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The White Tiger Megan Thee Stallion in P_Valley episode 2.9! A piss-poor Billions wanabee Yeah, this is gonna work Do you remember Motown? “If you’re not having sin, you’re not having fun.” Best telejournalist after Edward R Murrow Don’t waste your time. Absent stupidity, there is no horror. This thing also had a strong female cast! View all posts >


What a profound argument. Well, that settles everything, then. What happened?! People are stupid. That’s what happened. The word is risqué, but you don’t know that. So, you don’t have a the balls to write “fucking.” Not impressive. Jethro Dull Still funny? When was it ever? Sparky is a boring and unimaginative name; ergo, it is perfect for this banal site. Not only do I not give a shit, I do not give 1 of my priceless loads, or fucks, if you prefer. I never use rubbers. Faze, not “phase.” Please don’t rape the language. Indeed, it’s best that you not post at all. There is also no apostrophe in “its” as you are using it. Signed, The Smug Language Prick He’s an attention whore, has the intellectual and emotional depth of a puddle of piss, is 1 of multiple socks — 1 of whom has already posted on this topic, and asks the kind of random, pointless questions one would expect from a 6 year-old child. Other than that, he and his I’ll-educated socks are just a complete waste of time, space and air. And a troll should never be countenanced. AC/DC, unless you’re a pussy with your own cum on your hands. View all replies >