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The "classic 39" Honeymooners is great. I never tire of it. Every once in a while I watch of few of the episodes on DVD. I don't think they did re-takes. You'll notice that they left in the flubs! Jackie Gleason was notorious for not wanting to rehearse. He thought it ruined the spontaneity of comedy. The cast rehearsed without him. Luckily he had a superb memory. But he did make a few flubs. There was another instance when they were at a Raccoon Lodge meeting and the actor playing the "Head Raccoon" forgot a bit of dialogue. He stuttered over it and Jackie Gleason came to his aid with the correct word. The mistakes lend an air of realism to the show. Everyone forgets a word now and then or searches to find the right way to say something. I know I do. I've never seen Heaven's Gate. Now I may have to. I just wish people felt this way about Ishtar! haha I thought it was hilarious and everyone I recommended it to liked it. I know it's considered a big flop. I never thought Lucy was a "great" dancer. But to me, anyone who can do dance steps and not trip over their feet, is a "good" dancer. Those steps may have been easy, but Lucy did them very gracefully. Maybe it's just a case of me being impressed by people who can do things that I have trouble with. Over the years I bought many exercise tapes. A lot of the routines are fairly simple, but the ones with aerobic dance steps were always so hard for me to master. Lucy had four days to rehearse? It used to take me weeks to get the moves down. It was so frustrating. i used to have to stop the tape and rewind! Lucy "vanced with Dan". I love that flub. It's a lot funnier that way. I like when Lucy glides out of the room. "I'm off to rehearsal." Interesting that Lucy really COULD dance. But we were always supposed to believe that she had no talent whatsoever. She tells Van Johnson that she has seen his act about, what was it, 14 times? So that's how she knew the steps. I could never learn steps just by watching someone dance. I have the proverbial two left feet! The early scene when Lucy is "talking" to Van Johnson by the pool is funny. Even funnier, he wakes up and Lucy is almost nose to nose with him carrying on her phony conversation. Yes that's true about the women reporters missing out on scoops. It only makes sense that there should be equal access to the athletes, but outside the locker room. I don't think I'd want to be interviewed on my way to the showers or undressing! I remember when Lionel got on Mike's case for bringing up "black issues" all the time. Remember it was when they were playing that "Truth" board game with the Lorenzos. Lionel just wanted to be talked to like a regular person and not a "representative of the whole black race." Mike was frustrate and asked if he should talk about the weather. I always liked Lionel's reply. "Yes! Black people have weather too. We get rained on and everything." Mike went to the extreme of being patronizing to minorities just to show how open minded he was. He was pro-woman, on paper that is! But I don't think he believed a lot of what he spouted. Edith was one of those rare people who was truly accepting of everyone. In fact in that same game, Lionel told her that his family was scared at first about moving into an all white neighborhood. But they knew with Edith, they had one true friend for sure. Mary Jane Croft and her TV husband Frank Nelson were on ILL a lot. It makes sense that producers would hire reliable people. Lucy did hire her old pal Barbara Pepper for a lot of bit parts. Her story is such a sad one. Her husband died in an accident and she was so devastated. She fell into depression and alcoholism. Hard to believe that she was only in her thirties when she made her ILL appearances. In old pictures of her from her movie roles, she was absolutely stunning. I don't know WHY Caroline was called Lillian again. But when she arrived in Hollywood, Lucy was calling her Caroline again. It's so true that some songs get too much exposure and people get sick of them. I remember when "Achy Breaky Heart" came out. Too much air time and people started to hate it. "We are the World"- The comedienne Marsha Warfield said, "I liked it the first two, three thousand times I heard it. Then it started to p#ss me off." lol For myself, I have taken an instant dislike to some songs because I hated the melody, couldn't stand the singer's voice, thought the lyrics were stupid or a combination of all three. "Afternoon Delight" and "Horse with No Name" are two that come to mind right away. I love the scene when Bobby the bellboy escorts Lucy and her mother to the nightclub! Ricky stares at him with a "What the heck is going on?" look and Bobby just shrugs. The look on his face is priceless. Lucy makes demands of him and he can't say no. Since the actor had already played the milkman in the gossip episode, do you think they decided to use him for the Hollywood episodes without considering anyone else? "An old lady"... Yes, Ellen Corby was one of those women who looked old for her age. She didn't start playing Grandma Walton until almost twenty years later. But she already looked like a grandma. Okay, we're entitled to our opinions of course! I've never smoked pot or did drugs because I don't want to lose control. Guess I'm a sissy too! I know people who have never tried alcohol for religious reasons. My friend's pastor (extremely Fundamentalist, like a Baptist) goes on and on about how he never had "spirits". He'd "rather get high on the Holy Spirit". Now to me, he's kind of a p#ssy! He goes on and on and pats himself on the back for it. Actually his congregation agreed that if they saw him taking a drink, they'd fire him. It CAN be taken to extremes. View all replies >