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Mike hammered a lot of different actors. He was SUPER gay. The Face is Sela Ward. How the fuck can you not know that? Do you know what number comes after 3? Probably not. The SHOW wasn’t satisfying. McSeries never are. Yes, you are very insulting, and narrow-minded. Good luck with that. tubi and Streampix and Epix, on the other hand . . . no Bollywood bullshit (albeit often with SMOKIN’ babes), no boring McSeries with more filler than a fuckdoll and no ScyFi McMovies. Netflix (which I have): the Facebook and AOL of streaming entertainment. Thank you. Marlon Brando: immortal. Russell Crowe: who? You are FAR too easily amused. The basis for “based on a true story” is often as thin as an 8 year-old’s dick. Because Mindy Robinson has gone on record as saying she will never do hard adult. She only does nude. I respect her tremendously. Good to see you, old friend. You help to keep me sane in this asylum. I hope I do the same for you. This topic in one word: fucking stupid. Idiots rely on single words. Poets require more, just as a geometrical requires at least two points to describe a line. View all replies >