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Just watched "Lucy Wants a Career" with the (now-highly-forgotten) guest star, Paul Douglas. To my surprise, this one is among the better offerings. Lucy, at nearly 40 (I mean, the character), is feeling very bored and unfulfilled as a housewife. Once more, the first half plays very truthfully, and it's nice to see Ricky being finally supportive of his wife. The comedy is spot on, as Fred convinces one and all that ETHEL should be Lucy's maid while she works. Lucy's scheming to get the job as Douglas's "girl Friday" (on his early morning TV show) is quite funny. Naturally, Lucy eventually wants out, so she can return to being a housewife. But her quitting, then taking "two sleeping pills" so she won't be available feels very contrived, and Ricky and Douglas's dragging her out of bed into the studio is padded nonsense, as Douglas would only have to contact casting for a temporary bimbo replacement. The cereal scene isn't inspired, or particularly funny, but it's nice to have an episode conceived on true issues affecting women (just being a housewife) and set in in the East Coast (instead of Alaska). Over the last few nights, I caught "Lucy Goes to Mexico" and "Lucy Goes to Alaska." Both feature strong performances by the foursome, with an agreeable guest star (Maurice Chavalier and Red Skelton). However, both suffer from inane, ridiculous finales. In "Mexico", Lucy winds up in a bullfight; in "Alaska", she and Skelton crash land an airplane in the snow. Thoroughly ridiculous. But since I paid for them, I'm going to watch them at least once. I avoided this cornball "epic" for decades (and I'm a classic movie fan). Absolutely unbearable. Stewart and Peck are beyond breakfast-cereal corny. The film is a mess. Too long, too many characters and actors who portray them (several who are laughably miscast). Oddly, it's Reynolds who shines through. At 29, and still beautiful, she has the most intriguing character, but this pompous disaster is only interested in cramming as many poorly-cast stars into a single film as possible. To say this overlong pile of doo is uneven is putting it mildly. For years, the likes of Ron Howard (who, shamefully, calls this cluster of dung as among his favorites) bemoaned the pan-and-scan, visually truncated TV versions as blasphemous. Like it matters. Whatever the aspect ratio, a bad movie is a bad movie. I have never seen Gregory Peck or James Stewart this AWFUL. Recommended only for those who suffer from INSOMNIA. I loathe PC nonsense, too. (Notice how everyone jumped on writer Stephen King when he stated he votes for Oscars by talent, NOT by race. That's what he's supposed to do!!). That said, my choice of words were unnecessary. So far, the only disagreement is my (poorly chosen) usage of "mentally retarded", not on anything else I posted about the program. And sorry to disappoint you two, but I am not upset in the least. I take it you "really like this." Oh, boy. Uh...I was JOKING. Yes, the first black-and-white season of "The Lucy Show" boasts some great moments. I love the shower ep, as well as the TV antenna show. And the Christmas offering is incomparably superior to the 1956 ILL Xmas ep. But even in these, it's Vance's acting that sells them. Lucy just seems to be shouting her lines AT actors, rather than conversing in character. I just can't get into them, and, as the series progressed, it just got worse. Sorry, Ball did NOT deserve her Emmy for "The Lucy Show." Elizabeth Montgomery, Marlo Thomas and Barbara Feldon were all doing fresher work. For shame. I will definitely give "Mexico" and "Alaska" a whirl. (The one I'm dreading is "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana." As if Ball and Arnaz could convincingly portray their younger selves. And meeting the Mertz's on THEIR honeymoon? And, no, I have little time for Ann Sothern)! Well, PJ, if you ever come to California to visit your niece, I will set you up on a date with a hot (straight) guy (I know a few), treat you to a steak dinner, and then we can watch "Baby Pictures" and "Lucy Tells the Truth" (it HAS to be season three...AND Caroline Appleby!!!). I enjoy those rare moments, too, PJ...but still would've loved it if the entire series went by WITHOUT Endora saying "Darrin." To me, it's akin to having Harpo Marx NEVER uttering a sound. Furthermore, had Asher and company realized how BW would've endured throughout the decades, I don't think they would've went for it either. Just my opinion. I have said this before, and I'll say it again: I feel it was a HUGE mistake to have Endora say "Darrin" correctly (and, at numerous times throughout the series). I always felt it would've been cool to have Endora just somehow UNABLE to say it. In episodes where she's trying to manipulate Darrin ("A is For Aardvark"), the writers could've easily had Endora say..."Doesn't she though....Son", instead of, "Doesn't she though...Darrin." "Son" would've been equally disgusting for her to say under normal circumstances, and it would've kept her saying every name with a "D" EXCEPT "Darrin.' View all replies >