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I did not know that about the Great White’s tangle with the midget cage, but it makes sense. Thanks for that. The sharks wanted too much money. It was cheaper to automate with Bruce, which is what the crew named the several mechanical sharks they used in the movie. Good one. When I was a boy, when my mother was angry with me, she would often say, “You’re a son of a bitch.” I would just smile at her and reply, “Yes. I AM your son.” You know what was so frustrating? She never got it. The guy took his username from a Hanna-Barbara semi-animated 60s kiddies cartoon, for cripes sake. Unlikely he was a Rhodes scholar. I’m sorry you had that reaction, though I can see your point. I loved the character from the start. To me it was a delight to watch her grow, and somehow always to maintain a trace of good cheer and goodness in spite of the very harsh hand that life dealt her, and that she embraced without becoming corrupted by it. She was strong. But, combine that face with that body and her personality, and Mr. Happy is good to go😈 Colombia has some GREAT ass, and that’s about it; but I thank Colombia for that😈 The point is that they dropped the mike when they finished Excalibur. There is no need for another Arthur movie. Period. It’s all over. ElSuffocate illmadwolf999 Not including those I have on Ignore, whose name is Legion and Boring. Geez, grammar is in short supply around here, isn’t it? I’d say that she pretty obviously did. Just a wild guess. View all replies >