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When I’m Looking For A Heavyweight African-American Senior Actor, He’s The Guy For Whom I Look Stick With It I’ve Always Found Her Very Erotic Early Renewal For Season Two This Person Knows How To Tell A Story She Was An Aerobics Instructor, And Hot View all posts >


Blame SusanSmith. You presume he actually has a dick. Assuming facts not in evidence! No. Just plain no. The Olympics are about the limits of human performance, not about science. I resent disrespect for the Olympic Games. If you want something like this, do not call the games Olympics. Thank you. She already was a great actress when you wrote this, long ago. The OP was a troglodyte. And, “hardly any kind of test”? The sheer physical demands of the role were a test I defy you to pass. The training and commitment involved in her meeting them is beyond most people’s understanding. Add in the emotional challenges of playing a 16-year-old who is required by her circumstances to have an ingenue’s level of health, an Olympian’s level of fitness and skill, and the maturity of judgement of a middle-aged woman, and we have a challenge, buckaroo. Oh yeah, we have a challenge. The man was a linguist and a gentleman. I’m not surprised that he replied. That’s quite a memory for you. Maybe because TRUE beauty comes from the inside out and is not skin deep. She seems to have a brain, a moral compass, good sense (a real rarity today), balance and harmony. I bet she knows that many, many people will find her physical beauty diminishes as she ages (with which I disagree) and so finds more durable personal qualities on which to base her self-respect. All of which only makes her all the more magnetic. And nobody has mentioned Gone With The Wind? Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Y’know what? Fuck the racism charge. Right in the ear. I’m fed up with this trivial, sniveling hand-wringing. I have great respect for Islam, but none at all for “Islamic” psychopaths who attacked the US on 9/11. And how can the charge be “racism” when the charge is tied to a religious belief and not to an ethnicity? It can’t. A person of any ethnicity can believe in Islam, or Buddhism, or Judaism or Christianity. The ignorance of alleged social critics knows no bounds, nor much of anything else. And, “people said”?! I know you’re correct that “people said,” but so what? Most people suck. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote that “Hell is other people,” and he was right. The majority is almost always wrong. If you want to succeed, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Most people are failing. None. Frat boys aren’t funny. View all replies >