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I don't think there is anything wrong with looking as young as you can. But let's face it, some DO go too far (Dyan Cannon's navel must be on her forehead by now). I don't care for The Lucy Show, but Ball DID look slim and fantastic. I could pass for ten years younger than I am if my hair wasn't so gray (I still have plenty of dark on top, but - sheesh! - the sides are SO gray! And I think men who dye their hair look like game show hosts! It's never believable on men when they dye! (Thank God my other body hair hasn't turned gray!!). PJ, I've always had a mental picture of you as Blonde! Not sure why. But then I always thought you wore PURPLE pajamas! Bewitched was just as frequent, if not, more so. In the show's eight year run, they changed the wallpaper every two seasons; the furniture and general d├ęcor three times. They even remodeled and expanded the kitchen! I think the adhesive tapes were a clever way of getting around real facelifts, although I would guess it would take a fair amount of time to "evenly" lift Ball's face, so both sides were even and she didn't look like a stroke victim. In watching the old "Get Smart" shows (and...loving it!), I'm reminded that Barbara Feldon wore blue eye shadow, but she was a much younger woman, and the color complemented her blue eyes, dark hair and often bizarre outfits. My Dad lined very early in life (late 30's) while my Mom's skin has always been smooth. I'm lucky I take after her (my brother, who is four years younger than me, is more lined than I am!) As a male, I'm grateful I still have all my hair - I just wish it wasn't so gray!! But I count my blessings - several longtime male friends are completely bald! Well, Lucy WAS a clown on The Lucy Show, so maybe "clownish" makeup suited her. But I agree with Steven on two points: Lucy did look better in this second series than in the last year of ILL, and especially the hour-long shows. Due to stress, Ball put on some weight, which she lost by the time of The Lucy Show. Also, Ball balked at any kind of plastic surgery, so she wore a big band under wig, just above her forehead, which lifted her face, albeit temporarily. I thought Ball looked quite stunning in her 50's. Too bad her best TV work was a decade behind her. Second point: Yes, Lucy "lightened" her red hair, beginning in the Hollywood saga. It's much lighter, for instance, in the Hedda Hopper ep, than, in say, season three's "Baby Pictures." Just run the opening scenes of both, back to back, and it's pretty obvious. Most of my friends are women. One is about 5'2, another 5'3, and my very best friend is just 4'10. My one male best friend is about 5', "in short", I tower over them all. I noticed many years ago that Ricky wore BLOCKS for heels. It's very obvious, but it was understandable, as he was the MALE star (and executive producer) of a 1950's TV show. Only in the last few years have I realized how tall Vivian Vance was. She looks only about half an inch shorter than Ball when they are standing side by side in flats. In "The Charm School", when Lucy and Ethel are being "graded" by Phoebe Emerson, Lucy is wearing her open-toe high heels, while Ethel is in flats. She doesn't look much shorter! As for fingernails, Ethel seems to only have nicely groomed, well-manicured, but polish-free nails. I don't think a woman looks "un-groomed" without long nails or polish, but the nails should be well-manicured. What I CANNOT cotton to are tattoos, especially on women. It is a very trashy look to me, even if she only has one on her back or leg. Now for males, one or two can be sexy, depending upon who the guy is. But I just can't stand them on women. Before anyone calls me "sexist", keep in mind that I also dislike the "man bun." It may be hip, but guys who wear 'em look like a drip. To me, anyway. Wow. I feel pretty dumb. Of COURSE one needs longer nails if they play the guitar. I'm no musician, but I should've known better. The height thing was always an issue for men in the old days. Fred Astaire, who was 5'7, insisted Ann Miller and Cyd Charrise wear flats whenever they danced with him. Gene Kelly, also 5'7, detested working with Esther Williams because she couldn't dance and was too tall for him. In the extras section of the Get Smart box set, Barbara Feldon said she almost lost the role of agent 99 because she was two inches taller than Don Adams. She was in her stocking feet in medium/close shots and wore flats when her whole body was shown. I stand 6 feet, so height was never an issue for me. I've also been attracted to men shorter than myself. Not sure why. Recipe??? You're kidding, right? I've never even owned a cookbook! I'm not a great cook, but I play around with things. A dear friend of mine told me how simple it was to make the broccoli dish. She said boil angel hair pasta, carefully steam the broccoli, so it isn't too soft. Mix in the angel hair, then sprinkle with GOOD quality parmesan cheese. (Now, be sure and grab a pencil for this complex recipe; you don't want to FORGET it). My taco one involves frying corn tortillas (I much prefer these to "soft" tacos), then frying a pound of ground beef (again, I prefer this to chicken or beef) in the standard Mexican packaged powder with a fourth cup of water. I simmer for about 30 minutes (at least), then stir in two kinds of hot salsas I purchase at Vallarta's. Next, I add finely cut cherry tomatoes, finely chopped onions, then add the four-cheese Mexican shredded cheese and finely cut iceburg lettuce. I usually make a plate of four, so heaping, I use a fork for the filling that inevitably falls out onto the plate. NO sour cream, as it only adds more calories, and I'm not crazy about it. Since I live alone, this lasts for three meals. New Yorkers are known to NOT love Mexican food (in 1998, I dated a guy who had just moved to L.A. from Buffalo, and he had never HEARD of Taco Bell!). Two of my friends from the big apple STILL dislike it even though they've lived her 40-plus years! I highly doubt Lucy, Ethel and (especially) Fred didn't like Mexican. But then Ethel was a proud Midwesterner, so who knows? I prefer Alfredo sauce over marinara, which has always seemed ho-hum to me. One simple dish I like to make is pasta with broccoli and olive oil...with just a touch of parmesan cheese. Simple, but delicious, and easy to make. But I'm trying to lay off of carbs right now (which is why I rebelled yesterday and ate TWO hotdogs and (most of) of the fries). Maybe your spaghetti would do the trick. My mom always made a decent homemade spaghetti, but the only few times I raved about the dish was when it was made by REAL Italian cooks. Must admit that the spaghetti Lucy eats in "L.A. at Last" looks very good. Lucy was known to hate commissary food, and insisted that all dishes to Desilu be catered in, although I doubt that was her concern when eating during filming. I always wonder if they made that one spaghetti noodle extra long so Ethel could cut into it!! I don't think I've ever had Cuban food, but being from L.A., I LOVE Mexican food, and consider it my all-time favorite. (and not to brag, but you haven't lived until you've tasted my homemade tacos. My one specialty). Cupid's Hotdogs must be an L.A. thing, I guess. My mom worked close to one, and used to bring us Cupid's when we were kids and home sick. Their menu is pretty simple - just mustard and onions, or chili dogs. And they're basically just a stand, with some outdoor seating. We thought it was a real treat as kids. Yesterday, however, against my better judgment, I ordered a couple of mustard dogs and some fries to go (of-COVID-course). I enjoyed them, but had to throw out the rest of the fries, as I got a gnarly attack of heart burn. Pretty painful, but that's what I get for eating such fare at my age. As for spaghetti and meatballs, I've always found that a rather bland dish. I prefer lasagna! Well, "words" obviously failed YOU. (That's your best defense?). I take it you weren't a journalism major. View all replies >