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The Amazing Johnathon, would he get away with this now like he did in 1996? Happy birthday! ***Baker's Dozen: Books referenced in Movies***. Closed Happy birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday Happy birthday! Happy birthday Happy birthday Looks a bit like... View all posts >


I’m missing too many now, compulsive disorder!! 6/10 he always seems the same. I thought you’d be a Nigerian prince. I missed Hugh Grant too. Sandler 5/10 he’s ok for what he does. Covid Lockdowns 9/11 Afghanistan BLM Saddam Hussein Osama Bin Laden Donald Trump Fall of Berlin Wall Yahoo, Google, Internet Netflix Streaming Social Influencer Desert Shield, Desert Storm Where the hell is Kuwait?! Harrison Ford seems to be different in each role without going to extremes. When I see Han Solo I don’t think of Indy Jones for example. Same as his other films, it’s like watching him for the first time. It's one of those things that sounds good even if it doesn't make much sense. Maybe it’s due to always playing the same type of role but he is very workman like in his performances. Lacking passion. I wouldn’t have rated her highly. Very over rated actress. I missed Berry and Diaz. Gere - 6/10 A search function if you want to find a chat thread on a topic would be good. View all replies >