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Barad Dur Interior Black Sails Vs Pirates Of The Carribean Favorite Missions? Favorite Missions? Were You A Trigger Happy Outlaw Or A Vigilante? True Romance Or Natural Born Killers? We Never See The Gang War The Story Is Centered Around Order 66 Was Initially More Brutal And Upsetting When Will The Two Sequels Come Out? Bill Skarsgard Was Supposed To Be In The Cast At First View all posts >


Because the fucking virus we’re all sick of hearing about likes to delay and ruin things A LOT I’d say for a few dollars more is the most violent, every few minutes you had somebody getting shot lol The way it is currently does remind me of my favorite scene from The Godfather when all the mob bosses were killed off by one by one (it was in fact inspired by that), that much I will say He voiced an animal on racing stripes as well, it’s the only time he didn’t play evil lol we’re even gonna get scenes inside the tower finally No, and the matrix revolutions is actually more bloody and gruesome than the first two because it shows the horrors of war It was 190 minutes, and the only cuts I heard about were a gutting scene and that the opening shootout was initially 21 minutes long and MUCH bloodier Joe Pantoliano Is Great At Playing The Shady Type Or Bad Guys, That I Agree With You THINK he’s a character that fights since he holds a machine gun on the poster, when in actuality, he doesn’t, and he’s a double agent View all replies >