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80s fashion is very reminiscent of 50s fashion. It's the same difference between the 2020s and 80s. His experience is real. He did save the the world by assuming the hoodie Elliott personality. I'm not saying it's not funny. Scott wasn't gay. Interesting question which leads to how many older sitcoms are discovered by a new generation. It's hilarious. It was all staged. Diddy was in on it. Because they stopped testing people! Don't fall for the lie that they succesfully quarantined eberybody. They realised it's less dangerous than the flu which has killed 20 thousand out of 200 thousand positively tested in the USA this season so far. Disgusting but common among gays: No barriers like between men and women, no worries about getting the girl pregnant and on top of it: sexual addiction brought on by sexual abuse in formative years and an absent father. It would have taken place on an airforce base. The movie from 1996 does take place there and it sucks. Season 5would have probably sucked, too. View all replies >