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Thank you for that. You’ve saved me a lot of time! You use “Slut” like it’s a bad thing. I love sluts. Some of my best friends are sluts. Hell, I’m a male Slut. I don’t get the impression that most of the posters on this topic are HOT enough to be sluts. Gee, jealous much? Did you catch your dried-prune hubby fapping to JLH? Is that why y’all like sexless, charisma-vacuum Jim so much, ‘cause he’s like your hubby? If it weren’t for us sluts, our species would be any negative population growth. Sluts make the world go ‘round😈 No. He takes over another guy’s body. You KNOW there is a very thin line between insanity and genius! Yeah, ‘cause there’s big money to be made in the boring, soon-to-be-dead, grumpy old guy market. Are you still alive? Results matter. Origins do not. To reiterate: George Burns: “Gracie was funnier than I am.” Rob Zombie is a waste of human space, and your “signature” is puerile. Those contemptible, inbred redneck disgraces to white men got everything they deserved. Hey, when I want criminal legal advice regarding the rest of my life, I look to fucking MovieChat. Sheesh. He’ll be in the credits when he deserves to. His being cast in Conan The Destroyer was a fucking sin. Not the only problem with that sequel manquee, but the most glaring one. Bozo the Clown would have been better. The Revenge And Triumph Of Fuckwad, The B-Movie Trollboy Starring Cerina Vincent, Mindy Robinson, America Olivia, Mercey Malick, Shae Marks, Ava Cadell, Roxie Saint, Julie K. Smith, Sasha Jackson, Jena Sims, Natassia Malthe, Sandra Vidal, Danielle C. Ryan, Bobbi Sue Luther, Monica Keena and Diora Baird. And some Albino dude and some ugly chick. Produced by Roger Corman. Script (if you want to call it that) by R_Kane. Directed by Jim Wynorski and Steven Spielberg. We open with an insane woman posting on MC. She is getting VERY ANGRY about how many drooling posts Our Stars are getting regarding their magnificent mammaries. Driven into a jealous rage, the loony lady MovieChatter puts on her pointy witch’s hat and casts a fell curse on our Bouncing Busty Babydollls! They are all magically stripped naked and whisked to The Devil’s Whorehouse, which is run by Fuckwad, a 6’8” morbidly obese bald albino with a 13” fat penis who never bathes. There is not a stitch of clothing in the brothel. There are no towels, curtains, sheets or tin foil. Our heroines remain stark raving nude through the whole thing. The only way to be released from The Devil’s Whorehouse is for Fuckwad to ejaculate in the woman’s mouth, vagina and rectum. He never screws the same woman twice in a row and he can ejaculate only 3 times a day. He is suddenly VERY popular with the ladies! BTW, this is Full Moon Productions’ FIRST hard-core porn. There are cameras all over the house, and Full Moon has its live web-feed pay site up (pardon the pun) and running. We need violence to go with the disgusting sex. The violence comes from the girls kicking the shit out of each other to be the 1 Fuckwad honors with his semen. Eventually, they all get home safe and sound—and A MILLION times more popular than ever before. The MC witch bitch kills herself. The actor cast as Fuckwad gets a weekday daytime talk show on Fox (naturally) and his own sexcam website. Fuckwad gets every single woman pregnant, so, sequels. View all replies >