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Strange how Hollywood jumped all over Stephen King since he is definitely in agreement with them on most issues. I've read some of his interviews and he does seem to be very left leaning. Even if I hadn't read his interviews, a lot of his beliefs come through in the characters in his books. He's been one of my favorite authors and I've read a lot of his work. I resent Hollywood when they criticize the rest of the country for being "narrowminded" and complain how few minorities receive Oscars. I always think, "Well... hell, I DON'T get a vote! YOU people are the ones who write the movies for white people, cast white people and vote for white people. Don't put the blame on us." The movie doesn't address any of those issues. But the novelization attempts to explain things better. Apparently the Alien was breaking into the food lockers. It was eating something. I would guess that when it opened one of the food lockers, Jones jumped inside and the locker door swung shut. I can't think of any other way to explain it. I know cats are very curious. I've often opened kitchen cabinets and later heard one of my cats crying to be let out. They jump inside and I close the door without seeing them. Of course I have NO idea why the Alien would bother to shut a door! As for Ash, I remember reading somewhere that it wasn't so much an attempt to kill her, rather it was more to "violate" her. ... something about weird robot sex. I saw this one briefly (couldn't make it all the way through) several years ago. It IS beyond awful! Just proves how networks will greenlight a terrible project if the person in charge (here, Desi Arnaz) has a proven track record. Didn't CBS even READ the script? Aside from all the reasons that gb cited to call this mess "an elephantine turkey", don't forget that it totally destroys the backstory of Lucy and Ricky on ILL. Lucy says that she was asked out on a blind date by her friend Marion Strong. In "Lucy Writes a Novel", Ricky berates Lucy for changing history. He reminds her that he flew to Miami with his musicians. There's NO mention of him meeting Lucy on a cruise. And they definitely met Fred and Ethel when they moved into their brownstone when they were newlyweds. As for the mentally retarded, well even THEY have better sense! lol People need to lighten up and not be "so offended." I suggest watching the late, hilarious comedian Ralphie May. He does a bit youtube where he talks about "retards". He says that he got in trouble for using the term on TV because it was "offensive". He asks, "To who?" It's a very funny bit. He never apologizes about his lack of political correctness. He's a riot when he complains about gays "stealing the rainbow" and having parades and he has to drive way out of his way (and waste gas) to get around them. People need to relax and stop being offended about every [email protected] word. I have a friend who's a nurse. She worked in a home for the mentally disabled. She said that when the guys with Down's Syndrome would argue, they would call each other "retards!" If you are referring to Ash, I think he said, "Kane's son". It was a strange way of saying that Kane basically "gave birth" to the alien. It's very hard to hear. But that's what I read somewhere. This might be slightly different. The movie told the same story as the book, but it was told in a very truncated manner. I'm referring to Gone with the Wind. I was reading it in high school and the movie came to town. This was back in the days before you could buy movies. The big classics (like Disney films) came to local theaters every so often. I was thrilled to see the characters come to life and I enjoyed GWTW. But after a few more viewings, I came to dislike it. I've read the book a number ofttimes and the film is really just the Cliff Notes version. It is just not satisfying when you are familiar with the book. It is over a thousand pages and I suppose they did their best with four hours. If the book came out today, it would be a five part miniseries on TV. Even with ten hours, a lot would have to be left out. Also some of the characters are just not the same as they were in the book. Clark Gable was America's sweetheart back then and his Rhett Butler is heroic and honorable. In the book, Rhett's a bit of a rat. He has very little in the way of scruples. He is a dark character. At one point Scarlett voices concern about doing things that will ruin her reputation. It's not that she really cares about doing the right thing. She's just a hypocrite who likes to put up appearances. Rhett tells her that you don't know "what a burden a good reputation is" until you've lost it. He lost his years ago and his father threw him out. He became wealthy by gambling. It's basically the same story. But it sort of reminds me of the movies that Carol Burnett