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Happy Birthday! Glad to know he's still around. Barney Miller was a great character. Yes, I've had jeans or other slacks that get threadbare after a while. I wear sweatpants when I walk my dog and sometimes I just have to "retire" them for strictly home wear and buy new ones. Growing out of clothes was never a big problem for me. I never had a growth spurt! I think I stopped growing when I was about thirteen. From then on, pants never got too short for me. I DID however, get some hand me downs from my younger sister when she outgrew them. The green gown that Mary wore, do you really think it was a wedding dress like Sherry said. She told Mary that the guy she sold her designs to thought "green was the wrong color for a wedding gown." I used to think she was telling the truth. Now I think she was just joking with Mary. The second half of the movie does contain many sad moments. But the film was striving for reality, at least in part. Otherwise it would've been a cheat and a disservice to the people who lived there. Poor people everywhere don't spend their days singing and dancing. Life in Czarist Russia was no picnic for the Jews peasants (and probably not a funfest for Christian peasants either). As they all trudge away at the end, banished from their homes, I get teary-eyed. But at least Tevye and his family are going to "New York America" and Lazar Wolf is headed for his brother-in-law's home in "Chicago America". I keep thinking that at least now they'll have indoor plumbing. They'll surely encounter prejudice in America but they won't have to face another pogrom. And the best thing is they will avoid living in a war zone in a few years. Now if only we could be sure Tzeitel and Chava leave Poland and join them in the USA. Funny that you should mention the fur! I was just watching the episode last night where Mary comments on it. It's a fiffth season episode. Sherry, the "lady of the evening"(as Lou refers to her) comes to ask Mary for a favor. She needs "an upstanding citizen" to vouch for her to the judge. When they go to Sherry's apartment and she opens her closet, Sherry asks Mary if she has something to say about her four fur coats. Mary says that she feels funny about wearing dead animals. That episode has my absolute "favorite" gown that Mary wore. It was the green gown with cut-outs that Sherry designed for her. What a dress. Ted's eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw her in that. " Mary ,whenever I dream of you, you're dressed exactly like that." It's amazing that Ted would ADMIT to it, especially with Georgette within earshot! For myself, my clothes hardly ever wear out. It's a good thing that I stick to basic styles; they are what is referred to as "classic" pieces. Mostly I get rid of things because I am sick of them. For instance, I have a light reversable jacket for cool weather. It's white on one side and a light green (different material) on the other. It's nice and practical. But I've had it over twenty years and it just won't seem to wear out or get holes in it. I still wear it sometimes. But I'm so tired of it! Rented this way back when there were video stores. I loved it. It really held my interest all the way through. In my childhood, kids would get mad if someone "copied off me". We'd throw a fit at the copiers. Then adults told us that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". What's with this idiotic "cultural appropriation"? Who copies something if they think it's ugly or stupid? It's flattering. I stubbornly miss Quint and Hooper. But this is a different story. In one of the extras on the DVD, it's said that when the first director bailed, Steven Spielberg was willing to step in if he could start over and include Matt Hooper. I would've liked that. But looking back, it turned out for the best. It's ultimately Chief Brody's story. He's going it alone with no one believing in or supporting him. It's very effective. When I was 13 there was a boy who had a crush on me and he said I looked like Rachel Welch. While I was flattered, I knew it was totally ridiculous! I thought I more resembled the dinosaur she fought in One Million, B.C.! LOL A few years ago a woman in a store said I looked like Jane Seymour. I also thought that was ridiculous! I forgot that Uhura wore Command gold early on. But at the time I doubt of the network would allow females to take command! I remember just being thrilled that there were "girl astronauts" on the show! Majel Barrett's role on Trek was okay, not great, but not terrible. But looking back, I see how she was portrayed as "female" first and only incidentally an officer. Remember her first appearance? She was only on the Enterprise to search for her missing fiance in "What Are Little Girls Made Of". He was history and she promptly fell in love with Spock. Lwaxana Troi was one irritating woman! I didn't mind a few of her scenes. But I could have done without her. The role definitely reeked of, "Let's find a part for Mrs. Roddenberry to play". Excellent post. You can't be just a "little bit" dirty or corrupt. It's like the old saying about being a "little bit pregnant". You either are or you aren't. Sure he could've donated the money to charity. But then he would have always been "on the take". How could he prove he was doing something noble and giving the money away? View all replies >