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I know you don't "see it" cos you're a guy. LOL But years ago, women wore undergarments that were quite uncomfortable. That was just the way things were. I know this is going waaaay back, but I remember when I first read "Gone With the Wind", Scarlett was my age (16) and it was very important for her to be laced into a corset so she'd have a 16 inch waist. I thought she was nuts! Pantaloons, corset, corset cover, stockings,petticoats,etc. And that was in the HOT summer south. In the summer I wore little more than shorts, a top and sandals. Back then, the way people dressed, specifically women, was dictated by custom and culture. Comfort had little to do with it. You remember Lucy and the Loving Cup? She wanted Ethel to take her on the subway. Ethel refused to go until she changed out of her jeans. She said she'd never wear them in public. However I will admit that Madam X should've been dressing more comfortably for a quick getaway. He has a high I.Q. but he's still a child. He's immature with very little life experience. Even when Sheldon grows up he still does not demonstrate a very high understanding of emotions or correct behavior. Yes, Desi is hilarious in this one. There was also a "afraid of going bald" episode on The Dick van Dyke Show when Rob thought he was going bald. Interesting that both Desi Arnaz and Dick van Dyke always maintained lush, full heads of hair. Yes, you were a great character! I loved the way he laughed at all of Fred's insults. He never too him seriously. Well...even if she dressed like a man, she'd still be wearing ladies undergarments. I'm pretty sure she was wearing a bra too! And as far as "taking a hitch on her girdle" during her getaway, you can never underestimate the stupidity of criminals. I have a book of true "dumb criminal" stories. One guy robbed a bank and tried to make his getaway on a city bus! steven1660- ha! "Georgeous George"! He was a professional wrestler back then. He was called "gorgeous" because he was so handsome. I don't know if you are familiar with the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. There's one that's a take-off on him when Bugs wrestles "Ravishing Ronald". Yes, in those days women needed a girdle (or a garter belt) to hold up their stockings. That was years before the invention of pantyhose. Yes, it was an interesting way of using her powers. Sheila also got a comeuppance in a later episode. Remember her huge dog in the mud puddle who leaped on her? charliekelly- thanks, some of the on-line acronyms are unfamiliar to me. I had no idea that eight sentences was "too long" to read! lol Of course I doubt it when people say that they "didn't" read something. It seems to be the adult equivalent of when little kids argue and one kid sticks his fingers in his ears and says, "I can't hear you!" Believe it or not, slender women wore girdles back in the fifties and sixties! It was just a standard undergarment. My mom was about 110 lbs. and wore a girdle when she wore a dress. Stewardesses had to follow a strict weight policy, but sometimes their (female) supervisors would check to make sure they had their girdles on! The first ILL had Ricky reciting a paragraph of dated lines. Remember the scene when he's shaving and Lucy wants to be a showgirl in his show? He tells her that he doesn't want her in show business. All she has to do is cook and clean "and be the Mama for my children." I just watched a bunch of third season episodes and while I love "The Black Wig", I can't believe Ricky told Lucy she could NOT get her hair cut! My dad never dared tell my mom what to do with her hair. One time Sam "went home to mother" when she and Darrin had a fight. But they were only shown sitting on a cloud. I always wondered what Endora's home looked like, maybe a cross between the Taj Mahal and Buckingham Palace. There was a scene when she was zapped into the Stephen's living room and she was in the middle of her bath. Judging from the huge, luxurious tub that she was in, a bet her place was fancy. View all replies >