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This is a travesty of the novel, beneath contempt. I would not wish that gruesome fate on her. Pirates 6 won’t even be straight to video. It will be straight to VHS. Just watched this and it has expanded my respect for Amber Heard. She can do comedy, and action, and intelligent. “Dying is easy. Comedy, that’s hard.” Stupid people CANNOT play smart, period, exclamation point. Action demands fitness, coordination and what the Japanese call Zanshin, the obvious ability to dominate with your mind alone. Kristin Stewart lacks is, Jennifer Hasbeen lacks it, Dauntless chick lacks it, Black Widow wannabe lacks it, Heather has it; not as much as Michelle Yeoh or Gina Carano, but she has it. Oscar? No. Movie star? Yeah, I think so. Would parents blame the company? Sure, especially if an ambulance-chasing shyster sought them out and told them they “have a case.” Would a judge toss the case out, because an advertising campaign cannot be held responsible for a pre-existing case of clinical depression? After the judge stopped laughing hysterically for several minutes, and fining the plaintiffs for filing a frivolous law suit, you betchem. Yet, 3 years after your post, Amber is closer to being a classic movie star—not actress, movie star—than the 3 flaveurs du denier jour that you mention. No. It only worked if he died. This whole thing was crap. Boo-hoo. I despised this movie, its hype, and its 300 fans, each of whom saw it 1 million times. It was up there with the hysteria over the death of Diana Spencer, another nonentity. Kate Turabian, the Chicago Manual of Style: there is NO apostrophe in the reference to a decade, e.g., “the 60s.” As apostrophe means the reference is possessive, not collective. Good advice, that. Thank you. I was looking to you Brits for good coping advice. He is the complete Asshat, isn’t he? Today he complained that LeClererc’s broken front wing was leaving broken carbon fiber shards all over the track until his co-anchor reminded him that Ferrari had pitted LeClerc and replaced the entire damaged nose several laps ago. He gets drivers wrong. He gets teams wrong. He probably does not know what year it is or who is fucking his wife. Plus, hot women. Gwyneth Paltrow was in it as well, but not as an attraction. Combine tanning with smoking and you hi from beef jerky to shoe leather—leather for cheap shoes, not for Italian or Swiss shoes. View all replies >