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****Baker's Dozen: Films where we never see the villain(s)**** Dancing in the dark was her best work. Did they consider getting Meg Ryan back? Unfortunate choice for a name. Why couldn't the parents just support their grandchild and kids? Did anyone else expect more? Kiss have Spinal Tap moment in Vienna. How are y'all finding Rose Leslie as a romantic lead? Cancelled. Looks dirty? View all posts >


Probably not or they would be used for door stops, paper weights etc Albo reminds me of Rudd. He likes playing to the world stage and has lots of big ideas. The problem is the average person is wanting answers in terms of inflation, the cost of living, hope in being able to buy a house, job security etc. These things are boring to Albo and the Labor party. There isn't any glory in that for them. I'm tipping one term for Albo. He is going the same way as Biden in the USA. It's a shame that some of the "Populist" parties have been rather disorganized. That is what we really need, a proper grass roots, regular people type of thing. At the moment our new PM Elbow as they call him is turning out to be more of the same despite his working class/underprivileged background rantings. I don't know about AI. If I were in charge I would program it to say what I want it to say and have everyone bow down before me. But perhaps that is just me. I blocked him but i'd say a fair bit recently. Blocking people leaves gaps in the pages, when I go to page 3 I only see about 6 threads. Male here. I have noticed some women have gender non specific screen names so that can make it feel like there are more males. I tend to assume male unless a post tells me otherwise. I sometimes think going back to Monarchy rule would be better. Consistency and longer term vision. Australia is becoming a guest worker state. They would make us work 24/7. Not a young man but I think it should be noted that young women tend to look.scruffy as well as covered in tatts and weird piercings. So maybe they are a good match for each other? My experience with sharing Aussie food with Americans is they always say it tastes better and more real than American food.I used to be fascinated by American brands due to TV and movies but once I started tasting it the curiosity was over. No idea about your content but they clamped down on channel's who just compile other people's work. View all replies >