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And, what happened to her? Ah, the raw hilarity of firefighters who risk their lives for us every day . . . Copperhead was a dishonorable cunt Who writes these fuckin’ topic blurbs? So, they had 1 good movie’s worth of material, but they made 3 movies In 15 years, who will be one of the squares on The Hollywood Squares? Who is Tyler Sheridan? “Played with most of the greats of the rock business”?! Rant that I hope helps aspiring models Next Euphoria season expected in 2025 View all posts >


And you should have learned how to write a plural possessive, but you didn’t. She did not have low self-esteem. She was taught to have low self-esteem. You are on what is exactly the right site for you. That’s not a good thing. Oh, THAT’S a compelling argument, Sambo. You always impress me, Otter. I think a scene of Tommy Lee actually murdering the loathsome Carry would have made a FORTUNE, especially if it had been protracted and painful for Carry, like swallowing-his-tongue pailful. tubi is worth its weight in plutonium. And I do not work for tubi. This topic is 1 of the very few good things that I have seen on the internet. Bravo. R_Kane is omnipresent. R_Kane is everywhere. How can anyone NOT know this? View all replies >