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Episode 1.9: Not The Kind Of Head That He Wanted! Kristen’s Hubby Scales the World’s Most Daunting Dry Land Peaks, But He’s A Flabolla. What’s Wrong With This Casting? US Women’s Team Wins World Cup Your Favorite Lines In All Of Entertainment Lena leaving? Do We Really Need Commentary During Sporting Events? How Is Taylor Swift Named Artist Of The Decade Before The Decade Is Over? Renewed For A Second Season What’s The Over/Under For How Fast Leland Destroys Kristen’s Hubby? Incels Being Targeted And Manipulated By Demons View all posts >


Su hable Esperanto? Or is it sheer illiteracy, OP? A calorie is a calorie, darlin’. Doesn’t matter where it came from. Which drugs were you on when you concocted this topic; and, yes, booze also counts as a drug? She nailed the complete package smack-dead-center, and I live next door to Charlestown. Blake nailed it dead-bang. . He’s using drugs in an effort to reattain a state (visionary) that he previously had absent drugs. The keyword in “addiction” is “dependence.” It need not be a physical dependence, though, in the case of opioids and alcohol, it often is. An emotional dependence, as in the case of sex addiction or exercise addiction (often described as “a positive addiction”), also qualifies. I don’t think he is a bad person. I don’t even think he is a weak person. ALL PEOPLE ARE FLAWED. I KNOW that The Lord loves us, even with our flaws! If we can love and accept ourselves with all of our flaws, there will be far less addictions of all kinds in the world. I have high hopes for Evil. I think, hope and believe it can show us ourselves at our most heroic, transcending yet embracing our flaws, acknowledging our frailties and still loving ourselves as He loves us, dancing in His love. I know: that’s a lot to ask of a CBS cop procedural show. I’ve got faith in this one; and I have faith in the character of David. Except for the OP’s mastery of language (its = possessive form of “it,” while “it’s” = contractive form of “it is.” In fact, it is not well-written; and it was not “said” (spoken) at all. Grammar, logic, precision: lost arts. Yeah, details matter. Ask your surgeon, your attorney, your stock broker. I love it. It bears repeating. The second film in the series was a recapitulation of the first one, plus the always-unwelcome presence of the smug young product of the loins of the young lovers from the first movie—the little kid. The second movie was also a blatant and clumsy attempt to launch a new franchise starring The Rock. Yeah, THAT went well. It was the cinematic equivalent of a TV Dinner (consult Wikipedia, or a museum). Yeah, but Rachel declined to return. Given that immutable FACT, the result was not bad at all. I know: facts—so inconvenient. View all replies >