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Billy, thank you for being a lamb among the wolves in this section of MovieChat. I salute you. Not for nothing, I recall the parable of an atheist who died and found himself on the road to Heaven. He refused to walk it for 1,000 years. Then, bored to death, he put 1 foot in front of another and walked and walked and walked. After more time than man can ken, he passed through St. Peter’s gates, was thundersteck, and declared, “It would be worth all this time for just ONE SECOND of this bliss. Thank you, Lord, for your Love and Mercy.” Bless you, Billy. I weep for the trolls who gambol here. No. There was something wrong with him. I agree. It’s dreadful, particularly for Ethan Hawke. You want to see his character die a slow, excruciating, humiliating death. He was the harbinger of the internet troll. 👍🏻 All 3 of them. What a bloatfest. 😁 And you’re not old enough to remember how bad the 80s were; for example, this movie, John Hughs, “President” Reagan, shoulder pads for women. “Of” is not “have.” Sheesh. Wrong. Most shark attacks occur in 3 feet of water; and most shark bites happen on a boat, from a fish caught by a fisherman. Jeez. You really don’t know what wit is. To be clear: that’s not a question. There is no such thing as gratuitous nudity involving beautiful women, but there is no nudity in this film. It’s in my library. I know it VERY well. If you mean that Jennifer Love Hewitt is Boobs and Butt PERSONIFIED, even when wearing a ‘tater sack, well then, to quite a title from another favorite movie of mine, The Girl Can’t Help It. And YOU need to get a hobby. View all replies >