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If the qualifications are only "rich moron", how come Hillary's candidacy sank into the toilet? And about "rich"...who was the LAST poor person who became President, at least in this century. ShogunofYonkers- Don't sell yourself short, shop isn't easy. I am one of those people who has trouble following simple directions to put things together. My brother-in-law is a whiz at building things. I buy little tables and bookcases from catalogues which have to be put together. He pointed out that I put the shelves in one of them upside down! I wanted to tell him to SHUT Spanish! lol I've always had what they call "a facility for languages". I took Spanish in high school and college. I took German too. I bought books and tapes and tried to teach myself French and Japanese. I'm so rusty now. I just don't get a chance to use any languages other than English. And in the town I live in, people have enough trouble just speaking English. ha! You're welcome! 'Homicide' was one of my favorite shows. Sad to say, it was never syndicated. I found a few episodes on youtube last year. I decided to buy the show and now I have the first four seasons on DVD. I have to get the rest of it. Hope you can find it to "binge watch", that is if you don't already own it. I wish your son a lot of luck. The music business is like every other part of show biz. You really have to have that 'fire' in the belly to make it. Talent helps of course! But the competition is so stiff. LOL Recognizing a song from three words? Well, no. I would need a hint, like the singer's name. I sometimes remember a bit of lyrics from a song and it takes me a while to remember it. This reminds me of a specific incident in high school. One morning my best friend asked me if I knew what song had a particular opening. She said the lyrics and I could NOT place it! It was a Stevie Wonder song, definitely before 1975. It was so familiar but we could not remember the song. It was one of those rare intros where the first few lines are spoken, not sung. Took us days to remember it. Now I can't remember it at all. I've been trying to remember all morning. Thanks a lot for bringing up this topic buster! LOLOL Oh yeah! Didn't want to go through his whole body of work, but that is definitely a great song with a lot of heart. So sorry to hear this. Loved a lot of his music. 'The Devil went Down to Georgia' is a classic One of my favorite supporting characters too. Did you ever see Yaphet Kotto on the cop drama "Homicide"? It came on in "93. He played Lt. Giardello. I loved that show. My husband (now ex-husband) used to tease me that I was only watching it because 'Parker' was on the show. degree7-LOL- Doubtful Parker would have returned to that nightmare. Just sayin though, how the Marines would have treated him vs. how they treated Ripley. And could you imagine if Parker was the one who found out what Carter Burke was up to? There wouldn't have been enough of him left for an alien to impregnate. He would've been "dog meat' long before Hudson wanted to grease him! Should it be colorized? NO, no and no! Having gotten that out of the way, if someone wants to colorize this show, go right ahead but I won't be watching. I have the entire series on DVD and I have no desire to see it in color. Black and white is a legitimate art form just like color is. Now if the van Dye Show had been filmed in color that would be one thing. But trying to change one art form into another is where I draw the line. But if some people want to see it in color, go right ahead. Another American here. My foreign film watching is all over the place. In college, I belonged to the Spanish Club and we watched Spanish films. French- Diabolique Swedish- Wild Strawberries Yes, we do a very poor job at teaching foreign languages. View all replies >