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And even after the election... Biden and Harris are the same as before! Double agents? Doubtful, neither has the brains. Both are too busy molesting ad whoring. Voting should be "hassle free"?? LOL Oh my God, if that isn't a first world problem, then I don't know what is. What a country of crybaby pissants we have become. OOOH, I have to go ALL the WAY to my polling place. It might take twenties minutes out of my free time. Oh Lordy, I may miss my favorite show. I may have to STAND in line for thirty minutes (while playing games on my cell phone). How WILL we survive as a country? How WILL we live if the citizenry has to take an hour out of its busy schedule to exercise a right that others DIED for? How WILL we deal with such hardships? You're goofy! Well, the electoral college map in PA is not anecdotal. We have 67 counties and less than a dozen vote Democrat. Those counties are clustered around Pittsburgh and Philly. Unfortunately they have the largest groups of minorities and welfare voters who tend to believe anything the Democrats promise them. My state is solidly Trump. I have no idea what sneaky stuff went on behind the scenes. Don't know if you remember, but back when Obama was running, Black Panthers were outside of many Philly voting places intimidating white voters. This whole election reeks of something dirty. I guess we're stuck with Biden. But God help this country! I definitely enjoyed the "Smarts" as a married couple. They always seemed like the perfect couple to me right from the start...and I was only a little kid when I watched the show. I'm not surprised that you never heard of Donald Trump before 2015. From all our exchanges, I've learned that all you know is the Kardashians, comic books, "Mean Girls" and other dopey stuff favored by the low I.Q among us! 'Trash talk Muslims"? LOL Like the ones who fly planes into buildings and behead "non-believers" and infidels like reporter Daniel Pearl who was beheaded on camera? You really are a confused, sicko nutball! You really need electroshock therapy! Oh Matilda... are just what the Democrats easily duped nitwit who stays on the reservation so they can dole out a few pennies to you and you are so grateful that you kiss their a$$es and vote for them. You are not even aware that you are being used. As Stalin said, he really appreciated those "useful idiots" who supported him and Communism! Dumb and immature, two words that describe you best. Now go back to your coloring book and crayons! Dumpkof! YOU warned ME? lol No, you just made some snarky remarks (typical of Biden supporters) about my restaurant job. Apparently it just didn't meet your leftwing standards. I "was told weeks before that the GOP specifically yadda,yadda..." How do you know what I was "told"? Got a crystal ball? I know I am not the smartest person ever born, but I DO know what I see and hear. And my state of PA was NOT in favor of Biden. I will NEVER believe he won my state legitimately. The fix was in a long time ago. But unlike Whoopi, Cher and the rest of the Hollywood crybabies I won't be threatening to move to Canada or running to my 'safe space' or asking for a crying towel. I will just be praying very hard that senile Grandpa Joe lasts a whole term and Komrad Kamala won't be Kalifornicating the rest of America. You don't need excuses for being 'so stupid". You are obviously a leftard, so no excuses are needed! Yeah, you are BIGGER, BETTER and MATURE! LOLOLOL YOU treat others decently and refrain from childish bickering?????????????????????? THIS from a clown who has called me "pissface" and "cocainehead"? HAHAHA You are truly the biggest hypocritical asswipe who ever roamed the planet!! But you ARE just a dope who can't spell! "refrain childish bickering",...uh, no , it's "refrain FROM childish bickering"! Even when you win, you can't take a moment to use proper grammar and stop acting like the uneducated moron that you are ! Even when leftards like you win you cannot stop being angry and bitchy and childish! Truth be told, I like Biden waaaay more than I like you. He is waaay classier and I wonder if he realizes that he has a-holes like you as his supporters! He is one of my Hollywood heroes! That's an understatement! View all replies >