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When Samantha met Sheila

I always liked the episode where Samantha gave Darrin’s old girlfriend her comeuppance.

What I like the best was Samantha’s mannerisms when casting a spell on Sheila. When she wanted to mess up Sheila’s hair Samantha would stroke her own hair. When Samantha blew a candle out it was a spell to conjure up wind.

I wish they would’ve used these type of mannerisms in later episodes when Samantha did witchcraft. I think it was interesting and it brought some variety instead of her always twitching her nose.


Yes, it was an interesting way of using her powers. Sheila also got a comeuppance in a later episode. Remember her huge dog in the mud puddle who leaped on her?


Sam wasn't the only reason Darrin didn't end up married to Sheila. While she was beautiful and definitely helped
Darrin career-wise, it's obvious he could've never really loved her.


Funny when you think about it....the show presents Darrin with two women...

One...who was rich and her money could have done just about anything for him and his career. Darrin wasn't about to let that happen...and I doubt he would have been able to get Sheila to live something more akin to his lifestyle.

And then...Samantha....whose powers could have done ANYTHING for him and his career. With Samantha...who easily gave up the witch life and she had the same ideals as Darrin...she wanted the to speak.