finding out his dog died many dogs before. And that he was Canadian. No. There are ways to show a package without revealing the brand. It's besides the point: I was merely pointing out the massive amount of PP. What about Carrie's sister? She just disappeared after a few eps. And Richie disappeared after season 2 only to appear in a random episode a few seasons later. She put on weight during pregnancy. That's why she was hiding her baby bump. Remember the Koosh ball episode? It was an entire episode promoting the Koosh. And it worked. I went and bought a Koosh. No. But there's no need to place any packages so prominently and all over the place. Hollywood wanted to cash in on a sequel. They didn't consider all plot holes. They should deepfake Shue replacing her with Wells. View all replies >