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So she’s fellating BLACK guys to get these prime roles? ‘Cause her career sure as Hell ain’t based on looks or talent. By the way, “only” 50 percent is the majority share when there are several other shareholders. That’s not “only.” Rush is far more than “decent.” It is masterful storytelling and was never intended for a mass market. Neither is Patek-Philippe, Veuve Cliquot, Hugo Boss, Classe Audio or Koenigsegge Automotive. Racism! The trump card of the truly stupid and lazy troll. Yeah, I like my air free and unbound. I am one of the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free! Other than the sloppiness, it’s a good post. Hate the Streep character. Thank you. Doh! So, you got me. It’s Wieder, , not Wieder? Though, in German, Joe’s the second vowel is sounded and not the first. Sorry, iisten. I don’t read much. Tell me about your workouts. Today I did 125 pounds 5 sets 😁time 5 sets with 100 seconds max text tim It’s sad that you cannot see the amplifying deleted posts by HarvardBarbie, my best friend on MC and elsewhere. She states that Paul was a ballet dancer, of which she knew (which, of everything she knows, MUCH, as in “could write a book or 3” much. As in, “Off the top of my head, no further research needed.” As in, a massive loss to this website, driven off by, in her words, “the anger and vulgarity” of this place of “fun, games and chatting.” But not this place of maturity, dignity, ideas and thinking. Her career has not. Ignore Where have you seen worse on premium cable that was so heralded? This was not Girls or Silicon Valley or Flight of the Choncords. This was supposed to rival GOT and The Sopranos. Prithee, name me a more flaccid failure than this. Easy Rider The Sopranos View all replies >