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"Citizen Cane" is an undisputed masterpiece. "Tootsie" is not. I didn't like the movie when it first came out, and I tried watching it several times since, due to its so-called classic status. I think it's awful. And Jessica Lange's winning a supporting Oscar for this film is a serious joke. But like I said, I also loathe "Some Like it Hot." I do NOT believe for one second that any person of even lower intelligence would buy these men as "women." It's forced and unfunny. It is not likely they will convert the whole series. Pretty pathetic, though, that they will spend the money to colorize more and more episodes to pander to the infantile minds that view the beautiful black-and-white prints as something inferior. But I digress... ILL is SO popular, that it isn't cost effective, I guess. In other words, the money it would take to properly remaster and them and then convert them to HD isn't worth the cost, when the revenue of the DVDs is still so high. I couldn't believe, for instance, when Warner's recently released the 1950 musical "Summer Stock" on Blu Ray. It's a pleasant film, but not a great one, and there are still great Judy Garland musicals that have not gone HD. But I read that the number "Get Happy" is so iconic, that Warner's felt it was worth the costs. Back to I Love Lucy: Like it or not, it still must be the most successful sitcom in history, and in view of the fact that "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits" have had entire-series HD transfers, it is a little sad. Sorry, the "Q" is over-complicated, confusing, and unnecessary. I feel the same way about "Tootsie" as you do about "Vertigo." I don't buy it, and I'm not laughing. And in today's "trans" world, it doesn't hold up, as most of the characters would assume Hoffman was transitioning from male to female. I also don't care for "Yentl", as Streisand doesn't convince as a young man. Two other things that annoy me: LGBT is fine, but the "Q" is totally unnecessary, since queer refers to all of the preceding letters, especially gay. "Pansexual": Oh, brother. This is behavior, NOT a true orientation. Hudson was a bore AND a boor. I'm not a big fan of "2oo1", but I get it. I see where it's brilliant. Two classic films that bore me to death: "Some Like it Hot" (another film, btw, that Allen dislikes) and "Tootsie." Both are horrendously unfunny to me, and I don't believe that - in either films - the characters would buy that these guys in drag would fool anyone, least of all Hollywood creatures. "vertigo" is not everyone's cup of tea. The great Woody Allen (one of my fave directors) is a Hitchcock fan and also loathes it. In his words, it's just "too slow and meandering." Novak isn't much of an actor. As for "Rear Window", who cares if there's an age difference...if there's chemistry, there's chemistry. I've dated several men many years younger than me, so I'm a bit defensive. I also think it's great that more and more older women have younger men in their lives. So many younger men find older women attractive, and I see nothing wrong with it, as long as the relationships are basically healthy, and everyone is over 18. According to William Asher, Lane was just as cranky as his characters, especially by the time of "Bewitched." He was impatient with sitting around while they lit special effects, and so forth. Another from "The Business Manager." Lucy: "I can always take Little Ricky and leave you, you selfish beast!" Mr. Hickox" (pause) "You'd better save that for Mr. Ricardo." Try his Hitchcock work. The BBC has removed "Citizen Cane" on its list of the greatest films ever made, and replaced it with "Vertigo", a masterpiece. It's so modern, it feels like a film made TODAY SET in 1958. Stewart's character has a complete breakdown. It's a great performance. Also, "Rear Window." His work in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is also amazing. And, frankly, so is "It's a Wonderful Life." I agree he made some boring Westerns, many of which, I have no patience for. Stewart had great range and could ACT. Hudson coasted on physical charm. Big difference. View all replies >