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What a GREAT given name she has. Legends Episode 6.9: “Finally, a win for straight white men.” As I guessed, nobody is watching this. The Ending SPOILER Streaming Evil Can Do Things Network Evil Could Not Season 2 Premier August 10 I Used To Think Her Name Was Megan Three Stallions Ep 3.4 FUCK!! (Spoilers) Renewed For Season 3! Show’s Ending Because of Manny Montana View all posts >


Happily, the Ameriphobe alleged doctor has left the building. What is this shit with people adding “doctor” to their usernames? Doctor13? MrDoctor? (Do you think any couple is ever socially introduced as “MrDoctor and Mrs MrDoctor”? And then there was this asshole. I once answered the phone when I was at work. The man on the phone said, “This is [Joe Blow], MD.” I thought, “What a pompous asshole.” I replied, “This is _____, EdD, LitD, PhD. How you doin’ today, Doc?” You pompous little prick, like one that has an eraser on the end of it. The writing was pure shit. Literally nothing happened in the second season, so I eschewed the third. It didn’t sink under its own heaviness. It drowned in its own froth. I share your passion for Norse mythology. I knew Wednesday was Wotan soon as I heard his name; but someone is better off watching Vikings they s/he is by watching this lunatic-agenda-pushing newthink. Another thing about dogs, but not about cats: they work for us, they even save our lives. They herd our livestock, track our prey, retrieve our pray, guide disabled people, provide us with personal protection, locate victims of disaster, help us fight drug traffic and save the lives of our armed forces. Dislike and hate are not at all the same thing. I admire cats for what they are, especially the wild cats: lions, tigers, leopards, ocelots etc. I just don’t have much love for them. Cats are sneaky. You always know where you stand with a doggie. There’s not a scintilla of guile in a canine. A dog is the only love that you can actually buy. Now, if this topic is about Cats, The Movie . . . there’s every reason for the opprobrium. So you're here to be a shill for No wonder you deleted yourself. Justin Long was BORN to be humiliated in public. And conductor. His "Young People's Concerts" TV series educated the Baby Boom generation. We don't have anything like that today. But I'd rather these 2 guys have nothing to do with the project. They are both popular, but they lack real depth. First human imperative is to breathe, then to hydrate, then to eat; which makes eating the THIRD imperative. You can go a couple minutes absent air. You can go a week absent water. You can go a month absent food, depending on how fat you are. You can't go more than a nanosecond absent ignorance on the internet. More to the point, it's flat-out not true. View all replies >