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And how do you know he did rape them? All we have are accusations without evidence made ny some gold diggers represented by gold digging lawyers. The US justice system is an open invitation to people suing celebs gor filthy lucre. Just because he was found guilty it doesn't mean he is guilty. Too many gold digging whores are out there to cash in on celebrities. Funny Games sucks. The director is an arrogant prick and thinke horror fans are sick. But we all know the violence is fake. So what's so bad about it? Real life is the real horror and horror movies help us cope with our lives and feelings about reality. True. Like the rat that he is. A pathetic, sad man. All in all, season 4 was the weakest of them all. There's nobody we really care for anymore, then again, even Cirro was a pos considering the many murders he committed. What are you on about? There is no Ciro at the end of season 4. Did you mean season 3? Initially, Amy was as neurotic and uptight as Sheldon and she was hilarious. Then, they decided to turn her into a ditzy broad who's constantly horny which is the opposite of who she used to be. And yes, she keeps berating Sheldon instead of agreeing with him. She's a different person and Amy in name only. It's very annoying. True. I just don't understand why they portrayed George as so inept and yet they got him laid. Yeah, but what's the point pitting them against each other again? And who cares who wins anyway? They're both unbearable. No, didn't cry. It was just sappy and chicks may weep over this. Above all, the songs were boring and uninspired, especially the final ballad with its tired old harmonies and a melody that has been done to death. View all replies >