would parody on her show. She would take a movie like "Mildred Pierce" and it would become a 15 minute sketch, "Mildred Fierce". In fact she even did "It Went with the Wind" on her show. So sorry to hear that. A beautiful and talented lady for sure. One of my favorite roles was when she played Juanita, Fred Sanford's old girlfriend. She came to town to "reel him in" and told Fred that he was the father of her daughter Alice. Hilarious complications ensued when Lamont took a liking to her and asked her out. "Oh no! The dummy is dating his sister." Miss du Bois could only have been in her mid thirties, but she did a great job of playing someone so much older (with a lot of help from make-up). Terms of Endearment. Loved the movie so much. I watched it over and over. The book is so different. NO Garrett Breedlove astronaut character. Danny de Vito's character had a much bigger role in the book. YOU threw out a disc of ILL? Was it because of a high fever or jet lag? lol I figured that you'd find it somewhere, but not in the trash. I usually find lost articles AFTER I buy new ones. When my disc three of season three got scratched, I bought the whole season. I'm glad to have the back-up for season three. As far as The Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour, I recommend the Tallulah Bankhead episode. But I know you've seen it. I vaguely recall "Lucy Meets the Moustache" and I remember that I liked it. I saw a few episodes about six, seven years ago on TV. I forget which station was airing them. The episode when they went to Japan was pretty much of a groaner for me. Her Lucy Ricardo shtick of disguising herself in outlandish get-ups was wearing thin for me. Also, Lucy wanted Ricky to buy her real pearls because she never owned them. Not true! Ricky bought her real ones for their anniversary in an early ILL episode. As for some of the later Lucy Show episodes, I remember the one you cited. Painfully unfunny. Mary Jane Croft was very good in her various roles on ILL. She and Lucy had great chemistry as friends when she was neighbor Betty Ramsey. But on The Lucy Show, she was stepping into Ethel Mertz's shoes and they were TOO big to fill (no intended wisecrack about Ethel's supposedly huge feet!). I'm pretty sure that even Vivian Vance would've had trouble with that clunker of an episode, Lucy taking a sick day and getting busted by winning a contest. But Ethel's mere presence would've made the episode a bit more entertaining. I received a gift of some of the later color episodes of The Lucy Show. I could hardly get through them. It was sad to see Lucille Ball's once perfect timing and comedy skills fade away. Did no one advise her that she couldn't pull off the dizzy Lucy Ricardo character anymore? She really was stuck in the fifties. And the repetitive "Lucy Carmichael meets another celebrity" script REALLY got old. For me, the only good Lucy Shows were the black and white ones with Viv and those hilarious youngsters. Funny, I was thinking that we live so far apart. But my niece moved to California a few years ago. I thought if I ever visited her, I'll "pull a Lucy stunt" and hide out on gbennett's balcony, climb over his fence or disguise myself in some crazy costume! LOL gb- I watched an early episode not too long ago when Endora calls him "Darrin". She pops in for dinner. I'm pretty sure it's the first time Uncle Arthur appears. Now for some reason, THAT doesn't bother me! I always liked it when Endora attempted to be civil towards Darrin. Of course it's funnier when she isn't (civil that is). Just like Bewitched "borrowed" some ILL plotlines, I've often thought that Endora getting Darrin's name wrong was lifted from Lucy. Her mother could never remember Ricky's first name. And sometimes she couldn't remember his LAST one. Remember, "There are so many Richardsons in the phone book." Or, "Wait till Mickey Richardson hears about this." That could be true. Or I could just be my pet peeve about dialogue which tries to be mysterious just for the sake of mystery. On Star Trek when Mr. Spock was asked if he had another name, he also replied, "You couldn't pronounce it." Well, okay, he WAS an alien. But these witches were born and raised on Earth (I presume, lol). How unpronounceable could their names be? Unless of course, they were Welsh. I've seen some names of Welsh towns that were 25 letters long or more. I'd always just assumed that Sam's parents had an English background, at least her father, owing to his affinity for Shakespeare and his own slightly British accent. And those other witches had names that were easy to pronounce like Baker and Brocken. Also, going back to my original question, why didn't Darrin just say whatever last name Samantha told him was hers? She must've told him something, even if she made it up. 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