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Hey, Satan, if the film is "so forgettable", why are you posting about it? A BRA, yes, but a GIRDLE when wearing PANTS and a shirt - to appear as a man? We know what a bra did/does, but a girdle was something women wore to streamline their figures - mainly for dresses. And they could be very uncomfortable. I would think a female cat burglar would want lose-fitting clothing for quick getaways. I just don't see it. Sorry, Madame X was trying to pass herself off as a man, and as a burglar, I don't see how she would NEED a girdle when she's moving through the night in pants, a shirt, a hat, scarf around the face, and a coat. Plus, as she's running from one apartment building to another, she's "spotted taking a hitch her girdle" - while trying to get away?? Not convincing to me. Sam wasn't the only reason Darrin didn't end up married to Sheila. While she was beautiful and definitely helped Darrin career-wise, it's obvious he could've never really loved her. I don't have to "argue." You, USA Today are entitled to their opinions. Too bad they're not every informed on what the series was all about. But neither was Nora Ephron in her HORRRID big screen version. Bewitched was NOT "a spoof." They played the series as realistically as possible. It was fantasy, but grounded fantasy. In his first book on the series, author Herbie J. Pilato stated that the lack of "family tree" technicalities were one of the show's "few faults." I disagree. I like that it's left to our imagination as to who was related to who. I also like that not once - EVER - did we see Endora's house (or houses). I don't think Columbia could've afforded the budget to "conjure up" where Endora lived. And it's much more fun for us to imagine it. "Considering this film was made in 1956???" There are THOUSANDS of greater (and greater) movies made 30 to 40 years BEFORE 1956, and junk is released today. I don't get why people disliked the ending as is. The film does NOT have a "happy ending", but rather a hopeful ending. And Whit Bissell is just terrific. Love the expression on his face when he finally believes McCarthy, or at least believes as much as he can. Terrific film. People who are in a panic, don't always act/react logically. I personally find it a cool piece of direction when McCarthy slides out the passenger door with the car still in drive. It's movie, dum dum. View all replies >